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Hana Gitelman sends wireless messages to Ted's computer.
Held by: Hana Gitelman (deceased),
Richard Drucker (deceased)
Myles Stevens
Ability to: Intercept, generate, and interpret electronic, digital, and radio transmissions with one's mind
Examples of cyberpathy

Cyberpathy, electronic communication, or digital communication (also known as "technokinesis"), is the ability to intercept, generate, and interpret electronic, digital, and radio transmissions with one's mind.






Hana appears to be able to "listen" to electronic transmissions with little or no effort. At present, there is no way to tell how strong a signal must be for Hana to detect it. While spying on Dr. Henry Strauss in Tanzania, Hana has to hide just outside his microbiology lab in order to be within range to intercept his wi-fi signals.

Hana can transmit signals to electronic receivers. The range at which she can achieve this feat is limited; however, the device itself can presumably transmit the signal it receives from her normally. For example, she is able to transmit the signals she intercepts in Tanzania across the world to Odessa, TX, but probably uses her satellite phone to do so.

Hana was overwhelmed by the signals she received when she first discovered her ability, but signal overload does not seem to be a problem for her anymore.

Hana can apparently understand electronic messages sent using standard protocols intuitively, but she can not effortlessly decode encrypted messages or penetrate strong information security systems.

Hana also seems to take on some characteristics of a computer system. Her body seems to be infected by a virus, much like a computer would be, when she tries to crash a Company satellite.

She's also capable of transferring her entire consciousness as digital data: though her physical body perished, Hana continued to "live" inside the world wide web. Even at this state, she was capable of communicating with others and intercepting information sent through the internet.


Not much is known about Drucker's specific limits with this power, but they appear to be similar to Hana's. Several of his drawings show that he could also visualize electronic signals, though they were limited mostly to radio signals as the internet wasn't invented when these drawings were made (Heroes Evolutions).

Drucker could also manipulate digital signals, not unlike Hana. However, his development with his ability appears to be greater than hers: he seemed to posses a transcendental understanding of the internet cyberspace, stating that it is a "sentient universe that communicated with me via musical notes" (Hana and Drucker's Plot Discovered). He was also capable of conjuring representations of his and Hana's mind inside the Company's mainframe.

Myles Stevens

The E.P.I.C system determines that Myles is an evo and has the ability of cyberpathy. The extents and limitations of his ability are unknown.

Selected Examples

Memorable Quotes

"All the emails, text messages, and satellite transmissions float invisibly around the world. I don't know how it was possible, but I could see, read, sense every one of them. Every FYI memo. Every sappy, 'I love you.' text. Cans and cans of email spam."

- Hana (Wireless, Part 2)

"I can read and interpret all forms of wireless communication. But I can also send it. Manipulate it."

- Hana (The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 2)


  • Though Hana wanted to have a position in the IDF, she was instead appointed to break codes for the Mossad. She may have unwittingly channeled her untapped powers to aid her in the endeavor. (Wireless, Part 1)
  • Hana often uses her power to send messages and update her website.
  • Hana hacked into, and exposed Nathan as a puppet.
  • EPIC listed Myles Stevens's ability as "cyberpathy". In their Assignment Tracker files, Hana's ability is listed as "digital communication," whereas Drucker's ability is listed as "electronic communication". The files also mentioned they are also known as "cyberpathy" and "technokinesis."

See Also

  • For the similar ability to control technological devices with the mind, please see technopathy.

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