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Company chairperson's office

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Company chairperson's office
Bob's office.jpg
Location: Primatech Research
Hartsdale, NY
Purpose: Company chairperson's workplace

The Company chairperson's office is located in Primatech Research in Hartsdale, NY. First used by Bob Bishop, the office is taken over by Angela Petrelli after his death. It was later destroyed in an explosion.

Notable Occupants

Notable Visitors



Bob pats his head down with a towel and notes to Mohinder that the Company jet is quite a comfort. He then gives Mohinder his assignment to go to Haiti.

Out of Time

Bob meets with Mohinder, Niki, Nathan, and Matt in his office. Matt tells Bob he wants to take him in for protection. Bob disagrees saying they will take Maury down then. He tells Mohinder that he and Niki need to inject Maury with the virus. Bob then tells Matt that it will be his responsibly to stop his father, as he is the only one capable.

Nathan and Bob talk in Bob's office. Bob tells Nathan that Adam Monroe is the one trying to kill him and the others, using Maury as his weapon. Bob says they locked him up, but two weeks ago, he escaped. Nathan asks Bob why he should care, and Bob responds that he should care because of Peter--who is still alive.

Bob shows Nathan videos of Peter and tells Nathan that Peter's last known location was in Ireland. Niki breaks the door to Bob's office. When Niki grabs Nathan, he and Bob try to bring her to her senses. Seeing it as her only option, she injects herself with the virus.

Mohinder tells Bob that the strain Niki injected herself with has no cure. Bob shows Mohinder a police report of a girl who was dropped fifty feet and lived. Bob thinks Claire can help Niki survive. Knowing Mr. Bennet would not allow that, he hands Mohinder a gun, to be prepared. Mohinder reveals to Bob his partnership with Mr. Bennet and their motives to take down the company. He says he does not know what is right and what is wrong.

Four Months Ago...

Peter wakes up in Bob's office to Elle shocking him with tiny lightning bolts. He immediately asks Bob and Elle where Nathan is. Bob assures Peter that Nathan is safe, but his situations is dire. They then say that as long as Peter is not in control of his powers, he is a danger to everyone around him, so they used the Haitian's power to prevent Peter from using his powers - at least temporarily. Bob then says that he has a cure for Peter's powers, and that he will never have to worry about hurting anyone again.


Bob tells Elle that she's been benched and will have no more field assignments because of her failure in watching Claire and her family.

Elle examines her file and finds it empty. She then breaks into the Company's computer surveillance system and discovers that Sylar is at Mohinder's lab.

Graphic Novel:Elle's First Assignment, Part 1

Bob hands Elle her first assignment with the Company--monitor Claire Bennet.

Graphic Novel:Donna's Big Date, Part 2

Bob shows Donna Dunlap turns his pen into gold to convince her to work with the Company. However, when he learns from Felicia that Donna talked to Mr. Bennet, he tells the Haitian to erase her memory up to the time Donna was caught by Elle. As the Haitian begins, Donna faints and collapses on to the floor.

Graphic Novel:Faces, Part 1

Bob denies Penny Logan's request to be released from her partnership with her mother. He assigns the two to a new target in Levittown.

The Butterfly Effect

Bob shows Elle a video of Gael Cruz and Bianca Karina being killed by Sylar.

Later, Elle enters the office to speak with Bob about Sylar, only to find him dead in his chair with his brain removed.

I Am Become Death

Due to Bob's death, the office becomes Angela Petrelli's and she questions Hiro and Ando about the formula. She tells them that it makes humans into evolved humans and that "they" have both halves. She also tells Hiro that he holds the key to saving them.

Angels and Monsters

Tracy and Nathan meet with Angela. She tells them about the synthetic ability drug. Angela tells Nathan it was used on him because his father was disappointed he didn't have powers and she apologizes, saying that the formula was split into two parts. She says that someone has both parts and she asks for their help to get it back. This angers Nathan and he leaves with Tracy. Later, in a dream, Angela is in her office when she hears a woman scream. When she awakens, she finds herself paralyzed.

The Eclipse, Part 1

In her office, Angela looks at a family picture with nostalgia before she walks over to her window to look at the moon beginning to move in front of the sun.

Later, Tracy is having a disagreement over the phone with Arthur in Angela's office. Just as Tracy is being given the order to go to Paris Island and round up an army for Arthur, she turns to see Angela, who waits patiently. Tracy hangs up and excuses herself as Angela smugly watches.


Claire and Angela take refuge in the office as Noah and Meredith hunt Sylar. Sylar calls over the phone to tell Claire to kill Angela to gain her freedom. Claire answers by blowing the phone off the desk with her shotgun. Sylar later corners Angela alone in the office and questions her of his parentage. He is choking Angela when Claire enters and stabs him with a shard of glass, incapacitating Sylar.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 7

In 1991, Elle visits her dad in his office.


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