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Chandra's office

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Chandra's office
Chandras office.jpg
Chandra Suresh kept an office at Chennai University in Madras, India.
Location: Madras, India
Purpose: Education, Research

Before his death, Chandra Suresh worked out of an office at Chennai University.

Notable Occupants

Notable Visitors


It was here Chandra developed his theories regarding evolved humans. Chandra kept a copy of the map hanging on the wall. At his desk computer, he was running an unknown program analyzing the algorithm. There was also a locked drawer in the desk; Mohinder was able to unlock it with the key from his father's journal, and inside he found Sanjog's file.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Mohinder arrives in Madras and goes to his father's office at Chennai University. He receives a visit from Mira Shenoy who encourages Mohinder to forsake his father's research. In the office, he has a series of dreams about Chandra, his death, and a mysterious young boy. Mohinder reads his father's journal, and uses the key to unlock his father's desk, where he discovers Sanjog's file.


Mohinder has dreams of Nirand and Sanjog in Chandra's office. At his father's computer, Mohinder discovers that the cryptic algorithm contains a list of evolved humans.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 1

Sean Fallon recalls standing by in Chandra's office as Noah and the Haitian document everything in the room.

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