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Ren Shimosawa

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Ren Shimosawa
Ren Shimosawa.jpg
Portrayed by Toru Uchikado
First appearance Brave New World
In-story stats
Known ability None
Nickname Reckless Ren
Home Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Gamer

Ren Shimosawa is a gamer who tries to convince Miko that she is the "Katana Girl".

Character History

Brave New World

Ren travels to an address he got in a secret message after beating the second to last level of Evernow. There, he meets Miko Otomo who he seems to recognize but has no idea who he is. Ren eventually leaves, but not before he spots a scene from Evernow on the door of Hachiro Otomo's study.

Ren later returns to the apartment with the game manual for Evernow which he uses to show Miko that she is Katana Girl. Ren insists that Miko is Katana Girl even though she doesn't believe it. Ren shows Miko how in the manual Katana Girl wants vengeance for her father and how the sword that makes her a warrior is beneath the floorboards of her father's study. Miko eventually sends him away, but Ren leaves her his game manual which she uses to help locate the Kensei sword.


Ren returns to Miko's apartment to apologize to her but finds the door open and Evernow open on her computer. Ren enters the game and finds Miko fighting a bunch of warriors in Bandit City. Seeing her about to be overwhelmed, Ren logs in and helps her fight off the warriors. Miko takes off, asking Ren to distract the warriors as she races after her father who she saw being dragged away. Ren defeats the guards then asks where Miko went as he can't see her anymore. Ren watches as Miko saves her father only for him to tell her their work isn't over yet. Suddenly, Hachiro is dragged into a nearby tower and Miko is knocked out. Ren watches, stunned, as Miko teleports back to the apartment after accidentally resheathing her sword as she fell.

Later, Ren tends to Miko, stunned as she really is Katana Girl, what he calls an incredible miracle. Miko tells Ren he was right all along about her and looks out the window at Yamagato Tower, stating that she needs to go there as it was where her father was taken. While Ren suggests a taxi, Miko tells him that she means in the game and insists on going back even though she nearly got killed last time. Telling Ren to guide her from the computer, Miko teleports back to Evernow.

Ren later guides Miko into Yamagato Tower where she finds herself surrounded. To escape, Miko teleports away but ends up in the real Yamagato Tower rather than back in the apartment with Ren.

Under the Mask

Ren arrives at Yamagato Tower, using a picture of the tower from Evernow to confirm its the right place. In the lobby, Ren is stunned to find the security guards being treated for their altercation with Miko and spots Erica Kravid and Harris approaching, carrying Miko's sword. Ren takes a picture of them with his phone and listens in as Harris tells Erica they will land in Midian at 7:00pm and that "it" should be online by then. Ren gets worried when Harris tells Erica that they are holding Miko in the main conference room and Erica orders him to do whatever it takes to get answers from her. Ren grows more worried when Harris tells Erica that she didn't hire him for his restraint and is briefly noticed by Harris as he moves away from them. Ren purposefully bumps into a Yamagato employee and steals her pass to get further into the building.

Ren emerges from the elevator on the correct floor and uses the camera on his phone to make sure there are no guards around the corner before he goes down a hallway. Ren manages to narrowly avoid two guards who go by him discussing Miko and her sword and continues searching for her. Nearing the main conference room, Ren hears Miko scream and bursts in, distracting Harris. Miko uses the opportunity to grab a meat cleaver and cut off Harris' hand before knocking him down and fleeing with Ren.

As they flee Yamagato Tower, Miko stops Ren as she no longer has her sword and can't save her father without it. Ren tells her that its okay as he knows who has it. He shows her his picture of Erica Kravid and tells Miko the woman's name is Erica and she is going to Midian which he thinks is in Colorado in America. Miko tells him that they have to go to America then.

The Needs of the Many

Ren and Miko make their way to the airport in a taxi to fly to America to retrieve the Kensei sword. The cab driver comments that a last minute ticket will cost Ren over a million yen, but he tells him its no problem when your famous and shows Miko his video blog site. The driver asks what kind of pornography he does, but Ren explains he's a gamer and people all over the world pay to watch him play online. Ren demonstrates by recording a video in English stating that he is with Hachiro Otomo's daughter, the real-life Katana Girl. Though Miko asks him to stop, Ren continues, telling his followers they are on a real-life quest to America and need their help. Ren tells his followers if they love Evernow as much as he does, to dress up as their favorite character and meet them at the gates of Renautas in Midian the next morning. Miko questions how Ren getting all of the gamers to Renautas will help her rescue her father and defeat the forces of evil, but he just tells her to never doubt the power of social media and the gamers would be there.

On the plane to America, Ren notices Miko is distracted and questions her on it. Miko tells him its about what happened at Yamagato Tower and Ren realizes she's worried about what Harris had said about her being dead. To cheer her up, Ren teasingly pokes at Miko until she tells him to stop and he tells her that if she was dead, she'd be a zombie and she doesn't feel like or act like one. Ren reassures Miko about her being alive and she tells him that Harris had told her that her father had the same ability as her. Ren is surprised at the thought the Hachiro could leap into his own video games as well and tells Miko that that's why Hachiro's games are so realistic: he lives in them. Miko realizes that that's why he was taken into Evernow and Ren tells her that its her destiny to save him. Miko worries about failing her father and Ren tells her that if quests weren't so hard, they wouldn't be heroic.

Ren and Miko arrive across the street from Renautas and Miko questions Ren on his plan. Ren assures her it will work and that his plan is already in motion. Ren explains that with all the Katana Girls that will show up due to his broadcast, it will be easy for them to infiltrate Renautas. While Miko comes up with a complicated plan to get them in, Ren instead tells her to just take off her sweatshirt which covers her Katana Girl armor. The two then approach the outside of Renautas Headquarters, causing the Evernow fans to rush over to them when they spot the real Katana Girl with Ren.

The Lion's Den

Ren has the gamers he has gathered storm the gates of Renautas Headquarters so they can go on a sort of scavenger hunt to get pictures in as many places of the campus as possible. Erica Kravid recognizes that Ren's plan is a Trojan Horse to sneak Miko in since there are so many people dressed as Katana Girl. In response, she sends a Harris clone to let the gamers in so he can discreetly scan them with E.P.I.C for evos and the real Katana Girl. As they enter the gate, Miko recognizes Harris as the one who stole her sword and she and Ren follow him.

Miko and Ren keep an eye on Harris as he uses E.P.I.C to scan the crowd. The two realize that Harris is looking for them with the glasses and it is likely a trap. Miko tells Ren that even if it is a trap, they have to keep going as finding the sword is the only way to save her father who is all she has except for Ren. Ren and Miko eventually follow Harris inside the building where he puts on E.P.I.C goggles and grabs a fake Katana Girl who looks a lot like Miko to scan her. As the girl was right in front of them, Miko jumps a nearby wall and pulls Ren up with her before Harris can complete his scan. Ren points out a picture of Erica on the wall and comments that they face a formidable foe, but their mission is honorable so they won't fail. The two eventually follow Harris outside where they see him entering a vehicle with the Kensei sword. Ren puts his cell phone inside the car's gas cap unnoticed and shows Miko how he is going to use the phone's GPS to track Harris from his laptop.

As Miko breaks into the Kravids' home, Ren nervously waits outside, ducking out of sight as Noah Bennet looks outside. Finally, Miko teleports behind him and shows an excited Ren she got back her sword. Miko thanks Ren for his help and says she must go back to Evernow to rescue her father. Ren holds up his video game controller and promises to have her back in Evernow. Ren excitedly watches as Miko teleports back to Evernow.

Game Over

In a coffee shop, Ren follows Miko's progress through Evernow as she returns to the Yamagato Tower of the game to find her father. Ren is unable to recognize the view out of tower's windows and realizes that Miko has reached a new level. As Ren watches, Miko finds her father only for him to tell her that he is merely a creation of her father's meant to guide her on her true mission. After the construct tells Miko that she must rescue "the Master of Time and Space" from the Eternal Fortress, Ren is shocked when the Fortress suddenly disappears as does the Hachiro construct after telling Miko she must continue her mission alone.

Miko tells Ren she can't find the Fortress and is heading back. Miko teleports out of Evernow and surprises Ren a moment later. Miko tells Ren she had her mission wrong and its actually to save the Master of Time and Space, hitting him when he gets overexcited from too much coffee. Ren reminds Miko that everything in Evernow has a real world counterpart so if they can find the Fortress in the real world, she can enter it from there. Miko draws Ren a picture of the symbol she saw on the Fortress and using his phone, he determines that its the symbol of the Renautas Research Division in Midian, Colorado.

Arriving outside of the Renautas Research Division, Ren notes that its heavily guarded, but Miko points out that since they are outside the real world counterpart of the Eternal Fortress, she can now find it in Evernow. Promising to find Ren a way in, Miko teleports into Evernow only to return moments later. Miko informs Ren that she has found the Fortress, but there is a giant bandit guarding it. Ren recognizes it as the Kaiju Bandit, a warrior no gamer has ever defeated. Ren promises to help Miko against the Bandit and logs onto Evernow through his laptop as Miko returns there. As Miko distracts the Kaiju Bandit, Ren uses his avatar to slash the backs of the Bandit's ankles, sending him to the ground as Miko lands on his back. On Ren's order, Miko stabs the Kaiju Bandit through the back of his neck, killing him. However, Ren's laptop battery dies and he is ejected from Evernow. Frustrated, Ren climbs a nearby gate and hides in an open shipping crate on the other side.

Ren's crate is moved to the lower levels of the facility on a conveyor belt where he is nearly sent to the future by the space-time bridge. However, before he can be transported, Noah Bennet and Quentin Frady burst into the control room for the machine, causing Richard Schwenkman to have the scientists transport themselves instead. Listening to the conversation between the three men, Ren rocks the crate until he knocks it over and frees himself. Hearing that Hiro Nakamura is trapped in Evernow and that no one can free them, Ren enters the room and tells them that they can't save Hiro, but Katana Girl can.

Ren watches on a monitor as Miko faces Dark Miko and is told she isn't real. Ren is shocked when Richard confirms this as the truth, telling the three men that the real Miko Otomo died in a car accident and the Miko Ren knows was created by her father for a mission that will ultimately fail. Ren learns that if Miko completes her mission, she will die, horrifying him. Moments later, Miko escapes her dark self and returns to the real world where she embraces Ren, glad Noah and Quentin found him. Miko tells Ren that to free Hiro, she has to overcome a final obstacle: herself. At that moment, Harris Prime and two clones appear with Phoebe Frady and attack, forcing Ren, Noah, Quentin and Miko to take cover in the space-time bridge room where the doors are bulletproof glass.

As Harris tries to break in, Noah tells Miko to go into Evernow and save Hiro, but she is unable to teleport, surprising Ren. Quentin explains that his sister can dampen abilities and they can't do anything as long as her powers are active. Quentin heads off to stop Phoebe while Ren takes cover as Miko and Noah dispatch the Harris clones. As the power comes back on, Miko prepares to return to Evernow and Ren asks if she will really die if she saves Hiro. Miko sadly tells him that she must complete her destiny whatever it takes. Ren tells Miko that no matter where she comes from, he loves her and Miko tells him she knows before teleporting away. Noah tells Ren he needs to get to safety and asks if he can find his way out. Upset, Ren tells him he can and boards a cargo elevator to the surface.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Ren tries to access Evernow on his laptop in a café, but finds that Evernow's servers are down.

11:53 to Odessa

In a café, Ren questions if anyone has seen Miko on Evernow message boards, but no one has. As he looks up, Ren spots a samurai, startling him. The samurai leaves and Ren questions if anyone else saw him, but no one answers. Ren quickly packs up his laptop and follows the samurai from the café.

Ren makes his way down the street, quickly hiding his face from some Renautas personnel he sees. Ren spots the samurai across the street and continues to follow him, eventually making his way to a dojo. Inside, Ren is approached by the samurai who, to his surprise, looks like Hachiro Otomo. The samurai explains that he's not really Hachiro but is just really a construct of his while the real Hachiro Otomo is trapped in the future. Ren tells the construct that there are easier ways to send him messages and is told that he has a new quest: to save Miko who is in the future and dying. Ren asks how he'll get to the future and is told to find a time traveler. The construct tells Ren that there is a bridge between the present and the future that he can use at Gateway in Odessa, Texas and he must find a way to "be sent with the others." The construct gives Ren a necklace and tells him that he will need that as a key. The construct then leaves as a confused Ren calls after him. Moments after the construct disappears, so do all the other fighters in the dojo, confusing Ren even more.

Sitting at a bus stop, Ren plays with the necklace the Hachiro construct gave him when he sees a bus to Odessa with an advertisement for Gateway, a community of the future created by Renautas. Ren realizes that this is what Hachiro meant and boards the bus to Odessa.

Send in the Clones

Before having Tommy Clark send her to Sunstone Manor, Miko asks Tommy to tell Ren she loved him too if Tommy ever sees him. Tommy promises to do so. She also refers to Ren as her partner and only friend.

Company Woman

Ren arrives in Gateway where he nervously allows the guards to scan him. They find him in the database and give him an injection that will allow him to get his watch. After getting his watch, Ren notices Emily Duval and how upset she is and attempts to comfort her. Emily tells Ren that she's worried that her friend is making a terrible mistake. Ren reluctantly tells her he is looking for "the Master of Time and Space" and Emily tells Ren that is her boyfriend. Emily and Ren set out to locate Tommy with Ren recognizing part of Gateway as being similar to Evernow. Ren realizes Hachiro Otomo must've created both and leads Emily to an elevator he believes will take them to the core where they can find Tommy. The two are unable to operate the elevator, but Ren notices a knob with an indent of the symbol within. Ren places the symbol necklace the construct of Hachiro gave him and it allows him to activate the elevator. Ren is pleased to realize why Hachiro gave him the necklace. Reaching the core of the building, Ren and Emily find Hachiro being knocked out and learn that Tommy has been imprisoned in Evernow to their horror.

Project Reborn

As Emily wonders where Tommy is, Ren realizes he's in Evernow and they watch as Erica has a video broadcast about the coming disaster and then activates the space-time bridge. After the bridge ends, Ren and Emily emerge from the core of the facility to find themselves in the Gateway of the future along with everyone else wearing transport watches.

Ren and Emily return to the core of the facility where they spot two orderlies leaving a room with a stretcher. Realizing that that is where the men must've taken Hachiro Otomo, Ren and Emily enter the room in hopes of finding Miko so she can save Tommy. In the room, they find evos hooked up to stasis pods including Hachiro and the real Miko Otomo. Using the necklace he was given as a key, Ren is able to shut down the pods and he and Emily free Hachiro before going to free Miko. Miko is confused when Ren knows her as she has no idea of who he is and Ren and Emily try to figure out why she doesn't know him. Richard Schwenkman enters the room and reactivates the pods, holding the three at gunpoint. Suddenly, Richard is stabbed and killed from behind by Hachiro who tells Richard he will not allow the man to use his creations for evil purposes anymore. Hachiro and Miko are reunited and Hachiro introduces Ren to Miko as a brave young man who risked his life to save them. Emily reminds Hachiro about Tommy being trapped in Evernow and Hachiro tells them that someone must go into Evernow to save Tommy. Hachiro tells them that the person must know Evernow as well as its creator and that person is Ren. Ren is shocked, but Hachiro explains that Ren is the best gamer he knows and more than that, he has a warrior's heart which is why Hachiro chose him. Ren agrees to go into Evernow and Hachiro transports him inside.

In Evernow, Ren appears in the form of his avatar and is met by Miko who tells him that she and the game world are dying. Ren tells Miko that there is a new Master of Time and Space trapped in the Eternal Fortress and they must save him. Miko and Ren work together to reach Tommy's cell in the Eternal Fortress which is difficult as the dying game world causes holes to open up all over the place and Ren to nearly drop into one. Upon reaching the cell door, Ren is reluctant to save Tommy as it means the end of Miko, but she tells him to do it and that she believes they will see each other again. Ren removes the Kensei sword from the lock of the Eternal Fortress, opening the door and teleports back to Gateway.

In Gateway, an excited Ren and Tommy emerge from the game, only to be surrounded by Erica and her men. Ren has the Kensei sword taken from him by a guard and watches as Erica threatens Tommy. Tommy eventually freezes time and splits himself in two. One Tommy remains behind to rescue the people in the future and teleports everyone in the room back to the present, including Ren.

Three months after the H.E.L.E., Ren spars with the real Miko in Japan, watched over by her father.

Heroes Evolutions

Brave New World

In the eBook Brave New World, Ren plays Evernow, and beats the highest boss with what he thought was just a delaying tactic. Excited, Ren realizes he is the first gamer in the world to get this far. He writes down a message on the screen, and is amazed when the game won't work until he goes to the address listed in the message. The message also says to stay off social media, which is difficult for Ren since he "lived and died by the page views on his video channel".

Memorable Quotes

"Leeroy Jenkins!"

- Ren to skull-faced samurai

"I'm looking for the Master of Time and Space."
"Dude, I'm dating him!"

- Ren and Emily Duval meet

"Very clever Hachiro-san!"

- Ren praising Hachiro's useful gift

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