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Hana's messages

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Hana's messages

Hana Gitelman sends Heroes Evolutions players clues and updates via text message and email.

First mentioned: January 22, 2007

Participants in the Heroes Evolutions ARG have the option of receiving email or text messages from Hana Gitelman. In March 2008, after Hana's death, a mysterious person with the user name "evsdropr" found Hana's contacts and began sending messages similar to Hana's. In February 2009, another mysterious person known as Rebel also found Hana's contacts and began sending messages similar to Hana's and evsdropr's.

Signing Up for Messages

To receive messages from Hana, participants need to register an email address or text message phone number. There are a few ways to do so: participants who completed a job application at received a text message from Hana inviting them to crack the Company's files at Users who texted Hana by sending either HANA or LISTEN messages to 46622 were also signed up to receive text messages from Hana.


The following is an archive of the emails and text messages sent to players by Hana.

Season One:

January 2007February 2007March 2007April 2007May 2007

Season Two:

August 2007October 2007November 2007December 2007January 2008

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For the messages Hana sent during the first season, see Hana's messages/Season One

Date Via Text Via Email See Also
August 6, 2007 New stuff 2 share. Time to begin again. 4 more, visit - HG From: "" <>

Subject: Article of Interest
Things have changed a bit. I can see more from where I am now. Visit my site @

It's time to begin again....


Hana's thirty-second post/thirty-third post
August 20, 2007 From: "" <>
Subject: Connect the dots
Okay, at first it was just my natural curiosity but now it's time to play connect the dots. I'm convinced we are onto something. New deadly disease? Twisted killer on the loose? Help me search for the answer here:
Hana's thirty-fourth post
October 1, 2007 Bennet has gone dark. Need 2 fnd nthr nsider. U kno how clvr they r. Looking for new place 2 play. From: "" <>
Subject: Moving around
Noah Bennet has left Primatech, or they left him. Maybe he’s on the run. So many roads lead back to Linderman and the Company even with him gone. Where would you find his legacy? A hotel perhaps? Perhaps the gamble will pay off for you? Please start here...
Hana's thirty-eighth post,
October 8, 2007 Change is tough 4 us all. But like any good species, we adapt. Starting to feast on Linderman s leftovers, ur welcome 2 the table. From: "" <>
Subject: Ch-ch-ch-changes
Our world is constantly shifting, like sand beneath our feet. But this can be a good thing. We must not fear, but adapt and evolve. Opportunity lies where we often least expect it. I'm making some changes to the Corinthian Hotel, come check it out at
Hana's thirty-ninth post,
October 15, 2007 Boys like to blow stuff up, don't kno why, but this will b fun. Watch it crumble on Monday. Corinthian falls--we rise. 2 C visit Hana's fortieth post,
October 22, 2007 In the rubble of the Corinthian, we've unearthed a treasure chest filled with secrets. Could use some help. From: "" <>
Subject: Personal Treasure
Sometimes, it's personal. Daniel Linderman may be gone but he left behind a treasure trove of secrets. If only we had a full set of keys. May need your help going forward. Join me at to discover new things and get some answers to old ones.
Hana's forty-first post,
October 23, 2007 Micah has brokn thru 2 a nu level of Linderman's Archives unlocking a file a day. Follow my lead here: From: "" <>
Subject: Another File Found
My friend Micah has broken thru to a new level of Linderman's Archives

- unlocking a new level by the day that's pertinent to the mission at hand: Finding out the true nature of the company.

Check out where he got today @

Follow my lead.


October 24, 2007 Files are getting more interesting by the sec. Stay with me I think we are closer than we think. The hunt continues @ From: "" <>
Subject: The Hunt Continues
It seems the more answers I find, the more questions I have. Please continue to help and try your hardest to decipher the meanings of all these files. Hopefully some light can be shed on all of this as Micah continues to dig into Linderman's archives.

Check out what he found today @


October 25, 2007 Seems our mystery man was quite a rebel. Not sure if he was for or against Linderman. Check out this new file Micah found @ Still not sure what all these files are gonna turn out to be, but we know that who we are searching for is not bound to one place. But where is he now? I don't think we have enough clues yet, do you?

Check to see the file we found today @

Come back tomorrow I can feel that we're getting closer.


October 26, 2007 Finally finding concrete answers. We hav a grt lead today. Micahs been doing a lot of digging. Follow my lead here: Subject: Finding Answers

Micah has found some new discoveries in Linderman's Archives -- unlocking a new level that may actually lead to some concrete answers about the man we've been tracking. We finally have a map. See it here:

Linderman's files have proven to be very helpful in our search.

Thanks for hunting,

October 29, 2007 Micah found more important info from Linderman's files. I think the mystery man is on our side. See 4 urself here:

November 6, 2007 Answers r hidden deep. Need help finding him. Must dig to find what we seek. Anyone near Bhutan? Visit to find out more. Subject: Adventurers

I'm seeking an adventurer who wants a change of pace to help me find a man named Richard Drucker. I've recently uncovered evidence that he may be the missing link leading us to a deeper understanding of "The Company." I've learned of his whereabouts, but he's off the grid – standard emails won't reach him. I need help delivering a message to him in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Wandering souls a plus. Interested?

Click here.

Hana's forty-third post
November 7, 2007 Ive found Drucker. He sent me a msg w/ an attachment that will really blow your mind. Check out the vid here Subject: Contact

Drucker contacted me. He may have more information than I ever imagined. This could be it. See what he sent here:

Hana's forty-forth post
November 19, 2007 The potential ov a virus outbreak is growing. Always remember to be cautious and keep yourself safe. Learn more about the virus here:


Subject: Expert Opinions

It appears that Dr. Suresh has added more to his website from experts who discuss how viruses are spread. Click on the link to see their explanations:
November 26, 2007 Discovr more about the virus. It may lead us to deepr secrets within The Company. Follow my lead here Subject: Virus Expert Videos

Dr. Suresh claims to be making new advancements in his studies on the Shanti virus, but his recent devotion to The Company makes his previous altruistic intentions somewhat questionable. I can only hope he is still doing the right thing. He has posted more expert videos on his website: I believe the videos are supposed to help us in the understanding of the virus and its potential outbreak. You be the judge.
December 3, 2007 Drucker is a hard puzzl 2 crack. A new video has led me 2 more info than ever b4: Subject: Drucker News Piece

It appears that Drucker's been all over the map... literally. Global News Interactive's investigative report tells a history of the man we have been searching for. It's no wonder he has chosen to keep so much of his past a secret. When he was born, he came face-to-face with man's worst form of communication - war. I wonder what that kind of beginning does to a person. Decide for yourself after watching the story at
December 4, 2007 9th Wonders pulled Drucker video. Don't know why. Visit my blog instead Subject: Richard Drucker

I've been looking through the 9th Wonders website and saw that they pulled the Drucker news video. I think someone may have done it for them; therefore, I am keeping a sharp eye out to make sure it remains on my blog without interference. Go to to watch it now.

Hana's forty-ninth post
December 10, 2007 Druckr amazes me more evry day. Follow the 2nd part of the reprt: Subject: South American Tales

Drucker plays by his own rules. Most people who have changed the world do. It makes sense that a rebel was the creator of the net. Who else could have foreseen millions of people linked so tightly together? You can see the second part now on my blog:

But a larger question looms in my mind: why hasn't he returned my message? I sense that more is still to come.

Hana's fiftieth post
December 17, 2007 Like Jazz music? Druckr went 2 jazz clubs in NY with Deveaux! Check out the new video. Subject: More news about Drucker

Global News Interactive has posted another video about Drucker and this one has really thrown me for a loop. Charlie Svenson, Drucker historian, clues us in to Drucker's life in America and his ties to Charles Deveaux. What does Samkhya philosophy have to do with Drucker? Check it out:

Hana's fifty-first post
December 24, 2007 I worry The Company has found Druckr. I keep getting cryptic msgs, he may be trying to warn me. Check out

Subject: Something of an Enigma

In the final installment of Global News Interactive's piece on Richard Drucker, Microprocessor magnet Zhang Yang speaks out about the time he spent with Drucker in India in the 1980's. Yang is right - Drucker is an enigma. I'm afraid he may have gone into hiding in order to stay out of The Company. I hope he is safe.

See the final installment on my blog @

Hana's fifty-second post
December 27, 2007 I connected with Micah on Corinthian. Smthng is up Subject: Corinthian Casino

I reconnected with my friend Micah on the Corinthian casino site. Something is definitely up. Visit the Corinthian at, Hana's fifty-third post
December 28, 2007 I retrieved the audio that interrupted my chat with Micah @ Corinthian. Listen at my blog. Subject: First Contact?

I managed to retrieve the audio file that interrupted my chat with Micah on the Corinthian Casino site. You can find it on my blog at, Hana's fifty-fourth post
January 7, 2008 R u experiencing any unusual dreams lately? Nightmares even? Suresh may be ov help. Go to: Dream Study
January 14, 2008 I received a strange puzzle. Perhaps from Drucker? Maybe you can solve it. Go to Subject: A mysterious puzzle

I received a strange puzzle of some kind in my email today. I can't figure it out, but I think it might hold another clue to the mysterious Richard Drucker. Try and solve it at my blog. Go to

Hana's fifty-eighth post

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