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Rachel Mills teleports across the room.
Held by: Manuel Garcia (deceased),
Rachel Mills,
Teleportation trainee
Ability to: Instantly move between two locations
Examples of teleportation

Teleportation is the ability to instantly move between two locations.





Manuel Garcia

Manuel was in the process of teleporting when he died. (Into the Wild, Part 3) Differently from Rachel, Manuel simply fades when teleporting.

Rachel Mills

Rachel Mills has demonstrated the capability of quickly teleporting in order to escape from dangerous situations. When she teleports, she glows, and then disappears. (The Recruit, Part 1) Rachel has also shown she is capable of accessing her ability unconsciously, as she teleported herself out of bed and onto the floor of her room at the end of a nightmare. (Chapter 2 of The Agent) Thus far, she has only shown capability of teleporting small distances, about a few dozen feet. However, she is capable of teleporting vertically in addition to horizontally, such as onto the roof of an apartment building. (Chapter 3 of The Agent)

In Hanging By a Thread, she uses teleportation a few times to escape from a locked room in a tall building by falling and then teleporting until she got to the bottom. This implies that she can only teleport short distances. However, Rachel teleports a distance miles away when Sylar sends a bolt of lightning through her while she is porting. It should be noted, though, that the teleport did not go smoothly as Rachel materialized in the ground instead of on top of it. (alternative storyline of Chapter 9 of The Agent)

The fact that she can teleport from heights and reach the ground unharmed, in addition with being able to teleport safely out of a moving car (alternative storyline of Chapter 6 of The Agent), seems to suggest that her teleportation can cancel momentum. Otherwise, the momentum from the car or her fall would continue her movement when the teleportation completed. Rachel also teleported into an airborne helicopter, so her ability may also allow her to teleport into moving vehicles safely. (Exodus, Chapter 10 of The Agent)

In addition, Rachel can use her ability to teleport at least one person with her when she teleports. She teleports with Howie Kaplan to the ground in order to save him from a fall (Hanging By a Thread), and she teleports with Anna up and into an abandoned office building. (Chapter 7 of The Agent) In both of those encounters, Rachel held the person's hand when teleporting with them. However, it appears Rachel does not have to be touching part of the person's skin to teleport with them. While only hanging on to his collar, Rachel teleported with Commander Klassen to a midair position twenty feet above a fire escape. (Chapter 8 of The Agent)

When teleporting out of the blast of an explosion at the abandoned office building, Rachel feels as though she is in two places at once. When she completely materializes next to a truck, she experiences intense pain. (Chapter 8 of The Agent)

Although able to teleport miles away, when combined with ability supercharging, Rachel is able to teleport from Costa Verde to Florida. (Chapter 3 of Faction Zero)

Teleportation trainee

Not much is known about this person, other than they manifested this ability while training at an obstacle course at the specials training facility in Savannah, GA. (Reaching Out, Part 1)

Selected Examples

Memorable Quotes

"Oh my God. What was that?"

"It was nothing."

- David Sullivan, Rachel Mills (The Recruit, Part 1)


  • In an interview performed by email, writer Mark Sable confirmed that Manuel Garcia is "just a teleporter, and unable to teleport the distances that Hiro can." Whether this means that Manuel's ability works the same way as Hiro's is currently unknown.
  • It is unknown if the unconfirmed ability called "transportation" is related to teleportation.
  • An aspect of space-time manipulation is teleportation.
  • While Tommy Clark was initially believed to have this ability, it was actually an aspect of Hiro's stolen power.
  • Agent Cole Cutler, while believing Tommy Clark to be a simple teleporter, indicated that the power could change as he told Tommy he had to keep the government appraised of any changes to his "teleportation" power.

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Fan Theories

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