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Dr. Livitz

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Dr. Livitz
Arthur's doctor.JPG
Portrayed by Ron Perkins
First appearance Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death Post-March 2007
Home New Jersey
Occupation Pinehearst Medical Professional & Assigner

Doctor Livitz was a medical professional employed by Pinehearst Company to serve as Arthur Petrelli's doctor, as well as being one of their assigners.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 1

When Daphne goes to meet Samir Mellouk after their theft of the Mona Lisa from The Louvre, Mellouk's assigner, Dr. Livitz, meets her. He doesn't reveal his name to her but says that Samir was unreliable and would no longer be working for his group. He then offers Daphne a job and hands her a folder containing a photo of Kaito Nakamura.

Angels and Monsters

As Maury Parkman visits Arthur Petrelli in the Pinehearst building, Dr. Livitz attends to Arthur's needs.

Dying of the Light

Dr. Livitz is present when Knox brings Adam to Arthur, and Arthur kills Adam by stealing his ability.

Eris Quod Sum

Dr. Livitz and Arthur Petrelli greet Mohinder when he comes to the Pinehearst building. Later, Dr. Livitz looks on as Mohinder is about to inject Peter with the formula. Sylar arrives and telekinetically throws both Mohinder and Dr. Livitz against the wall. Dr. Livitz is impaled on some wall fixtures, killing him.


Livitz is the attending physician when Arthur Petrelli is brought in after his "heart attack." He lies to Angela and Nathan, informing them Arthur is dead. He receives telepathic orders from Arthur saying to substitute a body for cremation, and informs Arthur that the poison caused permanent damage to his peripheral nervous system, causing paralysis. Later, Dr. Livitz attends Arthur's funeral at the Petrelli mansion and speaks with the priest there.


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