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First mentioned: June 13, 2015
HeroTruther's channel on YouTube
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HeroTruther is a YouTube channel that posts videos of ordinary people with extraordinary abilities. Descriptions of some videos include the line "Where Are The Heroes?" It is assumed that all videos are posted by the character known as "Hero Truther".

Heroes Evolutions

Woman Pushes Truck with One Hand

On June 13, 2015, HeroTruther posted the channel's first video. The description says "Where Are The Heroes? Woman moves a car that was parked too closely".

In the video, several British young men are teasing a street artist who is performing as a living statue, posing as a caped superhero. The young men call each other names like "Captain America". The amateur cameraman follows the young men as they tumble, catching a glimpse of a truck in the background. A well-dressed woman walks up to the truck, notices that it is parked too close to her car, and she effortlessly pushes the truck several feet away from her car. The cameraman and several onlookers gawk in amazement at the demonstration of the woman's ability.

мотоцикл чудо (Motorcycle Miracle)

On June 22, 2015, HeroTruther posted a video called "мотоцикл чудо (Motorcycle Miracle)". The video's description says, "Where Are The Heroes? Russian dash cam footage catches guy getting hit by truck and surviving".

The video comes from a dashboard camera, dated February 15, 2015, at 12:35:20. There is a motorcyclist in front of the camera. The motorcyclist prepares to turn left, but stops for passing pedestrians. While in the intersection, a large truck slams into the motorcyclist at full speed. However, the cyclist disappears, and slowly reappears unhurt as the truck passes.

4th of July Fail: Exploding Hand

On July 6, 2015, HeroTruther uploaded its third video. The description says "Dude's hand grows fingers back after fireworks fail. WTF".

The video focuses on a group of American teenagers as they celebrate Independence Day outside. One of the youths holds a cluster of fireworks in his hands as his friends light it. When he stands up and prepares to throw it into the air, it explodes in his hand prematurely, taking his hand with it. He cries out in pain, which then turns to laughter as he shows his bloody but intact middle finger to the camera. The cameraman looks over at another of his friends, who is holding the prankster's severed finger in disbelief. Another of the shocked teenagers says "What the f--" before the video ends.

Parkour Leap -- Epic

Two days after its last video, HeroTruther uploaded another, this time titled "Parkour Leap -- Epic". The description reads "Crazy parkour athlete jumps HUGE gap between buildings—unreal!"

The video is taken from the perspective of a young woman wearing a GoPro-style camera, as she puts on parkour gear. Once she's geared up, she jumps onto an access ladder on the side of a building and begins to climb. When she reaches the top, she climbs up onto the roof of an adjacent building and runs over to the edge, looking down and seeing a courtyard below. She retreats and practices running up to the edge once more before retreating again. After she takes a deep breath and says "Here we go," the woman sprints towards the edge of the building and jumps into the air, flying over the courtyard and landing on the roof of the building opposite with a roll. She takes the camera off her head and laughs in amazement. Looking into the camera, she says "My name is April Clifton, and that was attempt number four!". She then tells the viewer to stay tuned for attempt number five before the video cuts out.

The Time Has Come

On August 11, 2015, HeroTruther posted a video entitled "The Time Has Come". The description says "Evolved humans: the time to come together is now. Reveal yourselves and help end the era of oppression." The 37-second video edits together several of the previous "found footage" videos, including footage of Hero Truther himself (from the Dark Matters webisodes) urging evos to take a stand.


Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 1

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Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 3

Hero Truther encourages his viewers to step out against the registering of evos because it is blatant discrimination.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

The HeroTruther symbol interrupts Quentin Frady's computer. Later, Hero Truther sends Quentin a package that has the HeroTruther eye on it. Inside the package is a note that says "see more clearly".

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 6

A stained glass HeroTruther eye hangs outside the Olympic Coin Laundry, the base of Hero Truther's operations.

Brave New World

Jose Gutierrez tells Carlos Gutierrez that HeroTruther is tracking evos because a lot of them are being taken by someone and going missing.

Later, Noah Bennet implied that Quentin Frady is just a conspiracy theorist because of Hero Truther.

Under the Mask

Fiona and the other runaway evos look at the HeroTruther website. When Captain James Dearing enters the warehouse, the runaways leave quickly, leaving the laptop, and Dearing sees the HeroTruther site.

Game Over

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