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Hiro and the Dinosaur (painting)

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Hiro and the Dinosaur (painting)
Hiro and the Dino portal.JPG
Hiro confronts a dinosaur in a painting by Isaac Mendez.

First mentioned: Fallout
Owned by: Isaac Mendez
Current status: Delivered to Linderman's archives by Hiro.

Hiro and the Dinosaur is a painting by Isaac Mendez. It depicts a prophecy which appears to have been fulfilled in Godsend. The name of the painting is unofficial.



In his first act of prophetic painting without using drugs, Isaac follows Hiro's advice to "concentrate". At the Midland Motel, he falls into one of his prophetic trances. Hiro and Ando later see the image emerging as the painting nears completion: Hiro appears to be using a sword to fend off an attacking dinosaur.


At the Museum of Natural History, Hiro sees a giant model dinosaur while time is slowed down. Before leaving the museum, he takes a moment to square off in front of the fake dinosaur and brandish his fake sword, echoing the figures in the painting. Later, in Isaac's apartment, Simone tells Hiro that Mr. Linderman is a client of hers. She rolls up the painting, gives it to Hiro, and tells him that she can arrange for him to meet Mr. Linderman.

The Fix

Hiro carries the painting, rolled up on his back, throughout the New York City parking garage.


Hiro's father, Kaito, tries to dissuade Hiro from his mission by tearing up the painting. Hiro recovers the pieces and tries to fit them back together.


Hiro carries the torn painting, rolled up, to the Montecito Casino.


Steve Gustavson drives Hiro and the painting to Primm, NV, where it survives a shootout.


Hiro delivers the painting, torn and repaired with Scotch tape, to Linderman's curator as a distraction to obtain the Kensei sword.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Hiro finds a copy this image in one of Isaac's 9th Wonders! comic books.

Project Reborn

While seeing his memories in the Eternal Fortress, Hiro's step-son Tommy Clark sees an image of the painting on the wall.

Heroes Evolutions

Gemini: Heroes Reborn

In the Quarry, Cassandra Hays finds a copy of Isaac's sketchbook. Inside is a drawing of Hiro and the Dinosaur.


  • Some feel this prophecy has not yet been fulfilled. Hiro did stand in front of the dinosaur model at the museum and brandish the sword he got from the display case, but he was holding a sheathed replica with no blade inside, while the painting appears to show a real, unsheathed blade. Hiro's blog posits that perhaps the absence of heroin caused a difference: "In Mr. Isaku's painting, there was a picture of myself fighting a dinosaur. Was that it? My sword was still in the scabbard but I remember the sword was unsheathed in the painting. Maybe Mr. Isaku's vision isn't as clear when he isn't on drugs. He hallucinates when he's not on hallucinogens. Strange." In an interview, however, writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite seemed to imply that this prophecy was fulfilled in Godsend.
  • In a forum post, Tim Sale, the real life artist of the painting, states that he believes he painted a Carnotaurus. He used a dinosaur model from the La Brea Tar Pits exhibit in the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. This museum is also the real world shooting location for the Museum of Natural History.
  • lists the name of this painting as Man vs. Beast.



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