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Agent Alonzo

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Agent Alonzo
Agent alonzo.jpg
Portrayed by Markus Flanagan
First appearance Parasite
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death November 2006
Occupation FBI agent

Agent Alonzo tells Nathan Petrelli he must wear a wire while speaking to Mr. Linderman.

Character History


Agents Alonzo and Quesada speak with Nathan, who is upset that they are at his office. Alonzo stands by as Quesada asks Nathan to wear a wire when he goes to speak to Mr. Linderman. Later, the two agents are listening and commenting on Nathan when Nathan says he'll see Mr. Linderman in one hour. Alonzo wonders if Nathan will "chat up a few more Japanese tourists." Alonzo wonders where the pizza is, when the door suddenly bursts open--it is Jessica. She thinks it's tacky to spy on a man in his own hotel. She demands that the agents hand over their weapons. She then aims her gun at them and kills them both.


  • Agent Alonzo may be named for Axel Alonso, who has edited for Marvel Comics. It should be noted that his counterpart, Agent Quesada may be named for Joe Quesada, editor-in-chief at Marvel.
  • According to an email from Markus Flanagan, Agent Alonzo was originally written as a recurring character investigating Linderman. "When the show aired, suddenly there was a gun shot sound effect that killed us off."

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