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Eternal Fortress

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Eternal Fortress
Eternal Fortress.jpg
Miko must rescue Hiro from the
Eternal Fortress.
Location: Evernow
Purpose: Prison

The Eternal Fortress housed Hiro Nakamura when he was trapped in Evernow. Its corresponding real-world location is Renautas's research division.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


Game Over

On her journey through Evernow, Miko Otomo meets a character who appears to be her father Hachiro in a new level. "Hachiro" explains that he is only a creation of the real Hachiro's, there to guide Miko on her journey to rescue the "Master of Time and Space", who is trapped inside the Eternal Fortress. In the real world, Richard Schwenkman creates a cloaking system that conceals the fortress before Miko can get to it. Miko memorizes the symbol on the fortress's flags and returns to the real world to show Ren. Ren searches for similar images using an internet search engine, and finds that the symbol matches that of Renautas's research division. Ren and Miko travel there, and Miko re-enters Evernow to find herself in front of the Eternal Fortress, guarded by the towering Kaiju Bandit.

Miko returns to the real world to tell Ren about the bandit guarding the fortress, and Ren offers to boot up the game to help her with his character. They kill the bandit together, but Ren's laptop battery runs out so Miko enters the fortress alone. Once inside, Miko is attacked by a dark version of herself. During their duel, Dark Miko reveals that if Miko frees the Master of Time and Space, the game will end and she will die. Miko decides that if true, that is a price she must pay, and slays her counterpart before opening the door to Hiro's cell. Evernow shuts down and Hiro returns to the real world, having been freed from his virtual prison.

June 13th, Part One

On June 13th, 2014, Hachiro Otomo asks Hiro to use his ability to help Renautas transport things into the future. When Hiro refuses, Hachiro digitizes Hiro and traps him in the Eternal Fortress via his laptop.

When the Hiro from 2015 confronts Harris, Harris states his confusion, as he believed that Hiro had been trapped in the Eternal Fortress.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Rather than dying after opening the Eternal Fortress as had been believed, Miko is revealed to have somehow ended up in the far future near Gateway.

11:53 to Odessa

When Ren asks members of an Evernow message board if they have seen Miko, one user jokingly replies that she is trapped in the Eternal Fortress again.

Send in the Clones

Erica Kravid angrily tells Hachiro that he created a problem when his construct freed Hiro Nakamura from the Eternal Fortress. She pushes him to rebuild the Eternal Fortress to trap Tommy Clark by threatening the life of his daughter.

Company Woman

Erica Kravid continues to push Hachiro to rebuild the Eternal Fortress to act as Tommy Clark's prison, telling Richard Schwenkman that she brought Hachiro back from the future for the purpose of fixing the Fortress. Richard later tells Erica that Hachiro has "patched up" the Eternal Fortress and he has sent him to capture Tommy.

After Hachiro is tranquilized, Richard transfers Tommy into the Eternal Fortress where he bangs on the door and begs to be let out so he can save the world.

Project Reborn

Tommy tries to find his way out of the Eternal Fortress which proves to be a maze. As he walks through the maze, a cable attaches to his neck and allows Erica Kravid to tap into his power to send the residents of Gateway into the future. Tommy continues to make his way through the Eternal Fortress where he encounters his own future self who tells him that within the Eternal Fortress, time is a loop and he can view his memories. Tommy sees several memories he has forgotten including one where Angela Petrelli tests his and Malina's ability to combine their powers.

In the future, Ren Shimosawa and Emily Duval rescue Hachiro Otomo and several other evos including the real Miko Otomo. In order to rescue Tommy from the Fortress, Hachiro transports Ren inside Evernow where he encounters the Miko Otomo construct. With help from Miko, Ren fights his way through the dying game world to the Fortress door where he removes the Kensei sword and frees Tommy. Ren teleports back to the real world, followed by Tommy a moment later as the Fortress and the rest of Evernow dies. In the real world, Tommy tells Erica that he spent "an eternity" in the Fortress and was thus able to properly train his powers to save the world.


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