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Fan Stories Bar

There is a list of fan stories here and you(meaning the series) are added, so you can add what you wish for The World Entire! You may also put it on what ever The World Entire page you want! And you may add other series I have forgotten to add...--Iheartheroes 23:32, 5 September 2009 (EDT)

To-Do List

  • Create a portal or portal-like interface for the List pages. In-progress --CreedogV 11:19, 18 April 2010 (EDT)
    • Turn Events into Timeline
      • Add images to Timelines
  • Most pages should include the {{fancreation}} bar when not present.
  • Clean up the main The World Entire page.
  • Each Volume Page should include characters lists near the bottom, possibly segregated by type.
    • The individual chapters on the Volume pages should include an image with the Heroes-type floating text.
  • Keep the Fan Stories Portal updated with new chapters.
  • Move all pages from /TheWorldEntire/ to /The_World_Entire/ for consistency's sake. This is a massive undertaking because it ruins all the links.
  • Add Founders page to Groups, including links to all the TWE version of the Original Founders.
    • That will require finishing up casting decisions.
  • No more grouping Characters: expand User:CreedogV/TheWorldEntire/The Sixers and User:CreedogV/TheWorldEntire/Nathan's Secret Service entourage.
  • Article about the color red: Red Formula compound and red folders.
  • Cityscapes for Barstow, CA; San Diego, CA; and Ikitsuki, Japan (which must make it look abandoned; cheat and use other Nagasaki towns if nothing good is found).
  • Image of that iPhone 4th gen with the redesigned shape, whether it's real or not, for User:CreedogV/TheWorldEntire/Monica's iPhone.
  • The Vise: image of weird bridge or art sculpture or invention design or whatever can be managed.



  • New Founders Portrait: Good background needed; find an empty image of the Deveaux rooftop. PhotoShop in all the characters. Add to Founder Page and use as Character Portal image
    • Blond Claire
    • Scarred Peter
    • Barbara in wheelchair
  • Parkman Security logo: incorporate police shield
  • Slightly modified Pinehearst Company logo
  • The Powered Legion badge: see description, mix of U.S. military insignia and Pinehearst DNA helix icon

Add signature to each item as it's completed --CreedogV 11:33, 15 April 2010 (EDT)