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Artist grades

With regards to the artists themselves, I give them the following grades and my critiques and comments on them. Not surprisingly, my favoritism of the GNs themselves on the basis of art alone tends to follow these grades

Artist Grade Critique and Comments
Jason Badower A+ + Spot on likenesses
+ Deep, Moody, coloring
+ Crisp and solid
+ Otherworldly/cinematic quality to art
+ High impact action
Robert Atkins A + Smooth and clean with rich texture
+ Flowing lines convey energy and action well
+ Good likenesses
+ Great work in Bounty Hunter
+ Soft, yet solid
Michael Gaydos A + Gritty, thick, rough, earthy texture
+ Good likenesses
+ Conveys shadow and darkness well
+ Conveys action moderately well
Dennis Calero B + + Somewhat rough, with good use of shadows.
- Hardly any lips
Tom Grummett B + Gritty lines
+ Flowing lines convey energy and action well
+ Good work on Revolutionary War
- Too lumpy, especially with regards to the cheek bones & chins
- Poor likenesses due to lumpiness
- Clothes drawn fitting too tight
The Kotzebue bros. B + Good likenesses
Staz Johnson B + Smooth, flowing lines
+ Energetic art
Alitha Martinez B + Largely soft and smooth
+ Art sparkles a little
- Flat faces in profile shots at times
- Slight babyface-ness
Siya Oum B Art is like oil paintings
Luis Puig B none
Marcus To B + Cartoony, but great guys in suits!
+ Angie, and Anna, and Sheila nicely drawn in their respective GNs
Phil Jimenez C+ none
Ryan Odagawa C+ + Smooth and clean
Adam Archer C none
Micah Gunnell C + Smooth and clean
+ Conveys energy somewhat well
+ despite a glaring error, good work on Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration
- Poor likenesses at times, making characters hard to recognize
- Lack of detail in wide shots
- Poor anatomical rendering
Dan Panosian C Angular art with thick lines
Peter Steigerwald C- - Too rough for the thinness of the lines at times
ChrisCross D - Poor likenesses
Greg Beeman F - Poor likenesses
- Poor anatomical rendering
Steven Lejeune F - Poor anatomical rendering
- Poor likenesses
Eric Nguyen F - Dirty, sketchy, thin lines


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