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Nissan Versa

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Nissan Versa
Nissan versa.jpg
Hiro picks his car.

First mentioned: One Giant Leap
Owned by: Hotspur Rental Cars

The Nissan Versa is the make of vehicle that Hiro Nakamura and Ando Masahashi rent from the Hotspur employee for their cross-country drive from Los Angeles, CA to New York, NY.


One Giant Leap

Upon arriving at the Los Angeles International Airport, Hiro attempts to rent a Nissan Versa. Ando reminds him they have a connecting flight to New York, but Hiro shows him the comic where they rent a car. The Hotspur employee says the Versa is "a popular choice", but she has one left which Hiro and Ando rent and use to get to Las Vegas.


After getting a ride back to Las Vegas from Nathan, Hiro finds the Nissan, parked in a garage. There he attempts to drive away, but he only manages to turn on the lights and the windshield wipers. He proceeds to look through the manual, but it is in English.

After Ando returns from visiting Niki, he also goes to the car and they call Isaac and receive a message from Peter.

Better Halves

As Hiro and Ando prepare to leave Las Vegas in their Versa, they are boxed in by a truck and approached by the high roller they cheated with an offer they can't refuse.

Nothing to Hide

In Utah, Hiro and Ando stop the Versa at the site of a traffic accident. Hiro shows his future issue of 9th Wonders! to Micah, briefly revealing the image of the car.


Hiro and Ando reach the Union Wells High School in the Nissan. They stand right next to a car, presumably the Nissan, when Isaac calls and tells them they need to meet.


Hiro mentions the Nissan to Simone while explaining his role in the 9th Wonders! comic books telling her that they drive around everywhere in it and its parked outside at that moment. After she is convinced, Simone tells Hiro and Ando to get back to their car, as she's going to help them meet Linderman.

The Fix

Hiro and Ando go to retrieve the Versa from a parking garage in New York, ready to set off for Las Vegas, but they are kidnapped by Kaito's henchmen.


Ando drives Hope to Primm, NV, in the vehicle. Hope's bag, in the back seat, opens and her stolen money spills out. When Steve Gustavson and Hope have a shootout, Hope uses the car as a shield. After the shootout, Hiro notes that the car doesn't have a scratch. He tells Ando to take the car back to the rental place.

Memorable Quotes

"Nissan Versa. Nissan Versa."

"That's a popular choice. Let me check to see if we still have any left."

- Hiro, Hotspur employee (One Giant Leap)

"The Nissan Versa sure has some nice MPG. Gotta love that Nissan Versa."

- Hiro (Blog entry)

"Look Ando! Not a scratch on the Versa!"

- Hiro (to Ando) (Unexpected)


  • This vehicle is advertised extensively during commercial breaks for the show, and also appears in conspicuous advertisements at the beginning of each of the graphic novels.
  • Nissan sponsors the pilot episode available free from iTunes as well as Heroes 360.
  • Many of the other vehicles seen on-screen are manufactured by Nissan including the Bennet family Armada SUV, Zach's Quest minivan and Mohinder's Sentra sedan.


  • Hiro and Ando's rental car has California plates, 4NLQ564.
  • Hiro says that Ando always drives the Versa. (Unexpected)
  • After the shoot-out in the parking lot in Primm, Hiro says there's not a scratch on the Versa. (Unexpected)


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