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Jason Pierce

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Jason Pierce
Rachel Mills's partner.jpg
Portrayed by Jeff Campbell
First appearance The Agent
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death 2007
Occupation Agent of Homeland Security
Sibling Janey Pierce

Jason Pierce was an agent of the Department of Homeland Security, who served on a team of commando soldiers hunting evolved humans on behalf of his superior, Senator Nathan Petrelli. He was the partner and good friend of Rachel Mills, who was forced to kill him when Jason learned of her ability.

Character History


Jason and Rachel sit in a pool cleaning van outside the Bennet house, watching Claire.

Later, Jason and Rachel enter the house. Jason searches the top floor and finds that it is "clear".

At night, Jason and Rachel fall for Sandra and Lyle's trick - they stop them, but find that Claire and Alex, their real targets, have gotten away.

Shades of Gray

Jason sits in the pool cleaning van, watching Claire as she leaves work. They receive a tip about Eric Doyle, and give chase. When Doyle subdues his partner, Jason points a gun at Doyle and tells him to surrender. However, Claire arrives and pushes Jason into a wall, saving Doyle.

Graphic Novel:Puppet with No Strings

Jason, Rachel, and Danko are at Doyle's Marionette Theatre. They interrogate Eric Doyle and afterwards, Danko sets the theatre on fire with Doyle in it. Outside, Danko tells Jason to follow up on a lead about an invisible man, and Jason says that he'll do. When Rachel teleports away, Jason notices it and asks where she went. However, Rachel teleports back moments later and the three drive off.

Graphic Novel:Hanging By a Thread

On a mission, Jason and another agent run across rooftops, chasing after Rachel Mills, who is holding their target, Howie Kaplan, by the wrist and keeping him from falling from the roof. When they approach Rachel, Jason prevents the other agent from charging forwards.

Graphic Novel:Exodus

Danko and other agents discover that Rachel Mills killed Jason.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 2 of The Agent, Danko sends one of his agents with a file to Rachel Mills.

Upon entering Rachel's room, the man notices Rachel pointing her gun at him, and notes that Rachel is fast and that he is Rachel's new partner. He apologizes for not knocking, explaining he rushed in because he heard a yell. When Rachel then explains she had a dream, he comments that he has had some of those as well, guessing it involved a "freak" with powers.

The agent tells Rachel he cannot come back later, and explains that Danko gave him the file for her "special project. Later, he leaves after giving Rachel the file, but does not mention his name.

In chapter 3 of The Agent, Jason is riding in the back seat of a van Danko is driving the day before Peter Petrelli breaks into Danko's apartment. They wait for Rachel Mills to meet them at the van when she doesn't show up at the designated time. When Rachel does show up and enters the van, Danko drives Rachel and Jason out of the area before the cops can arrive.

The day after Peter's break-in of his apartment, Jason practices with Rachel in the shooting range. Having been there a long time, he is getting tired but keeps on shooting as he really wants to beat his partner. At the end of firing another round at targets, Jason gets an eighty-six percent, and challenges Rachel to beat it. When Rachel says she is done for the day, he insists that Rachel continue firing, but Danko walks in and interrupts them. Jason learns from Danko that he and Rachel need to depart to Costa Verde by plane in fifteen minutes. Their orders are to pursue and capture the target, Alex Woolsly, and to inform Danko and wait for further orders if they get evidence that the cheerleader is involved.

When Danko leaves, Jason grabs Rachel's cell phone off a table, curious to why it was beeping while Danko was telling them about their mission. Rachel snatches it back out of his hands, and then ignores his question as to whether she got a text. He watches as Rachel picks up her pistol and accurately fires at the targets, beating his score. Jason then compares Rachel to a killer robot, pulls off his eye protection, and tosses it on a table before leaving the shooting range.

Upon reaching Costa Verde, Rachel and Jason meet the lead agent at a command truck. The lead agent comments that they are Danko's go-to boys, and Jason clarifies that Rachel is but he just carries the bags. Jason then listens as Rachel asks for the latest intel, and the agent informs them of three leads. Jason then comments that since it's after lunch, local time, they might not be able to hit all of the leads that day, and Rachel leads him into investigating Alex's abandoned car.

The two agents watching the car inform Jason and Rachel that Alex has not shown up, and it should be okay to take a look around. Jason agrees with Rachel that Alex is unlikely to return to the vehicle, so they take a look around the street. While they are looking around, Jason spots a security camera on the corner of a nearby self-storage facility pointed at the side street where Alex's car had passed, and lets Rachel know about it. Rachel instructs Jason to call back to base and find out if they can hack the archives for the camera footage, and he does so. A couple minutes later, Jason catches up with Rachel and asks what she is doing. After Rachel explains she is putting herself in their shoes, Jason says that Rachel is good at that, noting seeing her performance in training. He then says that they found something and are going to stream it to him in a second. Jason's cell phone then buzzes and he comments that someone is texting him.

Jason is then surprised when Rachel snatches his phone from him, promptly asking for it back. However, Rachel just turns her back to him. He comments how it was her who freaked out when he picked up her phone, but Rachel still ignores him. Jason then hears a few beeps, and suspects the video file has come in. He reaches around Rachel and grabs his cell phone back, but cannot find the video file. Rachel tells Jason the video was blank, and convinces him to get base to resend it. When Jason calls base, he relays to Rachel that the tech can no longer find the video, but swears it existed.

Rachel then leads Jason to the next lead, a beach where Alex usually hangs out. They arrive near a local sand-side restaurant where the surf crowd hangs out when the surf isn't calling. Jason stops Rachel from approaching a clump of young men and women in swimsuits draped over the wooden seats outside the restaurant, asking if she is serious. When Rachel responds that she always is, Jason tells her to compare what they are wearing and notes that they are most likely to get ignored as in the film Point Break. Jason is surprised to learn Rachel hadn't seen the film, then looks around and points to a nearby surf shop, where a rack of women's swimsuits are in front. Rachel refuses to get into a swimsuit disguise, but Jason insists saying they can go shoot lots of stuff later to fix her karma, and she finally decides to go with his plan.

Jason waits with the car while Rachel proceeds on her own. When Rachel returns to Jason, he asks if she had any luck. She tells him to keep his eyes up, and notes that Alex has a friend that is also missing and that she got the address. Realizing his idea worked, Jason complements her work and grins. He then drives Rachel to the address per her instruction.

After arriving outside Liliane's house, Rachel instructs Jason to watch the house while she questions Liliane. He comments that he can't watch the whole house and suggests they call for a team, but Rachel says for him to just watch the back and that no one will come out the front. When Rachel leaves the house, Jason meets Rachel back in the car and asks how it went as they drive off. Rachel notes that her proof is real thin, but it sounds like Claire Bennet was there. Jason then asks if she wants to call it in, but Rachel replies that they should check the apartment first.

Upon entering Alex's apartment, they both set about searching through the place for half an hour and then meet up to trade notes. Jason and Rachel agree that the place is a dump, and Jason notes he didn't find any evidence that Alex had been contacted. Jason notes that it is odd that he lives in SoCal and doesn't have a working cell phone. Jason searches some laundry and finds the power supply for a laptop Rachel found and boots up the laptop. A mail program opens automatically and begins downloading. Jason comments that Alex has lots of unread mail, and notices that the emails are disappearing. He then hears Rachel say "Hello, REBEL" and asks what she just said. Then, a new email arrives in the in box with the subject line "Leave now Rachel!", and Jason closes the laptop and ejects the battery per Rachel's instruction. He then begins cursing himself for a second, and Rachel tells him she is going to go call Danko. A few minutes after Rachel leaves, Jason proceeds to an alley behind the apartment where there is a pay phone, and discovers that a man has a shotgun pointed at Rachel's head. From a distance, he shouts for Rachel to look out. Then, all the lights on the block simultaneously turn off, and Jason stands motionless in the dark with Rachel and Dave as their eyes adjust. When Dave then fires off his shotgun towards Rachel, Jason begins screaming at Dave with his pistol drawn. He forces Dave to drop and kick away the shotgun, and then to lay down with his face to the ground.

In chapter 4 of The Agent, Jason and Rachel search sectors of Costa Verde with spotty video and satellite surveillance until the still-dark hours of early morning. They then head to a motel to get some rest. After the sun has come up, Jason screams at Rachel from the doorway of their adjoining rooms.

Later, Rachel and Jason have bagels for breakfast at a table outside a small bakery. Jason tells Rachel that she said something in her sleep, puts one of his hands on one of hers, and then adds that he knows about her problem and is there for her. Jason insists that she knows what he is talking about, and adds that Rachel's attempts to cover it up are making it worse. Jason then specifies the nightmares, obsessive training, and irritability. He tells Rachel that she is not alone, and gives her a business card for a woman that has helped many of his friends with PTSD.

To explain why he thinks Rachel has PTSD, Jason explains that Rachel talks about the people she has lost and the missions that went bad in her dreams. Jason adds that she mentioned a blue girl, her grandfather and mother, and a bald guy. Jason can only say that he thinks the bald guy is another of the "freaks" she went after and that Rachel keeps yelling at that guy to do something. They then leave the bakery and begin driving in their car.

Jason drives them about ten minutes through Costa Verde, then begins asking where they are going. However, Rachel says they are already where she wants to go and instructs Jason to park the car on the corner after making the next right turn. A half-block away, Jason spots a pool-cleaning van parked across the street from the Bennets' house and realizes where they are. He begins to Rachel if they should be there, but she tells him to be quiet and he does so. Rachel and Jason then approach the van on foot, and take over for two of their agents that are keeping watch inside.

While watching the Bennets' home from inside the van, Jason asks if Rachel thinks Claire is hiding Alex. When Rachel insists that she is, Jason suggests that they go "rattle the cage" and Rachel agrees with doing so. As Rachel and Jason cross the street towards the Bennet house, they both see a curtain move inside and comment that the Bennets see them coming. Jason adds that he is going around back and Rachel agrees to let him in when she gets inside. After Rachel is let inside, she allows Jason to enter from the back as planned. A short while later, Jason returns from searching upstairs and says that area is clear and waits for Rachel to finish her search. When Rachel fails to find anything, Sandra asks them to leave and they do so.

A couple hours later, the sun has gone down and Rachel and Jason are again watching the Bennet house in the pool cleaning van. Jason has started to say something a couple times, but stopped himself before doing so. Now, Jason is starting to get restless and Rachel spots Claire's car pull out into the street. Jason and Rachel then rush out of their van and jump in front of the car before it can leave. Suddenly, dogs start barking behind the Bennet house, and Jason and Rachel race around the Bennet house and into the dark backyard. Arriving at the backyard fence, Jason puts a hand on Rachel's shoulder to comfort her. He tells Rachel that they will get Claire. He then follows Rachel's orders to split off from her and make sure they don't cross the street beyond the houses. Jason tells Rachel to call him if she sees them, and he turns and climbs the fence.

A few minutes later, Jason radios Rachel that he thinks he sees them at the end of the street. Rachel and Jason then rush to the end of the street, but don't find anyone. After retracing their steps for an hour, they head back to the van. Jason recommends backing off before Senator Petrelli learns what is going on, but gets interrupted when the mission laptop suddenly signals a new message has arrived. The laptop is between the seats, pointed in Rachel's direction. Jason then grabs the laptop before Rachel can stop him, and asks about the garbled text he finds. He turns the laptop back towards Rachel and then follows her orders to ask headquarters to resend the message. A little while later, Jason tells Rachel that headquarters is resending, that a new tip came in a few minutes ago, and now they have direct orders to move out.

In chapter 5 of The Agent, Jason watches for their next target, Eric Doyle, while listening to the SWAT team leader talk via radio. He then listens to Rachel instruct him to wait for Eric Doyle out front while she flushes him out of an alleyway ahead of them. He tells Rachel to be careful and watches as Rachel heads around the building. Later, he radios for Rachel to pull back as the team is almost there. However, Rachel says she is going in so Jason asks again for her to wait.

In chapter 6 of The Agent, Jason is riding back to headquarters with his partner, Rachel Mills, after the botched Howie Kaplan mission. He thinks about how much he cares for Rachel even though he has only been her partner for a few weeks. Jason notes to himself that his caring makes what he needs to today today difficult for him. Then, he spots a motorcycle following them and getting closer. Jason checks out the rider, and sees that it is a woman, dressed in black leather and helmet. However, he denies to Rachel that he noticed her following them and gets her to stop at a restaurant so they can get something to eat.

After getting seating, Jason tells Rachel the place is perfect. Rachel asks what it is perfect for, and Jason realizes she sees through him. Then, the restaurant door opens again and Rachel and Jason notice a tall, dark, and pretty woman enter wearing motorcycle leathers. Jason makes eye contact with the woman, but she doesn't seem to recognize him.

Jason then tells Rachel he needs to tell her something and he needs her not to freak out. Rachel does not promise to do so, but Jason continues and tells her he saw her save Howie Kaplan. He adds that if she tries to what she did there in the restaurant, everyone will see her. Jason notes that he isn't taking any chances, and claims that he promised Danko that this would go smoothly. However, Rachel explains how she knows that he didn't tell Danko. Jason then asks Rachel to turn herself in willingly, but Rachel refuses. He tells Rachel it is not important whom he has told.

When Rachel turns towards the door, Jason grabs Rachel's hand to stop her from leaving. In response, Rachel shoves him into the burger and fries of a family of four next to them. Jason tells her that she is one of them, and begins to ask politely for her to sit back down. However, the woman in motorcycle leathers then gets up off a stool at the counter and begins to approach them with a military-grade taser in her hands. Jason explains to Rachel that the woman is his sister, that she isn't of one of them, but is a pro. He adds that she knows Rachel is coming with them peacefully. Jason adds that Rachel can trust her, and there's no other way out of this in front of all these witnesses.

Jason glances at the family whose dinner he messed up and notices they are staring back at him too blankly. Then, an eight-year-old girl falls to the ground, shocking him. Rachel and Jason notice that everyone in the room suddenly appear like they are asleep on their feet, and Janey's taser hits the floor with a thud. Jason asks Rachel what she did, but someone else answers from behind him. He hears the voice say Rachel didn't do anything and that is what makes his people so wrong.

Then, Jason spins around and sees a girl standing there. He guesses she is in her late teens, and notices she appears blonde, and wears a college sweatshirt turned inside out. Jason then reaches towards his sister. He threatens to do something to the girl if his sister is hurt, calling the girl a freak. When the girl then cries out Rachel's name, Jason half-turns before getting shot.

Jason thinks it hurts more than he ever imagined, and finds his hands on his chest. He notices the bleeding starting slowly, and comments to Rachel that she really did it. Rachel replies that she told him she would. Jason then notices that Rachel is crying; and decides he wants to tell her what he really thinks, but now he can't recall what that was. Then, Jason's view fades to black.

The next morning, Rachel talks with the girl that helped her, Anna, about Rachel killing Jason. Rachel comments on being worried that she could be shot on sight for killing a fellow agent. However, Anna says that REBEL asked for Rachel to go back to her organization so it should be safe to do so.

In chapter 7 of The Agent, agents find Jason's body in a dumpster behind his apartment and note that he had been shot to death. They then proceed to Rachel's door, and question Rachel. She claims to them that she made it back to the city okay with Jason, and she last saw him when she dropped them off and he was alright. Rachel then recalls to herself that in reality, she had brought Jason home in the rental car's trunk, and Anna waited silently in the passenger seat as Rachel disposed of Jason's body. Later, Rachel has a repeated nightmare of killing David, in which Jason's face sometimes appears on David's body.

One morning after that night, Rachel gets a daily intelligence briefing that includes the incident at the highway restaurant. Witnesses appear to have documented Rachel's and Jason's appearance and their fight rather accurately, but no one questions Rachel about it because the restaurant is listed as being in Oregon.

Upon arriving at the site of her next mission, a fellow agent says that he is sorry about Jason's death, and so does Rachel's commander.


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