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Chennai University

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Chennai University
Chennai university.jpg
Location: Madras, India
Purpose: Education

Chennai University is the local university in Madras, India where Chandra Suresh worked, and where Mohinder Suresh works.

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Mohinder Suresh is presenting a lecture on evolution to a classroom full of students. He talks about the brain, the Human Genome Project, cockroaches, and the idea that man can evolve and reach true human potential. At the end of class Nirand tells Mohinder that his father, Chandra Suresh, is dead.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Mohinder has dreams in his father's Chennai office which lead him to discover Sanjog's file, part of his father's research.


Still in his Chandra's University office, Mohinder discovers that there is a list of evolved humans behind his father's algorithm.


  • The external shots of Chennai University are actually shots of the City Palace in Jaipur, India.


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