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First mentioned: Dark Matters, Part 1

Evernow is a popular game.

Notable Developers

Notable Players


Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 1

At his apartment, Quentin Frady plays a violent video game called Evernow. Phoebe interrupts him, and he says, "Not right now, I'm in the middle of beatin' some ass." Phoebe insists, Quentin stops, and Phoebe demonstrates her ability. Behind her, a poster for Evernow hangs on the wall.

Brave New World

After completing the second to last level of Evernow, Ren Shimosawa gets a secret message with an address on it. Traveling to the address, Ren appears to recognize the girl he meets there, but can't place why. He then sees an Evernow mural on the door to Hachiro Otomo's study. Ren later returns and shows Miko the game manual for the Katana Girl saga of Evernow. Ren insists Miko is Katana Girl as they look the same and shows her how Katana Girl wants vengenance for her father and how the sword that transforms her into a warrior is under the floorboards of Katana Girl's father's study. Miko kicks Ren out, but keeps the manual.

Eventually, Miko enters her father's study and locates the Kensei sword using the Evernow manual. When Miko draws the sword from its sheath, she is teleported to Evernow. In Evernow, Miko fights and quickly dispatches three warriors, the last of whom warns Miko she will never find "him."


Miko makes her way through the Bandit City section of Evernow, fighting off warriors and demanding to know where her father is located. After dispatching some warriors, Miko sees what appears to be her father being dragged deeper into the city before being set upon by more warriors.

Returning to Miko's apartment to apologize, Ren finds Evernow open on Miko's computer screen but paused and enters the game. To his surprise, Ren sees Katana Girl fighting enemy warriors and quickly logs in to help when Miko starts to get outnumbered. Miko eventually runs off towards Yamagato Tower, asking Ren to keep the warriors busy so she can find her father which Ren agrees to.

After dispatching the warriors, Ren follows Miko on the screen to find her in the street near Yamagato Tower. Miko dispatches two warriors and rescues her father. However, he tells her that they can't leave yet as they still have work to do before suddenly being yanked into Yamagato Tower by an unseen force. As Miko calls out to him, a third warrior knocks her out from behind. As she falls, Miko inadvertently pushes the Kensei sword all the way back into its scabbard and teleports to the floor of her apartment, unconscious.

After waking up, Miko becomes determined to go back to Evernow as she needs to rescue her father as he's all she has. Spotting Yamagato Tower in the distance, Miko recognizes it as where her father was taken in Evernow and teleports back in, ordering Ren to get back on the computer and guide her.

With Ren's guidance, Miko is able to reach Yamagato Tower in Evernow but is surrounded by guards. Miko sheaths her sword, but instead of teleporting back to her apartment, she teleports into the real Yamagato Tower where she is attacked by the guards.

Under the Mask

Miko teleports from Evernow into the real Yamagato Tower where she fights off the guards until Harris Prime beats her and takes the Kensei sword from her.

When Ren Shimosawa arrives at the real Yamagato Tower, he checks it against a picture of the tower from Evernow to make sure he's in the right place.

The Needs of the Many

Ren explains to Miko and a cab driver that he's a famous gamer and people from all across the world pay to watch him play. Ren uses this to their advantage by broadcasting a video to ask all Evernow fans to meet him the next morning in front of Renautas Headquarters in Midian, Colorado dressed as their favorite Evernow character.

At Renautas Headquarters, Ren has Miko take off her sweatshirt so she is dressed in her Katana Girl outfit. As they approach Renautas, various Evernow player in various guises, mainly Katana Girl, get excited to see their favorite Evernow character in the flesh and rush over to meet Katana Girl.

The Lion's Den

The Evernow gamers gather at Renautas Headquarters for a scavenger hunt set up by Ren Shimosawa where they take pictures of themselves in costume at various parts of the Renautas campus since Renautas publishes Evernow. Erica realizes its a Trojan Horse for Miko Otomo to get in and steal back her sword, but she can't have the gamers arrested without them recording it and posting it to the Internet. Instead, Erica has a Harris clone let them in and scan them discreetly with E.P.I.C for the real Katana Girl.

After retrieving her sword, Miko teleports back to Evernow to escape Harris but returns to the real world moments later near Ren. Miko tells him that with her sword retrieved, she now has to return to Evernow and rescue her father. Ren promises to back her up in the game and Miko teleports back to Evernow to complete her mission.

Game Over

Miko makes her way through the Yamagato Tower of Evernow with Ren following from his laptop. Ren tells Miko that she must have reached another level as he doesn't recognize the view out of the tower's windows. Miko finally locates what seems to be her father, but he tells her he is just a creation of her father there to guide her on her mission. The construct points to the Eternal Fortress in the distance and tells Miko her mission is to save the person trapped inside and that its the only prison that can hold "the Master of Time and Space."

In Renautas in the real world, Erica Kravid is surprised to find that Miko believes that she is saving her father. Richard Schwenkman tells her he knows the real Hachiro and this Miko is not his daughter. When Erica worries that Miko will find out that "the sword is the key", Richard tells her that he has been working on reprograming Evernow and has modified Hachiro's original codes to create a new guard as a precaution. Richard takes the additional precaution of cloaking the Eternal Fortress to Ren and Miko's shock. Before disappearing, the Hachiro construct tells Miko she must continue this mission alone.

Unable to find the Fortress, Miko teleports back to the real world where Ren reminds her that everything in Evernow has a real world counterpart. If they can find the Eternal Fortress in the real world, Miko can enter it from there. Using the symbol Miko saw on the Fortress, Ren is able to discover that its real world counterpart is the Renautas Research Division in Midian, Colorado.

At the Renautas Research Division, Miko and Ren note that its heavily guarded, but Miko realizes that as they are outside of the Eternal Fortress' counterpart, she can now find it in Evernow. Miko teleports into Evernow where she arrives outside the Eternal Fortress but finds a massive warrior guarding the entrance. Miko returns to Ren who tells her that the warrior must be the Kaiju Bandit who no one has defeated and promises to help her against him. Miko returns to Evernow where she distracts the Kaiju Bandit while Ren slices the backs of his ankles, allowing Miko to knock him down by landing on his back. Following Ren's instructions once the Bandit is down, Miko kills him by stabbing him through the back of his neck. However, Ren's laptop battery dies, pulling him from Evernow and leaving Miko alone.

In the Renautas Research Division, Miko briefly appears before Noah Bennet and Quentin Frady and forms an alliance with them before teleporting back to Evernow. Noah and Quentin find and threaten Richard Schwenkman who explains that in order to imprison Hiro Nakamura and harness his ability, they had to trap him in a place with no time or space: Evernow. Richard tells them that he can't free Hiro from Evernow and doesn't believe that anyone can, but Ren tells them that Katana Girl can, having managed to sneak into the facility to help.

Miko enters the Eternal Fortress where Dark Miko appears and tells her that she is not Hachiro's daughter but "life stolen from a dead girl." The two fight briefly before Dark Miko explains that Miko is actually the real Katana Girl: a character pulled from Evernow and given life. Miko has trouble believing it and Dark Miko knocks Miko's sword from her hand and holds her own to Miko's throat. Dark Miko sadistically shows Miko herself in the mirror and asks if Miko can say that her face is not that of a dead girl. Miko breaks free and heads up the stairs chased by Dark Miko who tells her that if she frees Hiro, the game will end and she will die. Miko finds the door to Hiro's prison and teleports away as her dark self attacks again. She then tells Ren and Noah that to free Hiro she must overcome one final obstacle in the game: herself.

As Harris Prime and two clones trap them with the help of Phoebe Frady, Noah tells Miko she has to go back to Evernow and save Hiro. However, Phoebe blocks Miko's power, keeping her from reentering Evernow. After Noah and Miko kill the clones and Quentin distracts Phoebe, Miko reenters Evernow even though it will likely mean her death. In Evernow, Miko and Dark Miko sword-fight again, ending in Miko ducking a swing from Dark Miko and then decapitating her. With all of her enemies gone, Miko approaches the door to Hiro's cell, saying that she hopes she made her father proud. Miko inserts the Kensei sword into the lock of the cell and then disappears as Evernow starts to die.

Moments after Miko opened Hiro's cell, he emerges in the real world in time to freeze time around Noah and save his life.

June 13th, Part One

On June 13, 2014, Hachiro Otomo meets with Hiro Nakamura who tells Hachiro that he is impressed with the work Hachiro has done on Evernow and asks if Hachiro really has created a better game world. When Hachiro asks what Hiro would consider a better world, Hiro tells him "imagination. Adventure. Dragons." When Hachiro asks about salvation and tells Hiro that Erica Kravid and Renautas are building a better world that only Hiro can bring them to, Hiro just asks to see the game. Hachiro tells Hiro that he is the only one who can help Erica save the human race by transporting them to a safer future and begs him to help Erica. Hiro refuses, telling Hachiro he has not time traveled in a long time. As a result, Hachiro traps Hiro in the Eternal Fortress of Evernow.

June 13th, Part Two

After Erica Kravid blows him off when he questions Hiro's reported death as a terrorist at the Odessa Unity Summit, Hachiro attempts to log into Evernow only to find his access blocked. In response, Hachiro brings Katana Girl to life as a backdoor into Evernow to rescue Hiro.

After hanging up with Hachiro, Erica questions Harris Prime on whether or not Hiro is in the Eternal Fortress of Evernow. Harris Prime confirms it, but informs Erica that there was also a second time traveling Hiro at the summit.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Ren tries to access the Evernow servers but finds out that they are down.

Instead of being erased when she released Hiro Nakamura from Evernow, Miko is shown to have ended up in the year 9972 near the city of Gateway.

Company Woman

Erica pushes Hachiro to rebuild the Eternal Fortress in Evernow so that she can trap Tommy Clark within. Hachiro manages to "patch up" Evernow and the Fortress and reluctantly captures Tommy for Erica.

As they make their way through Gateway, Ren notes to Emily Duval that the design looks exactly like Level 10 of Evernow. Ren realizes that Hachiro must've designed both Evernow and Gateway and is able to use his knowledge of Evernow to find an elevator that will lead them to the core of the facility.

After tranquilizing Hachiro, Richard Schwenkman transports Tommy into the Eternal Fortress in Evernow where he begs to be let out so that he can save the world.

Project Reborn

Tommy is left trapped in the Eternal Fortress where he is able to view several memories of his that had been erased. He later tells Erica Kravid that he spent "an eternity" in the game world which allowed him to hone his powers.

After being rescued by Ren Shimosawa and Emily Duval, Hachiro Otomo tells Ren and Emily that the only way to rescue Tommy is for someone to enter Evernow and break him out. Hachiro tells them that such a person must know the game as well as Hachiro himself: Ren. Hachiro explains that Ren is the best gamer he knows having spent hundreds of hours on Evernow and he also has a warrior's heart. With Ren's permission, Hachiro transports Ren into Evernow.

Inside Evernow, Ren appears as his avatar and encounter Miko Otomo who had returned to the game after killing Harris Prime. Miko warns Ren that the game world is dying and with it, so is she. Ren tells her that they have a new "Master of Time and Space" to rescue from the Eternal Fortress and Miko tells him they have to hurry before the game world dies and Tommy is lost with it. With the help of Miko, Ren makes his way through the game world which has holes opening all over the place. Finally, Ren reaches the door of Tommy's cell and removes the Kensei sword, freeing Tommy. Ren and the sword teleport back to the real world with Tommy following a few seconds later as Evernow falls apart completely.

Heroes Evolutions

Brave New World

In the eBook Brave New World, Ren Shimosawa plays Evernow, reaching the last level after 46 hours of non-stop gameplay. When he meets the boss, he bows. The bandit leader instinctively bows back, and in that moment, Ren throws his weapon at the boss, decapitating him. Ren is amazed, admitting that the bow was just a delaying tactic since he had come undone so many times prior facing the boss. Ren does a victory dance and almost misses a message that scrolls across the screen. Ren writes the message down, realizing he is the first person in the world to get this far. Ren is shocked when his game shuts down, and even downloading a new game doesn't bring it back. He realizes he must follow the game's instructions before it will resume. The instructions tell Ren to go to an apartment, not to talk to anyone, and to stay off social media.


  • When Quentin is playing the video game, there are audible sounds, but the game is never mentioned or confirmed to be Evernow. Zach Craley confirmed the game in an interview.

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