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Hachiro Otomo

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Hachiro Otomo
Hachiro Otomo.jpg
Portrayed by Hiro Kanagawa
First appearance June 13th, Part One
In-story stats
Known ability Hachiro's ability
Home Tokyo, Japan
Residence Hachiro's apartment
Occupation Game developer
Child Miko Otomo
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Hachiro Otomo (大友 八郎, Ōtomo Hachirō) is a Japanese video game designer and the father of Miko Otomo. He is the creator of Evernow.

Character History

Brave New World

Hachiro's picture appears on the back cover of the Evernow book Ren Shimosawa gives to Miko Otomo, Hachiro's daughter.


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In Evernow, a samurai in red armor calls out to Miko, who recognizes his voice as belonging to Hachiro.

Under the Mask

Miko teleports into the real Yamagato Tower after emerging from Evernow and demands to know where her father is. She is eventually overpowered and captured by Harris Prime. When Harris informs Erica Kravid that Miko claims to be Hachiro Otomo's daughter, she is surprised and orders Harris to find out who Miko is. Harris asks Miko where she got her sword and she tells him that her father gave it to her. Harris shows her footage of her teleporting into the lobby and asks if she has Hachiro's ability or is just "his best work yet." Miko is confused so Harris asks if she doesn't remember the accident and "the death." Later, after escaping Yamagato Tower with the help of Ren Shimosawa, Miko tells him she can't save her father as Renautas still has her sword. However, Ren shows her a picture of Erica Kravid and tells Miko that Erica is taking the sword to Midian, Colorado. As a result, Ren and Miko take off for Midian to continue Miko's quest to rescue Hachiro.

Game Over

In Evernow, Miko catches up to a character she mistakes for Hachiro, but turns out to just be one of his creations. Erica and Richard Schwenkman observe Miko's progress through Evernow on a computer screen. Richard comments that he knew Hachiro and his daughter, but that the girl on the screen is not her.

Later, Miko tells Noah that the Kensei sword belonged to her father, and that Hachiro also gave her the task of rescuing the Master of Time and Space.

When Miko enters the Eternal Fortress, Dark Miko tells her that the daughter of Hachiro is dead. Richard confirms this to Noah, Ren and Quentin, and adds that Hachiro created a virtual Miko after the death of the real one.

Miko learns that she will die if she frees the Master of Time and Space, but does it anyway, hoping that she has made her father proud.

June 13th, Part One

On June 13, 2014, Hachiro visits Hiro Nakamura in Yamagato Tower to show him Evernow. Hiro is excited at the idea that Hachiro has built a better video game world and tells Hachiro that what he sees as a better world includes "imagination. Adventure. Dragons." Hachiro asks about salvation and tells Hiro that Erica Kravid is building a better world, but only Hiro can take them there. Hiro just asks to see the game, but Hachiro continues on to tell him that the human race needs intervention and Erica and Renautas are going to take them to a safer future, but only Hiro has the power to take them there. Hachiro begs Hiro to help Erica, but he refuses, telling Hachiro he is Erica's partner, not her employee and he has not time traveled in a long time. Apologizing, Hachiro traps Hiro in the Eternal Fortress of Evernow, steals the Kensei sword and leaves.

After the Odessa Unity Summit is bombed, Hachiro watches a news report on it and is shocked when its mentioned that Hiro is dead as he knows Hiro to be trapped in Evernow.

June 13th, Part Two

Hachiro paces around his apartment while listening to a news report on the bombing of the Odessa Unity Summit. Hachiro is shocked when he hears that Hiro is suspected of being in league with Mohinder Suresh in the bombing and calls Erica Kravid. When Hachiro asks Erica about Hiro supposedly being a terrorist, she tells him that information has come to light implicating Hiro as a terrorist. Hachiro points out that Hiro is trapped in Evernow and demands to know why Erica is saying that evos are evil, especially since Mohinder was her employee. Erica just tells Hachiro that his job is done and he shouldn't worry about things that don't concern him. As Erica hangs up the phone, Hachiro discovers that he has been denied access to Evernow.

Following his call with Erica, Hachiro works to break back into Evernow, stating that he will create a backdoor into the Eternal Fortress and "find a hero to save a Hiro." Hachiro then brings Katana Girl to life. However, Katana Girl is confused and attacks Hachiro who tells her to stop and that he is her father when she is confused by where she is and who Hachiro is. Katana Girl ceases her attack on Hachiro and apologizes as she didn't recognize him. Hachiro forgives her and tells Katana Girl that she has much to learn and very little time to learn it in. When Katana Girl asks what her mission is, Hachiro tells her that he has made a terrible mistake which she must fix for him, causing Katana Girl to smile at him.

After Katana Girl has calmed down, she looks at pictures of Hachiro with his daughter and asks why she doesn't remember him. Hachiro tells Katana Girl that she was in a terrible accident and lost her memory and that her name is Miko which her mother chose. After Hachiro tells Miko that her mother died when she was little, Miko tells him she doesn't remember her mother either. Hachiro assures Miko that it is alright and he will teach her all that she needs to know. Recognizing that Miko is hungry, Hachiro goes to make her something to eat.

As Hachiro teaches Miko how to chop vegetables, he hears a knock on the door and spots Harris outside. Hachiro tells him to wait a moment and tells Miko that he has to run a small errand and thanks her for bringing a smile to his face. Miko asks him where he's going and Hachiro tells Miko that the world is a very dangerous place and she needs to practice the things he has taught her and discipline. Miko realizes that Hachiro is not coming back and as Harris gets impatient, Hachiro tells Miko that they both have a destiny and once he has made his right again, they will find each other. Hachiro tells a confused Miko that "the sword is the key" and that he loves her. Hachiro then leaves with Harris as Miko watches through the peephole.

11:53 to Odessa

After Miko enters Gateway, she finds a room where several evos are imprisoned including someone that looks like her. Hachiro approaches Miko and tells her that the other Miko is the real her. Hachiro explains that the real Miko was involved in an accident and Renautas kept her alive but threatened to kill the real Miko if he didn't do as they wanted. Miko tells her father that she always knew she was something else but a man found her and treated her like she was special. Hachiro recognizes that she's talking about Ren and tells Miko that he sent Ren to her. Miko asks if Ren is there, but Hachiro tells her that he isn't but will be soon. Hachiro tells Miko that she has to find the Master of Time and Space as he is the only one who can send her on her final mission. Miko asks about her belief that she'd rescued the Master of Time and Space, but Hachiro tells her that he is there in Gateway and she must go. When Miko refuses to leave Hachiro, he raises the alarm to force her to go and Miko runs off as security comes.

Send in the Clones

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Company Woman

Ren arrives in Gateway where a search for his name finds him in the system as someone who is allowed to be transported to the future. Ren realizes Hachiro arranged for him to be on the list and as he looks around Gateway, wonders "Otomo, what have you gotten me into?"

Hachiro continues to work on rebuilding the Eternal Fortress to imprison Tommy Clark in and is ordered by Erica to monitor Tommy as he operates the space-time bridge. Erica tells Richard Schwenkman that she had Hachiro brought back from the future to rebuild the Eternal Fortress and to light a fire under him.

A few hours before the H.E.L.E., Richard tells Erica that Hachiro has patched up the Eternal Fortress in Evernow and shows her a transmission made by Malina to Tommy. Richard tells Erica he has sent her new hitwoman to deal with Malina and Hachiro to capture Tommy.

At Union Wells High School, Tommy searches for his sister only to encounter Hachiro who greets him with "hello Master" in Japanese. Before Tommy can react, Hachiro puts his hand on the boy and transfers him into his phone which shows "capture complete" afterwards. Satisfied, Hachiro leaves.

As they make their way through Gateway, Ren notes to Emily Duval that the design is similar to Evernow and he realizes that Hachiro must've designed both. They discover an elevator to the core of the facility that the necklace Hachiro's construct gave Ren works as a key to. Ren comments in Japanese "very clever Otomo-san" when he realizes what Hachiro did by giving him the necklace.

In the Gateway control room, Hachiro tells Erica that he has held up his end of their deal and he wants her to hold up hers. Erica promises to do so once the transfer is complete and they are back online. A remorseful Hachiro tells Erica he has done "such terrible things" to keep his daughter alive, but Erica tells Hachiro to "never be ashamed of the scars we bear for our children." As Ren and Emily watch from a nearby observation room, Hachiro tells Erica that now that they have imprisoned Tommy, they are ready to put him online. As Emily wonders what Hachiro means, Richard tranquilizes Hachiro to Ren's horror and guards put him on a gurney and take him away.

Project Reborn

Ren Shimosawa and Emily Duval are able to locate Hachiro where he is now hooked up to a pod in the same room as the real Miko Otomo. Using the necklace Hachiro's construct gave him, Ren is able to shut down the pods and awaken the evos within them, freeing Hachiro and Miko from their restraints. As Ren and Emily are confused by Miko's inability to recognize Ren, Richard Schwenkman reactivates the pods and holds the three at gunpoint. Before Richard can do anymore, Hachiro stabs him through the back, killing him while stating he will not allow Richard to use any more of his creations against him. Hachiro tells Miko that Ren risked his life to save her and Emily tells him about Tommy being trapped in Evernow. Hachiro tells them that someone must go into Evernow and rescue Tommy, someone who knows the game as well as Hachiro himself: Ren. Hachiro tells Ren he chose him as he's the best gamer Hachiro knows and has the heart of a warrior. With Ren's agreement, Hachiro transports Ren into Evernow.

When Ren and Tommy emerge from Evernow, Hachiro and Miko are being held hostage by Erica Kravid with Hachiro embracing his daughter. Eventually, Tommy freezes time and splits himself into two with one Tommy staying in the future. That Tommy transports everyone in the room back to the present one by one, including Hachiro and Miko.

Three months after the H.E.L.E. is averted, Hachiro watches as Ren and Miko spar.

Evolved Human Abilities

Hachiro can transform matter into data and transport it into electronic devices by touching his subject and an electronic device. He was able to trap Hiro Nakamura in Evernow this way (June 13th, Part One) and later traps Tommy Clark in the same place using a phone though he later seems to have to transfer Tommy into Evernow from the phone rather than transporting him directly there as he did Hiro. (Company Woman) Hachiro can also do the reverse and bring data such as computer programs to life as constructs such as the one of his daughter and one of himself. (June 13th, Part Two, 11:53 to Odessa) Harris Prime indicated that Hachiro has created many such constructs with his ability when questioning the Miko construct and suggests she's simply his best one yet. (Under the Mask)


  • According to the back of an Evernow game manual Ren brought Miko, Hachiro's production company was called Reisen, and he had been working in the industry since at least 1986.
  • Aside from Evernow, Hachiro also helped create the videogames Cuban and Barrel Bo.

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