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Hachiro's ability

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Hachiro's ability
Hachiro's ability.jpg
Hachiro begins transforming Hiro Nakamura into digital information.
Held by: Hachiro Otomo
Ability to: Interact with virtual environments, transform matter into digital information, and transform digital constructs into matter

Hachiro's ability is the ability to interact with virtual environments, transform matter into digital information, and transform digital constructs into matter.



Hachiro Otomo

When Hiro refuses to take Hachiro into the future, Hachiro puts his right hand on Hiro's shoulder and his left on the screen of his laptop, which has Evernow loaded up. Hachiro interfaces with Evernow with his left hand, preparing the Eternal Fortress to receive Hiro Nakamura. With his right hand, Hachiro converts Hiro into digital information, sending Hiro's virtual form (shown as a framework of blueish-white pixels of various brightness) across his body and into the laptop through his left. Hiro is then sealed behind a locked door in the Eternal Fortress. This ability is shown thus far using physical contact with whatever Hachiro wishes to transfer into electronic data and appears to completely transform this matter into a digital form. (June 13th, Part One)

Hachiro has also used this ability to convert the Katana Girl from Evernow into a physical form. With his left hand, Hachiro touches the laptop and absorbs the digital information of Katana Girl from Evernow that is shown on his laptop. Then, he holds out his right hand and a framework appears touching his right hand with its left. This framework has a female shape, and appears to be composed of blueish-white pixels of different brightness. Still touching both the laptop and this framework, Hachiro transforms this framework into a fully clothed physical person resembling the Katana Girl virtual reality character, beginning with its left arm, and completing in a manner of seconds. The character of Katana Girl disappears from the screen of Hachiro's laptop during this process. (June 13th, Part Two)

Hachiro was later able to transfer Ren Shimosawa into Evernow simply by touching him without touching another electronic device as he had needed before. (Project Reborn)


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  • Miko Otomo is similarly able to transfer herself to Evernow when unsheathing and wielding a sword that Hachiro leaves hidden in his study, and is able to return to her physical form outside Evernow when sheathing this sword or becoming unconscious.


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