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Episode:Four Months Ago...

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Four Months Ago...
Season: Two
Episode number: 208
First aired: November 12, 2007
4 months ago.jpg
Written by: Tim Kring
Directed by: Greg Beeman
Previous episode: Out of Time
Next episode: Cautionary Tales
Heroes Interactive transcript
It is man's ability to remember that sets us apart. We are the only species concerned with the past. Our memories give us voice, and bear witness to history, so that others might learn, so they might celebrate our triumphs, and be warned of our failures.


Story Development

Blood recipients · The Explosion · Roosevelt Hospital · Alejandro's wedding · Power negation pills · Micah's birthday party · Las Vegas house fire · Gina · D.L.'s funeral · New York shipping yard · Wandering Rocks



Peter Petrelli teleports back to Montreal from the future. Suddenly, Peter hears a noise and, on instinct, fires a lightning bolt at the source. A hand pops out of the shadows and absorbs the lightning bolt, healing itself in the process. Adam Monroe then steps out. He is puzzled as to why Peter doesn't remember him, but then realizes that the Haitian must have taken his memory. Adam then urges Peter to remember. He says that Peter has the same power as himself; he can regenerate. He can use his regeneration powers to repair the brain cells that have been lost due to the Haitian. Peter then takes out the picture that he has of him and another man. Adam says that this man is his brother, Nathan. Peter suddenly flashes back to the events of four months prior--November 8th, 2006: the day of the explosion.

Four months earlier at Kirby Plaza, Nathan flies Peter up into the air to prevent him from exploding in the heart of New York City. Peter urges Nathan to let go of him, as Nathan would not be able to survive Peter's radiation emission. Peter would explode safely away from everyone else as Nathan flew away unharmed. Nathan hesitates for too long, and his body starts to suffer from Peter's radiation. He finally lets go and drifts away, but he is too slow, and Peter explodes right before him. The force blows Nathan back, and he starts to fall towards the water, unconscious. Peter then flies in unharmed, grabs Nathan, and flies him to a hospital. He urges the doctors there to take care of him. A police officer then comes in, presumably to interrogate Peter about what happened to Nathan. The officer is distracted, however, and Peter uses this opportunity to turn invisible and escape unnoticed. As Peter leaves the hospital, Bob and Elle appear out of nowhere, and Elle knocks Peter to the ground with a bolt of lightning, rendering him unconscious. Bob is disdainful and asks Elle if a full blast was really necessary. Elle smiles and says "He can take it."

Meanwhile, at Roosevelt Hospital, Niki and Micah are informed by Dr. Brooks that D.L.'s surgery is successful.

In Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Alejandro has just gotten married to Gloria. As Alejandro and Gloria run out of the church, Maya watches them with a look of contempt on her face. Later, at the reception, Maya admits that she doesn't know Gloria well enough because it has just been four months since Alejandro and Gloria met. Upon seeing Gloria dancing with her ex-boyfriend Gilberto, Maya rushes off in distress. She starts to cry, and a single black tear falls from her eye, but she brushes it away. Maya then hears moaning from inside a shack. She enters the shack and is shocked to find Alejandro's bride kissing Gilberto. She is outraged and screams at Gloria, but Gilberto pins Maya to the door and warns her not to tell anyone. Maya is defiant and asks him "and what if I do?" He then starts to choke Maya. Suddenly, the bride's eyes turn black, and so do Gilberto's. They both collapse to the ground. Maya's eyes are black as well, but she does not fall to the ground. She is shocked at what has just happened, and looks at herself in the mirror to find black tears streaming from her eyes. She runs out of the shack and is shocked to see piles of dead bodies in the street where the reception was held. There is no sign of life anywhere on the street, except for Maya, until Alejandro comes rushing towards her. He seems unaffected by Maya's black tears. Sobbing, Maya tells Alejandro that she might have killed all these people, and is puzzled as to why Alejandro is not hurt either. The two then flee the reception, leaving all of the dead bodies behind.

Nathan is a little worse for wear after the explosion.

Peter wakes up in Bob's office at Primatech Research when Elle shocks him with tiny lightning bolts. He immediately asks Bob and Elle where Nathan is. Bob assures Peter that Nathan is safe, but his situation is dire. They then say that as long as Peter is not in control of his powers, he is a danger to everyone around him, so they used the Haitian's power to prevent Peter from using his powers--at least temporarily. Bob then says that the Company is working on a cure for Peter's powers, and that he will never have to worry about hurting anyone again.

Nathan wakes up in a hospital room to find his mother, Angela Petrelli, at his bedside. The first thing he asks about is Peter. Angela says that he's missing, but that Nathan is lucky to be alive. Nathan then lifts his hospital bed to look at himself in the mirror. Angela hesitates, but relents, and Nathan sees his horrific, irradiated reflection in the mirror.

Niki and Micah see D.L. for the first time after his surgery. They are rejoiced to see him alive and well, but Niki tells the doctor that she doesn't have insurance, and can't pay for D.L.'s surgery. The doctor assures her that everything is taken care of, thanks to Bob, who walks in. Bob then says to Niki that no mention of what happened at Kirby Plaza is in the papers at all. Bob then says that he has a cure for Niki--a cure that will get rid of Jessica. He then says that in order for him to give her this cure, she would have to leave her family and come to the Company.

Elle is giving Peter a haircut in the Company building. She tells Peter to take what she calls "Haitian pills" every day to suppress his powers. She then starts to leave, but shocks him on the head right before she exits, saying that the shocks would hurt at first, but Peter "would get used to it... and then [he'll] like it." She leaves, leaving Peter alone in his cell. He then hears a voice coming from a vent in the wall. It is the voice of Adam Monroe.

One month has passed, and Micah is celebrating his eleventh birthday with his parents. Niki tells Micah to make a wish, and Micah says that he wishes for his family to be the "Fantastic Four... minus one." He suggests that he rig the car radio to pick up police reports, and they could go fight crime together. D.L. says it's not possible but he has got a decent job and will become Micah's hero. After the party is over, Niki pours the pills from Bob that would supposedly help with her multiple personality disorder down the drain.

Back in the Company's facility, Adam remarks that he has known Peter for a month, yet he has never told him his name. Peter tells Adam his name.

Elle fulfills her sadistic urge by zapping Peter.

Another month has passed, and Peter is in his cell when Elle comes in. Peter says that he's not in a mood, but Elle says that she'll "up the dose." Peter relents, and Elle shocks his fingers as part of some "sadistic lightning" ritual. Elle then tells Peter about her miserable past. After she leaves, Adam warns Peter that he should keep away from Elle. Peter says that he doesn't want anything from Elle except the drugs. Adam then says that the "cure" that the Company is giving him does nothing at all, and that they were still perfecting the "cure" when he arrived at the Company thirty years ago. Peter doesn't believe him, saying that the Company was created to help people like them. Adam then says that the place that they're in isn't a facility: it's a prison.

Angela is at Nathan's hospital again, and she accidentally walks in on Heidi and Nathan sharing a private moment. She apologizes for her intrusion and leaves. Heidi then follows Angela, and tells her about Nathan's "conspiracy" to blow up New York with Peter. Angela then tells Heidi that there is a dark secret in the Petrelli family. She says that Nathan inherited his own delusions of grandeur from his late father. She then tells Heidi to keep the secret, and Heidi agrees.

Niki is at her house, practicing a car sales pitch in front of the mirror for her first day as a car salesman. D.L. tells Niki that he is so proud of her, and leaves to take Micah to school. Behind Niki, a voice tells her that she should have taken the pills. Niki is surprised by Jessica's return, but the voice tells her that she is not Jessica but Gina, who is actually an alias Niki used when she was living in Los Angeles. Gina then traps Niki in the mirror and leaves her behind.

In the Company building, Peter asks Bob if he can see his family, but Bob says it is not possible at the moment. Bob then leaves Peter behind, who asks him if he's ever getting out of his cell. Adam reminds Peter that the cell is a prison. Adam then says that he will be able to save Nathan. He says that just a small amount of his blood could help heal Nathan, even after everything Peter has put him through.

D.L. is now a firefighter, and is sent to put out a house fire. A distressed mother pleads with the firefighters to save her daughter who is still in the burning house. A fireman yells at D.L. as he re-enters the burning building to rescue the trapped child. D.L. uses his phasing powers to pass through the fires unharmed. When D.L. emerges with the girl, the firefighter cheers him on. D.L. gives her back to her mother. Later, D.L. comes home to find Micah watching video footage of D.L.'s rescue of the little girl on television, and says that his father really is a hero. D.L. then asks Micah where his mother is, and he says that she hasn't come home yet. D.L. then goes into Niki's room to find a message on the mirror, written in what appears to be lipstick: "Gone to LA! C-ya!"

Another month has passed. Peter is in his cell when Elle comes in. Peter is puzzled that Elle doesn't shock him. Elle asks Peter if he wants her to, and he grabs her and pulls her onto the bed. Elle reaches for Peter's hand to shock it, but Peter kisses her instead. Elle shocks Peter with her own lips, and Peter gets up to take the ersatz pills. When Elle leaves, Peter spits out the pills and flushes them down the toilet. Adam tells Peter to try using his powers to escape, as he hadn't taken the pills for five days. Peter concentrates on the wall separating his cell and Adam's, and he manages to phase through it. Peter meets Adam face to face for the first time since they met, and remarks that Adam's been holding up pretty well for a 400-year-old man. Peter and Adam prepare to leave to heal Nathan.

D.L. phases through a punch.

Alejandro finds Maya in a church in Zulia, Venezuela. Alejandro urges Maya to go home and brings forth a policeman. Maya gets emotional and her ability starts to manifest. The policeman and the Mother Superior fall prey to her ability until Alejandro grabs her hands and revives the victims. The two of them run to the exit.

Gina is at a nightclub snorting drugs and dancing with some men. D.L. then comes in and asks the security guard if he's seen Jessica. When D.L. finds Gina, he addresses her as Jessica, and Gina tells him to "guess again." One of the men dancing with Gina tells D.L. to get lost, but D.L. tells him to stay out of it. The man then tries to punch D.L., but his fist just passes through D.L.'s head. D.L. then lands a blow in the man's stomach, and he falls to the ground. D.L. shows Gina a family picture, and Niki is able to regain control of her body. As she leaves with D.L., Niki asks him how he was able to find her, and D.L. says that she can't get rid of him. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the man that D.L. punched appears and shoots D.L. in the chest at point-blank range. D.L.'s blood is splattered on Niki as she falls to the floor, paralyzed from shock.

Three weeks ago, and Micah, Damon, Monica, Nana, and Niki are at D.L.'s wake. Micah is holding D.L.'s Medal of Valor in his hands. Bob appears at the funeral and urges Niki to undergo the Company's treatment.

Adam and Peter finally arrive at Nathan's hospital bedside. Adam then takes some of his own blood and injects it into Nathan's IV. They are about to leave when, right before their eyes, Nathan starts to heal. Peter then sees the photo of him and Nathan on the bedside, and takes it with him.

A furious Elle blasts Peter with full force.

At a New York shipping yard, Adam hands Peter his passport and an air ticket to Montreal. Elle and the Haitian find Peter and Adam attempting to flee. Adam tells Peter to meet him in the warehouse in Montreal, and they start to run in opposite directions, but Elle shoots them both with full blasts of lightning. Adam is thrown against a wall and falls to the ground, and Peter's clothes catch on fire and he too falls to the ground. Elle goes after Adam while she tells the Haitian to chase Peter. Peter takes off his burning shirt and runs from the Haitian, who is catching up to him. He climbs over a fence into a shipping yard with tons of shipping crates. In front of an open, empty shipping crate, the Haitian finally catches up to Peter, and he pushes him into the crate. He punches Peter and forces him to the ground, and Peter attempts to use one of his powers to protect himself, but the Haitian has already used his, and Peter's powers are inaccessible. The Haitian then forces Peter into one of the corners of the shipping crate, and then handcuffs him to it. The Haitian says that he will not bring Peter back to the Company. Instead, he will leave him here to protect him. The Haitian gives Peter his symbol necklace, and tells him that he is repaying a debt to Angela Petrelli by saving Peter. The Haitian then says his last words to Peter--"your secret is safe with me"--before he leans in and puts his hand to Peter's forehead and erases his memory. Peter screams in protest but finally hangs limp. The Haitian runs out, and the last thing Peter sees before darkness is the Haitian closing the shipping crate doors on him.

In the present day, Maya is driving Sylar and Alejandro through the American desert. Niki leaves Bob and the Company's hospital. Nathan arrives at the doorstep of Wandering Rocks in hope of finding Peter again. Peter then flashes back to the present day, and staggers backward in shock. He tells Adam that he remembers everything, and Adam asks him a single question: "Shall we save the world?" Peter grins and nods.

There are many ways to define our fragile existence, many ways to give it meaning. But it is our memories that shape its purpose and give it context: the private assortment of images, fears, loves, regrets. For it is the cruel irony of life that we are destined to hold the dark with the light, the good with the evil, success with disappointment. This is what separates us, what makes us human. And in the end, we must fight to hold on to.

Memorable Quotes

"Did ya have to use the full blast on him?"

"He can take it."

- Bob, Elle

"He's not a toy, Elle."

"He could be..."

- Bob, Elle

"You'll get used to it, and then you'll start to like it."

- Elle

"Well, you came to the right place. I have to warn you, though, it does get a bit old. Let me guess, you were living a perfectly ordinary life until one day you discovered you could do incredible things. Bet it was wonderful at first and thought perhaps you could save the world. And then you realized tragically that you were dangerous. And yet you talk to me after a decade, actually talk to me after three."

- Adam

"I accidentally set my grandmother's house on fire when I was six. Caused a blackout in four counties in Ohio when I was eight. I spent my ninth birthday in a glass room with an IV of lithium in my arm. I've lived in this building for sixteen years, ever since the shrinks diagnosed me a sociopath with paranoid delusions. But they’re just out to get me cause I threatened to kill them. I'm twenty-four years old and I've never gone on a date. Never been on a roller-coaster. Never been swimming. And now you know everything there is to know about me. I don't have the luxury of being more interesting than that."

- Elle

"We'd be like the Fantastic Four . . . minus one."

- Micah

Character Appearances


  • Hayden Panettiere only appears in stock footage from How to Stop an Exploding Man.
  • This is the second episode to display the title against a blank background rather than blend the episode title into the surrounding environment in some way; the first was Four Months Later....
  • When D.L. is shot, the song playing is Coburn's "We Interrupt This Programme". This song is frequently used in the recurring "NEDM" meme on YTMND.
  • In the closing scene, Nathan steps out of a black cab with a yellow license plate reading JNC 714K. However, in Ireland, taxis are normally just standard cars with a sign mounted on top of the car. Also, license plates have a white background with black writing, and are normally in the format "Year County Registration Number" (for example, "07 C 1234").
  • Leonard Roberts is again credited as a Special Guest Star for playing D.L. Hawkins in this episode.

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