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Mona Lisa

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Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa.jpg

First mentioned: Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 1
Owned by: French government
Current status: Stolen by Daphne

The Mona Lisa is one of the most famous portraits ever painted. Also known as La Gioconda, the oil painting was created by Leonardo Da Vinci in the 16th century during the Italian Renaissance.


Graphic Novel:Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 1

Working in Samir Mellouk's shop, Daphne Millbrook spends a lot of time in museums stealing things so they can be returned to their original countries. While in The Louvre, she sees the Mona Lisa and wants to have it. She goes to Samir's home, retrieves him, and takes him to The Louvre. With great speed, Daphne hops over the guardrail with Samir in tow. As Samir holds her arm, Daphne phases a fake copy of the portrait into the display while Samir removes the original. Outside the museum, Daphne takes the original and races off.

The Butterfly Effect

Hiro and Ando discover the Mona Lisa on the mantle of the fireplace in Daphne Millbrook's apartment. The secret formula is hidden behind it.


  • One of the main reasons for Mona Lisa's fame is because of the woman's enigmatically ambiguous expression. It is considered the most widely scrutinized, studied, mythologized, and parodied work of art ever.


  • In reality, Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911 by Vincenzo Peruggia, who believed the painting should be returned to Italy for display in an Italian museum. It was returned two years later.


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