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Corinthian Casino

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Corinthian Casino
Nathan enters the Corinthian.JPG
Nathan enters the Corinthian Casino.
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Purpose: Casino

The Corinthian Casino is a Linderman-owned casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Notable Locations

  • The archives
  • The kitchen
  • Linderman's office
  • The lobby
  • Nathan's room
  • Restaurants and Clubs
    • Aphrodite's (Club)
    • Apollo's (Greek cuisine)
    • Demeter's (Bakery; Coffee shop)
    • Dionysus (Buffet)
    • King Chory Lounge (Cocktails; Appetizers)
    • Poseidon (Fruits)
  • A surveillance room

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors



Hiro Nakamura visits the casino and runs into Nathan Petrelli who helps him get past Francis and another guard. Once inside, Hiro goes to the archives, gives a painting to the curator and distracts him in order to get the sword. Before Hiro can retrieve the sword, the curator sounds the casino alarms. Ando arrives dressed as a security guard, and knocks out the curator. Hiro takes the sword and the two teleport to a future, post-explosion New York City.

Meanwhile, Jessica busts in on Agents Quesada and Alonzo, who are surveilling a wired Nathan. She calls them tacky and shoots them both. Niki meets Nathan in his room, tells him about Jessica's assignment, and urges him to take Jessica's gun--which he does. A guard takes Nathan to meet Linderman in the kitchen where he is making a pot pie. Nathan contemplates shooting the magnate, but reconsiders when Linderman puts the situation into perspective. Linderman is aware of Nathan's abilities; Linderman promises to cinch the campaign, and help secure the vice presidency for Nathan in 2008.

The Hard Part

D.L. and Jessica phase into Linderman's archives in the hopes of finding Linderman. D.L. notices a painting of Micah on the wall, then notices a group of photos and paintings of his family. After realizing their whole lives have been monitored, Jessica and D.L. search the archives to find more information. D.L. notices a calendar with Petrelli written on November 7th (Election Day), and he and Jessica leave for New York.

Graphic Novel:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 1

A billboard behind the RGS nightclub in New York City advertises the Corinthian Casino.

Graphic Novel:On the Lam

Brian Dante, a computer programmer, gets a job at the Corinthian. Later on, he watches its demolition.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 1

Sean Fallon recalls standing in the kitchen of the Corinthian Casino with Bob Bishop and Linderman, as he is recruited to the Company.

The Butterfly Effect

A DC reporter tells Tracy Strauss that he obtained a damning video from a friend who works at the Corinthian.

One of Us, One of Them

When Micah tells his computer to cross reference information about Tracy and Niki, one of the items that returns is a receipt from the Corinthian.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 3

A cab tent in New York City advertises for the Corinthian.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

The Corinthian's logo is included on the board that Quentin Frady creates.

Heroes Evolutions

  • According to the Corinthian's official website, "The workers and staff of the Corinthian Hotel are deeply saddened by the loss of our founder, Mr. Daniel Linderman. The historic hotel, located on the famed Las Vegas strip, is now closed and set for destruction later this year."
  • A video of the demolition of the hotel can be viewed on the Hotel's official site and on the Season Two DVD.


  • The Corinthian has 754 people on its security team.


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