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iStory:The Agent/chapter 403 alternatives

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This page notes the different possible versions of chapter 3 of The Agent.

All cases (I)

Rachel Mills has been given a special mission by the Hunter and has stumbled on REBEL's use of codes hidden across the Internet to reach out to allies and fugitives. REBEL witnesses Rachel's discovery and threatens to expose Rachel's secret to the world. Rachel also gains a new partner, and is blackmailed into participating in one of REBEL's missions.

Now, Rachel notes to herself the military-issue 12-gauge shotgun that is being pointed at her head from five feet away. She guesses that two seconds has transpired and that the man holding the shotgun plans to pull the trigger. Rachel also notes that REBEL has been trying to kill Rachel all day, and begins recalling prior events, starting with what occurred about a week earlier.

In Rachel's recollection, she jumps into the passenger seat of a van Danko is driving, and Danko asks where she was. Rachel replies that her boot lace snapped and she had to fix it. Danko then hits the gas, leaving an area where Rachel thinks cops would soon arrive. Rachel makes eye contact with Jason, her new partner, in the van's rear seat, and wonders if either Danko or Jason suspected what she had been up to.

A couple days later, Rachel is practicing firing her weapon at the shooting range with Jason. She notes to herself having been there a long time--that Jason was starting to look tired, but she was used to the practice having practiced shooting holes in stuff as therapy since the day in Pinehearst when she found out about her condition.

Jason starts up another round of firing. Rachel watches him shoot, placing his elbow low in a way she recalls a lot of Navy SEALs do. She watches the intensity on his face, under the ear protectors and goggles, and figures he wants to beat her bad. When Jason places down his pistol and stops the timer, he gets an eighty-six percent, and challenges Rachel to beat it. However, Rachel replies that she is done for day, and is tired. Jason insists that Rachel shoot the targets, but then Danko walks in and interrupts them.

Rachel recalls that a day ago, one of the fugitives had made it all the way to his apartment, almost killing him. Some of the agents started looking at Danko differently, but she didn't. Danko rewarded that loyalty with an assignment.

In the firing range, Danko tells Rachel and Jason to get their gear together--that the will depart on a plane in fifteen minutes. Rachel asks where they are headed, and Danko answers that they are headed to Costa Verde to find the fugitive, Alex. As Danko tells him this, Rachel's cell phone beeps with incoming text messages back on the shooter's bench, and Rachel figures that REBEL knows as well what is happening.

Rachel disregards her phone and tells Danko that she will get him. Danko then informs Rachel they think that Alex had help escaping them before, and that the cheerleader is in the same town. He also instructs Rachel to inform him if they can find any evidence that the cheerleader is involved, and await further orders.

Danko leaves and Rachel turns around to get her beeping cell phone, but Jason is already holding it. She asks for it back, snatching it from him, and Jason asks if she just got a text. Rachel confirms she did, and Jason asks if she is going to read it. However, Rachel ignores that question, presses the shooting range button and begins firing. She imagines they are fugitives and impresses Jason with her precision, noting that she comes there a lot. Jason compares her to a killer robot, pulls off his eye protection and tosses it on a table. As Jason leaves, Rachel drops her cell phone in a trash can, thinking that would be the end of REBEL's interference on her mission.

Upon reaching Costa Verde, Rachel and Jason meet the lead agent at a command truck. The lead agent comments that they are Danko's go-to boys, and Jason clarifies that Rachel is but he just carries the bags. Rachel asks for the latest intel, and the agent informs them of three leads. The first lead is Alex's car, for which they haven't found anything in their first look, but the agent guesses they might have better luck. The second lead is that the target spent a lot of time with the local beach crowd, so they might have an idea where he is hiding. The third lead is that his apartment might hold some clues, as agents are watching the place but no one has searched it yet.

Jason comments that since it's after lunch, local time, they might not be able to hit all of the leads that day. Rachel responds that they need to get moving, then.

Options (I)

The player gets to choose whether Rachel decides for them to head first to the abandoned car, the beach or the apartment.

All cases (II)

Coming Up on iStory

Next week, Rachel Mills' pursuit of the fugitive Alex takes a dramatic turn. Jason doesn't appear suspicious of her, but Rachel's fears grow. And REBEL's silence lengthens...

REBEL continues reaching out to people with abilities by any means possible. Who is listening?...


  • The optimal path is using first Option 1A.2.A, so that Rachel can see a video file of Alex and blond girl that might be Claire. Rachel should then follow Option 1B.1.B to learn from Liliane that a comics store worker saw a blond girl talk to Alex just before he disappeared. Rachel will then proceed to Option 1C.
  • A flash screen displayed on the last page of this chapter gives a phone number, 800-709-0829, on a sticky note marked "TAP??". Participants can call that number and leave a message on Tracy Strauss's voice mail.
  • The backgrounds of this chapter contain several items colored inside a circle of the same single color. It is unknown whether these items have any significance to the story. The items include a yellow exclamation mark, a set of blue notes, a red-colored brain, and a green-colored fist.


  • In the original version of chapter 403, released February 24, 2009, the chapter ended with Jason Pierce finding Rachel being held at gunpoint and telling her to look out, and the following prompt:
Coming Up on iStory

On Friday, Rachel is faced with a choice between life and death, truth and lies. The result will shock even her...

Also this week, REBEL continues reaching out to people with abilities by any means possible. Who is listening?...
  • On Friday, February 27, 2009, the prompt was removed and chapter 403 continued with a city-wide power blackout.

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