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Episode:Let It Bleed

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Let It Bleed
Season: Four
Episode number: 413
First aired: January 4, 2010
Let It Bleed.jpg
Written by: Jim Martin
Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc
Previous episode: Upon This Rock
Next episode: Close to You
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Outside of New York City, 86 hours ago, Peter meets with Noah on a deserted stretch of road. He tells Noah that he wants to see him, and Noah opens the trunk and reveals Nathan's dead body. Noah says he can handle it, but Peter insists on helping.

Now, at the wake at the Petrelli manor, Nathan's secretary Elizabeth extends her condolences to Peter about the death of his brother, and wonders if the authorities know anything about the circumstances of the plane crash. Peter says they don't know anything.

At the Sullivan Bros. Carnival, Samuel uses his ability to create an image of an attractive woman. Suddenly, Doyle comes flying through the air, shattering the table that Samuel was working on. Doyle apologizes, saying he tried to stop him. Samuel turns to find Sylar, now restored to his own body, and tells Doyle to get everyone to safety, but not too far.

Sylar visits the carnival for answers.

Samuel then asks why Sylar didn't kill Doyle when he had the chance. Sylar says that he'll get to him and the others in good time, and then tosses Samuel the compass that he used to find his way back to the carnival. Sylar says that he has returned with one thought: feast. He uses telekinesis to slam Samuel against the side of his trailer and explains how he plans to feed on them all and become more powerful. Samuel says he has big plans for Sylar, but Sylar dismisses his supposed concern and tries to cut open his skull. Concentrating, Samuel summons a cloud of dirt to grind Sylar down to the bone. The shock and pain knocks him unconscious.

In her dorm room, Claire is putting on her makeup when there's a knock on the door. She answers and finds Noah there. He asks if she's doing okay and Claire admits that she wasn't expecting to see him. He offers her a ride, but she declines and says that he lied to her about Nathan's death, letting her believe that the man that she had hugged and felt love for was her father, when it was actually Sylar. Noah admits that they did the wrong thing and she says that she needs time alone to grieve properly without being reminded of the truth.

Angela goes over to talk to Peter. He says that it couldn't have been easy for her to cover things up with Noah. Peter says that he's doing okay, but she doesn't believe it. He snaps at her briefly and then admits that he wants to express his anger. She figures that he wants revenge on Sylar, but warns against it, saying that she can't bear to lose him, too. Claire comes in and Peter goes to embrace her, asking her to come with him to the kitchen. He sends the caterers out and closes the door so that they can have a break. As he and Claire cut up lemons and limes, Peter notes that Noah isn't there and Claire says that she told him not to come, admitting that she's pissed off. Peter says that he is as well, but figures Angela and Noah were just trying to protect them. Angry, Claire slips and cuts her finger, which does not heal. Peter apologizes, remembering he currently has the Haitian's ability to neutralize powers. He offers to turn it off, but Claire tells him not to so she can experience the pain again. She talks about how they are there to remember Nathan and how Nathan gave her grief for dating West, a guy who could fly. As they talk, Claire admits it feels nice to share stories about Nathan and asks if he has any. Peter chooses not to respond and goes back to the wake.

Peter and Claire talk about the cover-up.

Noah arrives home, apparently unaware that Edgar is lurking outside the window. Once he turns away from the window, Edgar moves into the room and prepares to close in with his super speed. Noah spins and tasers him unconscious. He then takes Edgar downstairs to the sushi restaurant and the owner, Mr. Nozawa, lets him use the freezer. Noah then asks to have the entire Kojin Sushi for himself and pays the owner well. Lauren comes in and greets Mr. Nozawa, whom he knows as the "Iron Maiden". Realizing that it's serious, Nozawa agrees to the arrangement and closes the restaurant. Noah explains that Claire didn't want him at the wake. Noah admits that she's justified and he isn't taking it personally. Lauren has the truth serum that he requested and Noah explains that he's using the freezer to chill Edgar's muscles and Quaaludes to slow down his reactions. He opens the freezer and reveals Edgar, tied up. Noah insists that Edgar is going to tell them everything he knows about the carnival and prepares to administer the truth serum.

At the carnival, Lydia wonders why Samuel has put Sylar's body in her trailer, but Samuel explains that Sylar will regenerate. Sylar's inability to kill Samuel and Doyle means that something is wrong, and Samuel wants Lydia to find out what it is so that they can use it to their advantage. When Lydia objects, Samuel says that they all have to follow the rules and he is having her do what she does best. He tells her not to disappoint him and leaves. Lydia smiles thoughtfully and then goes inside. She strokes the still unconscious Sylar, waking him. He grabs her and insists that there's nothing wrong with him, but Lydia notes he couldn't kill Samuel. She offers to find out why. When Lydia tries to kiss him, he shies away briefly and she asks what he's afraid of. Sylar returns her embrace and Lydia gets empathic flashes. She realizes that he wants love but doesn't feel that he deserves it. Sylar asks if she knows what he does to people like her. She admits that she does and he realizes that she can see people's desires and hopes. Sylar kisses her and asks about her tattoos, and Lydia explains that they're a map to find what he needs. Sylar realizes that she wants to manipulate him into killing Samuel and explains he can tell because he mimicked her power without killing her. Lydia notes that he can't kill because he's impotent. Sylar shoves her away and leaves.

At the wake, Claire is examining a photo of Peter and Nathan together. Angela comes over and Claire figures that there is no photo of her because Angela didn't want Nathan to acknowledge an illegitimate child. Angela admits to Claire that she's worried about Peter and feels that he needs Claire to lean on. She tells Claire that Peter is on the roof listening to the police scanner, looking for justice, and asks Claire to help him.

Claire goes to the roof and finds the radio. There's a police report about an employee firing a gun and holding hostages at an office building and no sign of Peter.

At the building, Peter slips into the building and uses the Haitian's ability to render a police officer unconscious. He finds an injured hostage, Wendy, and starts administering first aid. Claire gets into the building, finding Peter, and helps him. Wendy says that the employee is Adam Malamut, who got a gun and started shooting after he was fired. Peter goes to deal with it against Claire's advice, leaving her to maintain pressure on Wendy's wound.

Edgar is interrogated by Noah.

Noah interrogates Edgar, beating him and asking what Samuel wants with Claire and where he is. When Edgar can't answer, Noah takes one of his Kukri knives and admires it. Edgar admits that it's the knife that he used to cut Noah. Before Noah can start cutting, Lauren interrupts and calls him outside. She tells him that his actions look like revenge and that torture won't work, warning him that his crude tactics aren't getting him anywhere. She suggests that he start talking to Edgar and get his story. Noah realizes that Edgar doesn't have a compass and there is a reason for this.

In the office building, Adam, the gunman, finds Claire and prepares to shoot her. Peter comes in and makes sure that Adam keeps his gun trained on him. Peter explains that he's also having a bad day: his brother is dead and Peter had to stage his death. When Adam wonders why Peter is telling him everything, Peter says that he understands the desire to punish the people that hurt him, because Peter feels the same about the man who murdered his brother. But he wants to be strong and he promised his brother that he'd be a hero. He asks Adam not to make him a liar and reach for the gun. Adam considers for a moment and then pulls the trigger.

A little later, the EMTs are treating the injured. Peter has a shoulder wound, but Claire congratulates him on managing to take down Adam and save the day. He then asks for Claire's hand so he can borrow her power. Claire refuses, saying that he has to stop living like this. Peter says he can't and Claire lets him mimic her ability. She warns that she won't always be there for him. Peter heals his own wound and gets up, telling Claire that, as long as he keeps moving and acting on instinct, he doesn't have time to think about Nathan. Claire points out that Nathan would be pissed at what he's doing and Peter isn't honoring his memory. However, Peter admits that he can't accept it's for real and that he misses his brother.

Noah pulls up a chair and offers Edgar a cup of tea. He explains that Edgar is only relatively unharmed because of Lauren and has concluded that Edgar could have easily killed him if he wanted him dead. Noah asks what Edgar wants and the speedster admits that he was exiled after he learned that Samuel killed Joseph. Samuel turned the carnival members against Edgar, forcing him to leave. Edgar says that Samuel ordered him to kill Danko and cut open Noah, but Noah doesn't believe that he's a killer. Edgar admits that he hoped to take Noah back to win a place in the carnival again, in order to protect his friends from Samuel's plans. Noah says that he has similar concerns and doesn't want his loved ones hurt. Edgar considers and then accepts the tea.

At the carnival, Sylar searches for Samuel's ink so that he can learn where he needs to go next. Samuel steps up and says he knows why Sylar can't kill. He says that Sylar is hurting and needs a friend, and that they all need someone to care about them. Samuel picks up the fallen drawing of the woman, Vanessa, and says that he would have moved mountains for her if she asked. He knows that she's out there and he's afraid that she'll reject him. Samuel says that Sylar thinks the same way and that he knows Hiro told him that he would die alone. He says that he's not a good guy, but he's not all bad, having found love and forgiveness at the carnival. Samuel offers it to Sylar, who asks to be given a tattoo, saying that he'll agree to stay, but only after seeing the image that it makes. Samuel hesitates, but decides to take the risk, saying that he lives for games of chance. He takes some earth from a pot and prepares to make more ink.

Lauren brings Edgar up to Noah's apartment and he provides a layout of the carnival. Now they have to find it, but Noah refuses to involve Claire by using her compass. Edgar explains that he can get in with Lydia's help. They'll isolate Samuel in a backstage area and take him captive. However, when they can't assure Edgar that they can keep the others from getting harmed, either during their raid or afterward, he has second thoughts. He produces a hidden lock pick and secretly frees himself, while Noah warns that if they don’t break up the carnival family and hide them, integrating them into normal lives, they'll be easy targets. Edgar unlocks the handcuffs and says that it was a mistake trusting them and that he won't let them hurt his family. He grabs the carnival layout and speeds away before they can stop him.

Sylar tries his hand at empathy.

After making more ink, Samuel injects it into Sylar and they watch as it crawls across his body. Samuel tells him to relax and just let it happen. It finally forms an image on his forearm. They look at it and Sylar says that he now knows that he doesn't belong there. Sylar walks away.

Claire and Peter go up to the roof and Claire says that she will stay if he wants. Peter says it isn't necessary and she decides to trust him. Peter promises that he'll always be honest with her. He then asks her to call West. When Claire agrees, Peter smiles.

Noah blames himself for letting the situation fall apart, but Lauren insists that they did the right thing. Samuel still has a psychological grip on everyone, including Edgar. Noah is worried that Samuel has influence over Claire, but Lauren assures him that burnt bridges can be rebuilt. Noah considers what she's said and then starts to call Claire and stops.

On the rooftop, Peter uses West's mimicked ability to fly into the sky.

Samuel tapes his drawing of Vanessa back together and puts it in a drawer with other sketches of her.

Claire returns to her dorm room and finds a note from Gretchen saying that she's in the library, studying late. Claire's phone rings with a message from her father but she ignores it and lies down on her bed. She's unaware that Sylar is hovering outside her window, her face tattooed on his arm.

Memorable Quotes

"Mourning Nathan could not be more ordinary. That's what we're here to do. To cut lemons and limes and remember that... Stupid jerk. I can't believe he's gone. Oh, I hope he can find Heaven, because he was a terrible navigator. I mean, for a guy who could fly."

- Claire

"Love what you done to the place, there are a lot of more people in here. It's going to make me a lot more powerful."

"No, it makes me more powerful!"

- Sylar, Samuel

"I see what you want. I got your power. I don't need to kill. That's just something I like to do."

- Sylar (to Lydia)

"Do you like tea? Stupid question. You're British."

- Noah (to Edgar)

"Enemy of my enemy makes us... less antagonistic."

- Noah (to Edgar)

"I have a love-hate relationship with rooftops."

- Peter

Character Appearances


  • Writer Jim Martin said he named the episode Let It Bleed for several reasons: partly because of Claire cutting herself, and partly because of the ink on Sylar "bleeding" into an image. He also said that he was inspired by the Rolling Stones song "Let It Bleed", which features the lyric "Well, we all need someone we can lean on," which Jim feels is the theme of the episode.

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