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Miko's ability

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Miko's ability
Miko going to Evernow.jpg
Miko draws her sword, transporting her into the videogame Evernow.
Held by: Miko Otomo
Ability to: Transport into the videogame Evernow

Miko's ability allows Miko to travel into the video game Evernow as the protagonist, Katana Girl.



Every time Miko draws the Kensei sword, she is instantly transported into the world of the videogame Evernow. So far, this seems to be the only way to activate her ability. When she was knocked unconscious in the game world, her unconscious body left the game world and reformed on the floor of her apartment. If she travels into a location in the game world that corresponds to a location in the real world (such as Yamagato Tower), when she sheaths her sword she finds herself there. (Odessa) Upon entering Evernow she became immediately skilled at the game, yet it is unknown if this was due to actual skill or the nature of her ability. However, she has proven to be a skilled warrior even without having to enter Evernow and be transformed into Katana Girl.

As Miko is actually a construct created from the actual Katana Girl by her father with his powers, this ability is likely Miko simply transporting between her original game character state and her construct on Earth state.

As Miko gained more control over this ability, she seemed to be able to control where her teleports back to the real world took her to. To escape The Kravids' home, Miko teleported away and returned outside where Ren was moments later. (The Lion's Den) She was also able to teleport into or near the coffee shop Ren was waiting for her in in the real world after leaving the game's Yamagato Tower. (Game Over) When Miko first left Evernow from Yamagato Tower, she appeared in the Yamagato Tower of the real world instead of where she chose. (Odessa)

If Miko travels to a real world location that corresponds to a location in Evernow, she will teleport into that location in Evernow and vice versa generally. Miko was able to use this to find the cloaked Eternal Fortress by locating its real world equivalent and teleporting to Evernow from there. (Odessa, Game Over)

Following the opening of the Eternal Fortress, Miko ended up in 9972. (Sundae, Bloody Sundae) She later returned to Evernow without the Kensei sword, seemingly fading from existence but instead being transported back to the game world. (Send in the Clones, Project Reborn)

When Ren entered the game through Hachiro, he displayed a similar ability to Miko, teleporting out of the game once he removed the Kensei sword from the lock of the Eternal Fortress. (Project Reborn)


  • Some viewers have debated whether this is an actual ability or not, since thus far, Miko has only been able move between worlds by using the Kensei sword.

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