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Randy Kane
Portrayed by David Anders
First appearance Retrospective
In-story stats
Known ability Rapid cell regeneration
Aliases Takezo Kensei,
Richard Sanders,
Adam Monroe
Age 437
Date of birth 1584
Dates of marriage 1672 (Yaeko) (deceased),
1747 (Maria) (deceased),
1782 (Frederica) (deceased),
1787 (Angelica) (deceased),
1864 (Maria) (deceased),
1901 (Diane) (deceased),
1926 (Louisa) (deceased),
1958 (Theresa) (deceased),
1977 (Trina) (deceased)
Home Lhasa, Tibet
Occupations Senior Fellow, Yamagato Fellowship
Significant others Yaeko,
Maria, Frederica,
Yumi, Angelica,
Maria, Diane,
Louisa, Theresa,
Children Two sons, unnamed

Randolph Kane is an evolved human with the ability of rapid cell regeneration. His powers are so advanced that he is unable to age or die, making him near-immortal. He originally discovered this while living over 400 years ago in feudal Japan (as Takezo Kensei). Kane, with time, saw the world to be corrupt and in need of a massive cleansing of humanity. To aid him in his plans, Kane brought the Company's founders together, but in the end was betrayed, and imprisoned when he opposed the Company's methods. He was released in 2011 and now serves as an advisor to Peter Petrelli.

Character History

The Pursuit

Joey suggests that Molly seek out Kane's help. Molly replies that Kane is in China, and that the teleporter, Tracy, is out on assignment.


Peter visits Kane in Tibet. Kane notes that were he to have lost Yaeko, he would have become a very different person. He and Peter then discuss what happened to Sylar. Later, the two teleport to FBI Headquarters to examine "Sylar's" bones.

Evolved Human Abilities

Adam possessed the ability of rapid cell regeneration. Like Claire, Adam was sometimes unable to regenerate if an object was inside of his body until that object is removed (Lizards). Adam initially appeared in 1671 as a man in his late twenties to early thirties, and was able to survive for hundreds of years without apparent aging, as he had a similar appearance while active in 2007.

According to Angela Petrelli, after a certain amount of regeneration, a person with this ability stops physically aging (Cautionary Tales).

The burns Adam received from a lightning bolt at the end of Out of Time healed much faster than any other example of rapid cell regeneration in the series, indicating that Adam's regenerative ability may have improved over time. Adam's incredible resilience was also demonstrated in Revolutionary War, Part 2, where he appeared unfazed despite being stabbed repeatedly in the chest and heart by multiple opponents. He also manages to survive without oxygen in a coffin he is buried in by Hiro as seen in I Am Become Death.

In Four Months Ago..., Adam revealed that introducing his blood into a wounded person's body will cause rapid healing of the injuries.

Without his powers, his body ages to dust as his powers apparently keep his advanced age back.

Memorable Quotes

"Before I was Takezo Kensei, I was an angry, fragile drunk. Where it not for my love of Yaeko, or if I had lost her…I could have been a very different person."

- Randy (to Peter) (Retrospective)

"That is the craziest thing I have ever heard."

- Randy (to Peter) (Retrospective)