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Sanjog's file

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Sanjog's file
Sanjogs file.jpg
Mohinder discovers a file labeled "Sanjog, Iyer".

First mentioned: Seven Minutes to Midnight
Owned by: Chandra Suresh
Current status: held by Mohinder Suresh

Sanjog's file is a file folder (much like the Genesis Files) found in Chandra's office, containing research on sleep, dreams, and Sanjog Iyer.


Seven Minutes to Midnight

In his father's office in Madras, Mohinder Suresh uses the key to unlock a desk drawer. Initially, he finds nothing, but upon closer inspection, he finds a file labeled "Sanjog, Iyer" tucked up inside the desk. The file contains various articles about sleep and dreaming, as well as a photograph of the mysterious boy who has been appearing in Mohinder's dreams.


Mohinder later shows the file to Nirand, and tells him that the file describes Sanjog's power as the ability to "enter your dreams, alter your perceptions—a kind of spirit guide". Nirand remains skeptical and tells Mohinder he must have seen the file sometime in the past. Mohinder is determined to find the boy. Taking the picture of Sanjog found in the file, the two men walk through the streets searching for the mysterious boy.


  • Although the file is labeled "Sanjog, Iyer", the boy's name is, according to Mohinder, actually "Sanjog Iyer", not "Iyer Sanjog". "Sanjog" is a common first name, and the Iyers are one of the most distinguished and well-established Brahmin castes in the Tamil region of which Madras is the capital. It's not uncommon for southern Indians to use the family name first and the given name second, particularly on documents.
  • In Sanjog's file is a picture of The Somnambulist's Song next to the Symbol. A somnambulist is someone who engages in sleepwalking, or in hypnosis describes a patient with a high suggestibility without the need to be in a full trance.

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