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Dan Panosian

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Dan Panosian
Dan Panosian.jpg
Title Artist
Date of birth 1969
Origin Los Angeles, CA, USA
Gender Male
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Dan Panosian is a graphic novel illustrator.


Dan Panosian has worked in comics as penciller, inker, letterer and cover artist. Dan has worked for Marvel, DC, Image, and Detective Comics. He has illustrated many popular comics such as several issues of Captain America, Spawn, The Flash, Spider-Man, X-Men, Spelljammer, and Green Lantern.

Dan was also storyboard artist for the short film The Big Bang Theory (2007), and was part of the production crew for Warner Brothers' Harry Potter film (2001). He illustrated all the comics seem on-screen in the 2016 film Logan. He has also done award-winning commercial art including for logos and brochures.

Besides being an artist, Dan Panosian has also acted and designed video games. Dan played "Mr. Clark" in the film The Source (2002), and designed video games such as Duke Nukem Forever (2007). He also wrote and did the art for the initial issue of the comic Prophet (1993).

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  • Dan Panosian recently won a "Best of Show" ADDY award for a campaign that included a corporate icon design and a series of advertising supplemental brochures.
  • Dan's advertising campaign work has also won him an ECCO award.


  • Heroes actor David Anders appeared with Dan Panosian in the film The Source (2002).


Following are Dan Panosian's renditions of some Heroes characters:

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