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Kent Harper

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Kent Harper
Homeland Security agent (VI).jpg
Portrayed by Reginald James
First appearance Turn and Face the Strange
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death 2009
Residence Kent Harper's apartment
Occupation Agent of Building 26

Kent Harper was a Building 26 agent.

Character History

Turn and Face the Strange

Noah Bennet arrives at the crematorium, looking for a body that resembles Sylar. The agent asks if he can help, and follows Bennet's order to draw his gun and aim at the back of the corpse's head. Noah removes a metal spike from the dead man's skull and tells the agent to send the spike to a lab for priority DNA analysis. The agent places the spike in a plastic bag and asks if they should go ahead and cremate the body, since they have a signed order to do so, but Bennet says no.

Graphic Novel:Exodus

Agent Harper points his gun at Rachel Mills and then hangs on to her while Danko talks with her and prepares an injection. He is then surprised to see her suddenly disappear. Later, he and another agent rush into the fugitives coma ward and begin firing at her. However, Rachel teleports away and his bullets hit a woman and man Rachel freed. Agent Harper is then disabled by Rachel, who whacks his face from behind him.

I Am Sylar

Danko and his team, including Agent Harper, corner Rebel in an abandoned warehouse near a pier. Danko leads his team forward, but Agent Taub hangs back. Harper goes back to retrieve him, only to discover he's disappeared.

Later, Agent Harper leads the chase after "Micah" through the docks, and corners him on the waterfront. Danko orders them to take Rebel down, but Harper hesitates to shoot a kid. Danko tells him to fire anyway. "Micah" just smiles as Harper opens fire, the real Micah watching from behind a crane.

An Invisible Thread

Harper arrives at Nathan's Senate office, since Danko has radioed a team. However, Sylar, posing as Danko, opens fire on the agents. Believing Danko to be a traitor, Harper and the others apprehend him and take him back to Building 26, where he is placed in a cell.

Six weeks after Building 26 is shut down by the President, Kent Harper walks into his apartment. His faucet is overflowing, spilling water out onto the floor. The water begins to move into the other room, reforming into Tracy's body. She claims he's "number four" before holding her hand out in his direction.

Later, Sylar reads about Harper's death in the newspaper, marking him as the fourth "mysterious drowning".

Graphic Novel:Ice Queen, Part 2

Tracy moves on to her "fourth victim", Harper. She blasts him with icy water and drowns him. As she leaves his apartment, her killing spree begins to slightly disturb her. However, she remains focused and insists that what she is doing is right.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 10 of The Agent, an alarm goes off and Agent Harper and another agent charge into the Building 26 fugitive coma ward and begin firing. Some of their shots hit and instantly kill a woman who sits up from her bed just in time to get hit. Others are turned into sand as they hit a nearby man. Rachel teleports behind Agent Harper, and he begins to turn to face her. However, he is disabled by a drop kick from Rachel as he turns.

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