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Clearing Bennet's mind.JPG
Mr. Bennet sacrifices his memory for his daughter.

Many characters feel compelled to make sacrifices because of their powers or for other reasons.

Season One Recurrences


Don't Look Back

One Giant Leap



Better Halves

Nothing to Hide

  • Niki gives up control of her own body to Jessica in order to find Micah.
  • D.L. nearly gives up his life while trying to save an unconscious car crash victim.
  • Peter adds to the lie that he has depression in order to protect his brother's reputation.
  • Micah puts both his father and himself at risk when trying to keep his family together.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

  • Eden gives up her integrity by giving Isaac drugs in order to save Claire.
  • Hiro travels to the past in order to save Charlie, knowing that he could end up in serious trouble if something goes wrong.


  • Simone gives Peter a digital photo of the painting that can help him save the cheerleader, knowing she could be losing him because of it.
  • Peter nearly gives up his own life to save Claire at her school dance.

Six Months Ago

  • Nathan and Peter nearly give up their family ties in order to prosecute Linderman and do the right thing.
  • Niki gives up her convictions in order to get enough money for Micah to go to private school.



  • Audrey puts her job on the line to follow Matt's hunch.
  • Peter almost gives up his life as he knows it in order to go to the Nevada desert so he doesn't hurt anyone if he explodes.
  • Simone gives up her previously held beliefs of how the world works in order to help Hiro in his quest to find his sword.

The Fix

  • Niki sacrifices the chance for healing in order to keep Jessica suppressed.
  • Matt sacrifices his integrity and honesty to kowtow to his superiors.
  • Hiro offers himself in exchange for Ando.



Company Man


  • Ando gives up his safety to return to assist Hiro.
  • Claire must give up seeing her family for a while to remain hidden from the Company.


  • Linderman tells Nathan that by sacrificing .07% of the world's population, he can heal the whole world.
  • Isaac allows Sylar to kill him in order to try to save the world.

Five Years Gone

  • Mr. Bennet sacrifices his relationship with Claire to protect her.
  • Matt Parkman no longer lives with his family due to his job and his ability.
  • While under the guise of Nathan, Sylar says that sacrifice is something that we're all too familiar with and that we've all lost.

The Hard Part


  • Hiro remembers the tales of Takezo Kensei and how he sacrificed his own life to protect the life of a princess.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

  • Nathan is willing to sacrifice his own life to save the citizens of New York.

Season Two Recurrences

Four Months Later...


  • Claire can not explore her power's possible benefits to society to protect her safety.


The Kindness of Strangers

  • Angela confesses to a murder she didn't commit, for the safety of those investigating.
  • Matt risks Molly's well being and safety by asking her to find his father.
  • Monica has given up her education to take care of her family.

Out of Time

  • Niki sacrifices herself by plunging a needle containing a strain of the Shanti virus into her arm.

Cautionary Tales

  • Kaito sacrifices his own life to live up to the moral code which will guide his son.
  • Noah sacrificed his life to save his daughter from the clutches of the Company.
  • West also put his life in jeopardy to save Claire and Noah.


Season Three Recurrences

The Second Coming

I Am Become Death

Angels and Monsters

Eris Quod Sum


It's Coming

The Eclipse, Part 1

The Eclipse, Part 2

  • Hiro, in the mentality of a ten year old, does not want to grow up because of all the tragedies he faces, but accepts that he must in order to fulfill his destiny.

Our Father


  • Present-day Hiro's younger counterpart risks getting in trouble with his father in order to help present-day Hiro save the world.
  • Meredith tells Claire to leave her in the building, so she doesn't kill anyone by exploding at the wrong time.


Cold Snap

Season Four recurrences


  • Matt forces Sylar, who possesses his body, to provoke the police to shoot him, so Sylar won't be able to kill any more innocent people.

Heroes Reborn recurrences

Under the Mask

Game Over

  • When Quentin realizes that Miko's ability isn't working due to Phoebe's umbrakinesis, he tackles Phoebe and is consequently killed by her.
  • Miko's dark counterpart tells her that she will die if she frees the Master of Time and Space. Miko decides that it is a price she must pay, and sacrifices herself to free Hiro from his virtual prison.

June 13th, Part Two

Send in the Clones

Company Woman

Project Reborn

  • To stop the first wave of the H.E.L.E., Luke Collins decides to sacrifice himself, knowing that the prophecy states that Malina and her brother stop the second wave. Channeling the power of the solar flare, Luke flies himself into the flare and detonates himself to harmlessly disperse the flare.
  • To stop his beloved sister from killing Malina, Quentin Frady reluctantly kills her.
  • Tommy Clark discovers that the only way to stop the H.E.L.E. is to have a human conduit for his and Malina's combined powers. However, being the conduit will be fatal for that person. Tommy rescues Noah Bennet from death two days before and shows him the moment seven years before when it was discovered that Tommy and Malina would need a conduit. Noah chooses to sacrifice himself to stop the H.E.L.E., telling Tommy "you two have your destiny. This is mine." Noah channels his grandchildren's combined power through himself, stopping the H.E.L.E. and saving the world, but taking fatal injuries in the process. He dies shortly afterwards.

Graphic Novel Recurrences

Webisode Recurrences

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