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Ability byproducts
Powers ap lightning2.jpg
Though Edward's ability is Accelerated probability, he can discharge Lightning.

Though rare, some evolved humans can demonstrate more than one ability. These extra abilities are, in fact, byproducts of their users' central ability.


=Ability supercharging

Central ability: Amplify the effect of an ability by touch. Byproducts: Ando can generate a red colored lightning with his ability.

Accelerated probability

Central ability: See the choices in a situation, predict the outcomes, and choose the best path.
Byproducts: Santiago and Edward both can move very fast. Edward can also generate a form of lightning.

Aura absorption

Central ability: See and absorb auras.
Byproducts: Any ability Linda Tavara absorbs from an aura becomes a byproduct of her own ability.

Empathic mimicry

Central ability: Absorb abilities.
Byproducts: Any ability Peter Petrelli absorbs becomes a byproduct of his own ability.

Plant manipulation

Central ability: Manipulate vegetation.
Byproduct(s): Brendan Lewis can regenerate due to the plant like characteristics of his physiology.

Power absorption

Central ability: Absorb abilities.
Byproducts: Any ability Arthur Petrelli absorbs becomes a byproduct of his own ability.

Possible examples

Intuitive aptitude

Central ability: Understand how complex systems work.
Byproduct(s): Sylar can absorb abilities by studying his victim's brains, and through empathy.

Mental manipulation

Central ability: Erase memories.
Byproduct(s): The Haitian can erase memories, as well as shut down a persons brain.

Space-time manipulation

Central ability: Travel through, reverse, slow, and stop time.
Byproduct(s): Hiro Nakamura can teleport in addition to his time manipulating abilities.


Central ability: Read minds and project thoughts.
Byproduct(s): Matt and Maury Parkman can both create illusions. Matt can also persuade people to do his bidding.


Central ability: Manipulate what people see.
Byproducts: Candice Willmer can be at two places at the same time and maybe not be seen.


  • Every ability may have a byproduct, but is seen as a part of the central ability and vice-versa. The above listed may not be byproducts at all, and are just aspects of their respective abilities.

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