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Genevieve Duquette
Portrayed by Mary Votava
First appearance Godsend
In-story stats
Known ability Invulnerability
Alias Diamond Jen
Age 24
Date of birth Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Home New York, NY
Sibling Dominique Rains (fraternal twin sister)

Genevieve Duquette is a young woman originally from Whitehorse, Yukon. She is the fraternal twin sister of Dominique Rains.

Character History


In 1992, a ten-year-old Genevieve watches her sister Dominique as she demonstrates her newfound ability to produce sparks from her fingertips in the backyard of their home in Whitehorse.

The Fix

In 1992, Genevieve catches Dominique sneaking off in the middle of the night. Dominique informs Genevieve that she cannot tell anyone where she is going, but that she has something important to do. Dominique promises Genevieve that she will be alright and leaves.


In 1992, Genevieve tells her parents that Dominique left during the night and that she doesn't know where she went. Her parents then call the police.


While meeting with Mohinder after killing Zane Taylor, Sylar listens to Zane's voice mail, including an angry message from a woman named Jen, accusing him of skipping out on a performance the night before.


Jonathan and Samantha meet at a karaoke bar in New York, where a young woman is performing German disco songs under the stage name of Diamond Jen.


Genevieve has the power of invulnerability. Her skin is completely impenetrable, her bones are unbreakable, and she is resistant to extreme temperatures. This ability extends to her hair and nails, although it fades with enough time, allowing her to cut them once they reach a sufficient length.

Memorable Quotes



  • The name Diamond Jen, Genevieve's stage name, is most likely a reference to the Marvel comic book character Diamond Lil, who has similar powers.