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iStory:The Agent/chapter 409 alternatives

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This page notes the different possible versions of chapter 9 of The Agent.

All cases (I)

While Anna proceeds on to help a fugitive hiding in a circus with minimal knowledge from Rebel, Rachel Mills heads to Building 26 to meet with Danko. Rachel drives past Arlington Cemetery on her way, recalls always picturing herself ending up there, and wonders if that will still happen. She soon arrives in front of Building 26.

Once inside, Rachel finds Danko's assistant, Bob, slumped at his desk in front of Danko's office. She notices the door to the office is closed, and Bob tells Rachel that she is early. Rachel asks Bob if he knows what her meeting is about. Bob responds that he doesn't know what the meeting is about, but adds that it was called by Dan from Internal Affairs.

Rachel guesses Rebel must have missed something and considers staying to find out, but then changes her mind. However, just then, Danko walks past and Bob calls for him. Danko shakes his head and tells Bob that he can't be bothered now. Bob asks him about his meeting with Agent Mills and Internal Affairs, and Danko asks Rachel if she is Agent Mills.

When Rachel acknowledges that she is, Danko smiles and invites her into his office, acting as though they had never met. Proceeding inside, Danko reaches out a hand to guide her into a chair, then asks her how a girl like her wound up in a place like this. Rachel trips over the edge of the office's rug and misses Danko's hand, then tells him she just wanted to serve her country. Danko tells Rachel that of course she did, then asks her if she is busy tonight and if she would like to get a drink.

Options (I)

The player then gets to choose how Rachel responds.

All cases (II)

Meanwhile, Anna has arrived at the circus, and now reflects on Rebel's last text. He wrote that agents are surrounding the place, and that Anna needs to find the man in the black hat. According to Rebel, the man will know what to do. Rebel also says that this one is especially important. Anna then reflects on what she never did as a kid. She never had a real, American-style birthday party (although she isn't really sure when her birthday is), been to Disneyland or World, never owned a bike, and never being to a circus, where she is now.

Anna notices she is open-mouthed like a kid, but that the magician's act is the least amazing thing she sees. While recalling having seen a lot of "magic tricks" while growing up, she notes the magician is having people pick cards and telling them what is on them. Anna thinks to herself that he must be a mind reader, and might already know why she is there. However, she decides that it would be a good idea not to talk with him about it until he has finished his act, so she heads back outside to watch the elephants.

After the act is done, Anna spots the man as he leaves the tent and introduces herself. He is startled to see Anna, but says hello and continues walking towards another tent in the back of the lot. Anna tells him she wants to help him, but he replies that they are not hiring and doesn't look back at her. She continues that their friend sent her, and he wants her to tell him that the men in black are here. However, the man just looks at Anna like she is crazy and tells her he is busy. Anna replies that she knows he can read minds; and he laughs, saying that is just a trick and asks her to go back out front. She counters that he asked their friend for help, and he angrily asks her to just go away.

The magician then turns and walks into the back tent, which has a sign that says "FREAK SHOW!" over the entrance. Anna grits her teeth and follows him inside. She finds the place dark and creepy, with many cages spread around the tent. Anna guesses none of the other visitors are left since it's closing time; but as her eyes adjust, she notices things are still happening in the tent. She hears water splash and spots a woman that looks like a fish from the waist down get out of a giant fish tank and begin unzipping something behind her back. Then, the woman sees Anna and shouts to someone named Doug, telling him that there is a kid in the tent. The man that Anna was talking with curses somewhere in the back, and more things begin moving around Anna.

Anna spots a man and a woman stuck together from the shoulder to hip, sharing a shirt and pants pass by her. Another man all tied up in chains, stares at her with a crazy grin. Then, she sees what appears to be a rotting body rising out of a coffin and screams. The woman who was stuck to the man's shoulder says it is okay and pats her shoulder. The clothes she was wearing hang off of her; and the man she was attached to now stands behind her in his underwear, with all his own limbs.

As Anna calms down, the woman says that Anna is kind of old to be scared by costumes. Anna replies that she is used to it being real, and not a costume. Next, Anna takes a deep breath and shouts toward the man in the tall hat. She tells him that they have to go, and that the government is surrounding the circus.

A silence then falls over the tent, and the man in the tall hat steps out. He is wearing a T-shirt now, and asks Anna what she knows about the government. Anna replies that she told him, that she was sent by their friend and they need leave. She adds that they will be coming for him as soon as all the escapes are cut off. The man replies that they will not; and Anna asks him to take her somewhere private so they can talk, saying she will prove it to him. He responds that he believes her now, but that the government agents are coming for everyone else there, not him.

Anna looks around and sees the girl who was in the fish costume cup her hands. The air inside turns to water, leaking through her fingers. The woman who was sharing clothes steps back into the man behind her, and their shoulders pass through each other. The chains around the man with the crazy grin suddenly melt, revealing jeans and a T-shirt, and he winks at Anna.

Anna then says for all of them to flee, but a raspy voice from the coffin says they can't. The voice is coming from the "thing" Anna screamed at earlier, which sits up again now. Its hollow eyes glance at Anna, then it reaches out a hand and grabs a chair. The man in the tall hat calls the thing in the coffin Linda, and tells her not to use his chair. However, Linda appears to ignore him and the chair begins to age, turning black and finally collapsing into dust. As this occurs, Linda becomes a young woman that Anna thinks looks familiar somehow. Next, Linda tells Anna that they can't leave until the twin is safe, or else Ellen and everything else they have worked for will be lost. Then, everyone looks at Anna.

Some time later, Anna has huddled everyone together in the dark while they wait. She checks her cell phone for the twentieth time, but Rebel has not sent any further instructions. As Anna wonders what is happening, she notices everyone freeze around her as they spot lots of people quietly moving around outside. She worries about having to take out so many agents at once, because that would mean at least some of them will be hurt for real and left in a condition worse than dead. Anna then thinks that she is even more worried that the government will realize who she is for sure and have to spend the rest of her life hiding in dark corners like the one she is in now. She guesses that Rachel would know what to do now, and asks in whisper where Rachel is.

Coming Soon on iStory

Rachel begins her final mission as a Building 26 agent. If she survives, Rebel may be able to shed light on the darkest memory of Rachel's life: the death of her mother, Leona.

Anna and the fugitives face off with an army of agents determined to learn the truth about "LAWR" and "Ellen."


Option 1A is confirmed by the story to be what actually happens, and also appears to be the optimal path where Rachel makes it through the meeting in one piece and without her secret being discovered.


  • In the original version of chapter 409, released April 7, 2009, the chapter ended with Rachel receiving a text from Rebel, and then the following prompt:

Coming Soon

On Friday: Anna is in trouble. The man she has been sent to save denies that he has abilities and refuses to go with her. And Building 26 -- eager to learn the truth about LAWR -- is launching a massive operation to catch her. Where on earth is Rachel?

  • On Friday, April 10, 2009, the prompt was removed and chapter 409 continued with Anna arriving at the circus.

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