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This page notes the different possible versions of chapter 2 of The Agent.

All cases (I)

Rachel Mills has become an accepted and respected member of a secret new government unit. After the plane crash, Rachel promised fellow trainee, Gibson, that she would protect him, but fugitives that Claire released killed him. Now, Rachel's deepest secret begins to haunt her.

Rachel wakes up and finds herself sitting in a metal chair in a Pinehearst lab. She has taken a bullet and blood runs down her arm. A spotlight is pointed in her face, and she can only make out the outline of her interrogator's body. Then, Rachel sees a blue IV dripping into her arm and the interrogator shuffles forward. Rachel addresses the interrogator as Petrelli, but realizes it is the girl that almost killed her in the desert lab. Rachel notices the girl's stained skin, swollen arms and legs, and unfocused eyes, and that fluid is dripping from the girl's veins onto the floor.

Options (I)

The girl lunges at Rachel, and the player gets to decide how Rachel reacts.

Option 1A (Counterattack): Option 1B (Yell for backup): Option 1C (Run):
Rachel rushes into the girl and pounds on her, thrusting her onto a table in the the middle of the room. The table collapses under the girl's weight and a large blue puddle creeps out from out her. Rachel pauses her attacks and reaches down and touches the girl's shoulder. The girl responds, whispering that Rachel is hurt, and Rachel notices blue blood bleeding from her shoulder. Then the girl rolls over, and Rachel sees the girl's face--the girl is Rachel's mother. Rachel screams for Angela or another else to come help her; but before anyone can arrive, the girl strikes Rachel inhumanly fast, and a spray of blue liquid splatters across Rachel's chest and onto her wound. The liquid gives Rachel a stinging pain on her wound, and she cries out again for help.

Then, the door of the lab blows open, and one of his Danko's SWAT teams rush in. Rachel gets knocked back by a flash and bang. The girl disappears and Rachel shouts that she is getting away. However, the SWAT team doesn't go after her. Instead, they silently circle around Rachel with their guns held high. The room then goes dim, and they aim their weapons at Rachel.

Rachel says to wait, and notices Danko is standing in front of her, also pointing a gun at her. Danko says he knew it all along; and Rachel replies that she is one of them, but he ignores her. Rachel then thinks about this being how Gibson's died and Danko pulls the trigger.

Remembering the last time she faced off with the girl almost ended in her own death, Rachel dodges the girl's blue hands, rolls over the table in front of her, and rushes out the door. As she reaches the exit, Rachel hears behind her the girl's bare feet slapping the tile, snapping her limbs inhumanly fast.

Suddenly, Rachel arrives in a funeral home. She notices lots of chairs in the room, and everyone there is tall and wearing black. Thinking the girl is still after her and that the casket will protect her, Rachel starts walking up the aisle. As Rachel approaches the casket, no one seems to notice her. When she reaches the casket, Rachel finds it closed and tries to open it. She succeeds in raising it an inch a few times, but it always drops back shut as if something is holding it closed. Rachel then whispers, "Please, Mom", and a blue arm snakes out and grabs her wrist.

All cases (II)

Rachel screams no and wakes up on the floor, realizing she is back to the nightmare that is her life. Rachel notices she is in her room, and the curtains are gray so it must be close to dawn. She finds her T-shirt soaked with sweat and her body severely shivering. Rachel looks at her bed, and notices that the covers are still settling--that a second before she was lying there. She then lowers her head into her arms and groans, when someone calls out for her from the doorway.

After quickly snatching her gun from her desk drawer, Rachel watches a tall, square, and unshaven man enter her room. She surmises that he is ex-military with a few years of something else blurring the edges, probably CIA, and is likely one of Danko's men. The man notes that Rachel is fast, and she asks him what he wants. He replies that he is her new partner.

Rachel processes the word partner, recalling Gibson's face and realizing that Gibson had been her responsibility, not her partner. The man apologizes for not knocking, saying he heard a yell, and Rachel notes that she just had a dream. Her partner notes he had some of those lately as well, guessing it involved a "freak" with powers, and Rachel thinks to herself if he only knew. She asks for him to come back later, but he says he can't. He says Danko sent him with another file for her about the "special project", and Rachel lowers her gun.

Two hours after Rachel's partner leaves, Rachel reflects on not asking for his name. She thinks that it was too soon, and recalls the recent deaths she has experienced: Gibson; David, at Pinehearst; Eric, the young Special Forces officer; and tough old Barton, in Ghanaf. Rachel also adds her mother to that list, since it has only been weeks since she learned why she killed herself, and notes they all died because of powers.

Rachel then turns her attention to Danko's file. She notes to herself that Danko has had her searching through some old websites, stuff that used to be run by people with abilities. They were just trying to understand more about how they think when Rachel found the first message. When Rachel reported it, Danko instructed Rachel to keep the project off the grid as he thinks there might be a security breach. Rachel was informed that when Danko's analysts started looking at the websites, bursts transmissions began leaving the government firewall, with each transmission always being comprised of 200 characters. The technicians suspect it is probably some kind of Trojan virus that they picked up from one of the websites.

After turning on her computer, Rachel begins going through a new target list of about a dozen websites Danko has given her to look at. She finds that the first website is a kind of message board, and spots a few images with bar codes or something that she wants to check out. Rachel copies them to her computer and attaches them to an email to a hacker buddy who can sort those things out and let her know about anything interesting. After a while, Rachel narrows the list down to three other websites that give her a weird feeling.

Options (II)

The player can then choose which site to explore first. After choosing one site, the player can choose to view the next site(s), or stop and receive a phone call.

Rachel opens Site 1, Senator Petrelli's website, and finds a hidden message looking her in the face after some searching. She wonders aloud who "Rebel" is.

Site 2 is "Las Vegas Niki", which Rachel notes to herself is like a creepy tomb since Niki is dead. Rachel searches this second website for a while, but finds another hidden message in plain sight just when she is about to push on. She writes "ALEX" in the file and underlines it twice, thinking that it is something she has to tell Danko about.

Site 3 is "HG", which Rachel notes to herself is a very intense website. Rachel learns from the website that the woman, "HG", waged an ability-related campaign for a while, coordinating with a number of others through the website. Rachel has trouble parsing the sheer wall of information at first, and takes a break after a few minutes of writing down names and places. A minute later, Rachel walks back to her computer with drink in hand and from a distance, far enough back that she can't read text, sees that she has been thinking too hard. She whispers aloud that she is going to shut down the messenger.

All cases (III)

Just as Rachel finishes looking at the websites, her phone buzzes. Rachel checks the caller ID, sees that it says "UNKNOWN", and figures it must be her hacker buddy. She rolls her eyes and answers the phone while writing another note on the file for Danko.

Rachel says "What's up, Volts?", and he replies on how early it is. Rachel comments that it's practically lunch time, and he responds that she is right and he should be in bed. He adds that he is up, playing her little mind games, because he loves her. Rachel replies that she loves him too, but threatens to break his legs if he forces her to drive over there to find out what the bar code said. Volts then asks if Rachel really doesn't know, sounding weird. Rachel responds telling Volts to just say what it is, asking if it is a nuclear launch code and he's afraid of ending up in a maximum security prison.

Then, Volts says "Stop this, Rachel." Rachel responds that Volts is grumpy, and to call her back after lunch. However, Volts says that the bar code means what he just said, and Rachel realizes they know who she is. Suddenly, the power goes out and Rachel is left standing in the dark. Rachel tells Volts she will call him back, but her cell phone connection has been cut off. She tries to call Danko's office, but gets an "All circuits are busy" message. Rachel then grabs her gun off the bed, tucks Danko's file under her arms and prepares to leave her room when her phone buzzes with a text message.

Rachel examines the message:



She also finds an attached video file to the message. Knowing ahead of time what the file likely contains, Rachel opens it and views security footage of herself at Pinehearst teleporting across a rubbled space inside the crumbling building. She thinks to herself that she was scared and stupid, damaged goods. Then another message arrives, "DON’T TELL DANKO WHAT YOU FOUND TODAY". Rachel replies, "OR WHAT" and she gets the response "YOU KNOW".

Rachel thinks to herself that she had had it all: a team that respected her, a leader to follow, and real enemies to put away; but now it is all wrong. She notes she hates REBEL almost as much as she hates herself, then she gets another message. The message reads "I NEED YOU TO DO SOMETHING".

Coming Up on iStory

Next week: Rachel tries to get back to business as usual. But her first field operation as a full agent takes a turn for the bizarre.

What did Rachel find on the websites that REBEL wants to hide? Discuss at 9th Wonders.


  • The first set of options apply to a dream sequence, so which choice the player takes doesn't really affect the story. However, it makes the most sense for Rachel to choose Option 1C (Run), since Rachel already knows she almost died when facing off with the girl. For the second set of options, information is specified in all three websites, so Rachel needs to review all of them.
  • Rachel refers to bar codes being on the first site she reviews, which is Evs Dropper's blog. The blog features an Interleaved 2 of 5 bar code for Evs Dropper's profile that translates to "08". An additional group photo added to the site is a Code 39 bar code that translates to "STOPTHISRACHEL".
  • For Site 1, Senator Petrelli's website, the hidden message is revealed by clicking the middle image under the "Meet Nathan Petrelli" headline. When clicking that image, a text box pops up that displays the message "RUN HOWIE. REBEL."
  • For Site 2, "Las Vegas Niki", the hidden message is revealed by clicking the video. A text box then pops up with the message "THEY KNO CV CA" before displaying the Heroes Evolutions subscription form.
  • For Site 3, "HG", the hidden message is obtained by putting together the words colored in green text. The completed message reads "Important messages: HG gone. If you would be alone without help, hold tight, fear the government. Email Someone can help. Don't worry."


  • In the original version of chapter 402, released February 17, 2009, the chapter ended with Volts about to tell Rachel what she discovered and the following prompt:

Coming Up on iStory

On Friday, Rachel learns what Volts discovered. But they aren't the only ones who know. What happens in the next few minutes will change her life...

What exactly did Rachel find on the websites? Discuss at 9th Wonders.

Next week: Rachel tries to get back to business as usual. But her first field operation as a full agent takes a turn for the bizarre.

  • On Friday, February 20, 2009, the prompt was removed and chapter 402 continued with Volts explaining what he found.

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