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Webisode:Destiny, Part 2

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Destiny, Part 2
Webisode number: 5
First released: November 17, 2008
Destiny, Part 2.jpg
Written by: Adam Armus,
Kay Foster
Directed by: Eagle Egilsson
Previous Webisode: Destiny, Part 1
Next Webisode: Destiny, Part 3
Santiago is sure his abilities are heaven sent--but then forces take over that are anything but divine intervention.


  • The score becomes tied at the end of the soccer match, and Esteban gives Santiago a pep talk.
  • Santiago scores the winning goal, and gives the money he wins to Elisa.
  • Elisa tries to subdue Santiago, and gets a helping hand.



The visiting team scores a goal on Santiago's and Esteban's soccer team, tying the game at 2 points for each team. Esteban approaches Santiago, and tells Santiago that he should be thinking three moves ahead to stop goals like the one the opposing team just scored. Esteban adds that there is 30 seconds left in the game, and if they win this game they win the championship and the money, 500 nuevos. Santiago replies that he doesn't play for money, but Esteban notes that Santiago needs it to take out Elisa, who is watching the game from the sidelines. Santiago then adds that he can guarantee a win if Esteban can get their team to donate all the winnings to the needy. Esteban agrees, but says he gets to keep the trophy.

When the referee signals with his whistle for play to continue, Santiago uses his ability to check out multiple paths to the goal while everyone else appears to be motionless. He finds the path that allows him to make the winning score, gets Esteban to pass the ball to him, and kicks the ball into the net just as time runs out.

After the game, Santiago leaves with Elisa as the rest of the team gathers to celebrate. Santiago makes a cell phone call to his mother, and tells her how he won the game. After she tells him how proud she is of him, Santiago informs her he will be a bit late for dinner cause he will be celebrating with friends. After he disconnects with his mother, Elisa thanks Santiago for giving her the money to help her parents, and he explains that he told her that her prayers have been answered. She then asks Santiago what he meant by him being able to see everything. Santiago replies that his mother is always telling him that he doesn't know which way he is headed, but that right now he feels like he knows what he is supposed to do--that God wants him to make a difference. Elisa responds that she's not sure she understands, but wants to, and embraces him in a kiss. Santiago notices a syringe in her hand that she had not been holding before. He asks what she's doing, but takes off running before she can answer.

Santiago runs to the front of a building, thinking he has escaped Elisa. Suddenly, water starts flowing from the door in front of him and turns into Elisa with the syringe in her hand. Santiago asks Elisa what she is, and then the woman Elisa was talking to before the game incapacitates him with a taser.

Memorable Quotes

"Do you believe in God, Elisa?"

"I suppose. Why do you ask?"

"Because I think He is here, all around us, and I think He wants me to make a difference."

- Santiago, Elisa

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