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Portrayed by Ray Park
First appearance Orientation
In-story stats
Known ability Super speed
Home Bradford, England (formerly)
Residence Sullivan Bros. Carnival (formerly)
Occupation Former carnival worker
former knife show performer
Parent Unnamed father (deceased)

Edgar worked at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival. He has a very close relationship with Lydia and will do anything to protect her. Edgar was forced to run away from his home after Samuel lied and said that Edgar killed Joseph. He is an evolved human with the ability to move at speeds not possible for normal human beings.

Character History

Season Four

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Edgar: Season Four History.

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Heroes Evolutions

Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

On September 20, 2011, Edgar speeds into Jacob Kurtzberg's room at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. When Kurtzberg confirms that he is trying to get Samuel out of prison, Edgar slices his throat. He tells him that "Samuel's stayin' in his hole for's long as possible. Forever'd be best".

Evolved Human Abilities

Edgar's has the ability to move at enhanced speeds. He is so adept at using his ability that he is able to do numerous things while moving at super speeds, such as steal a crystal ball (Stolen Fate) or cut up his enemies (Orientation). He is also a skilled knife-thrower independent of his ability.

Edgar seemed to manifest his ability some time in his teen years. (Running in Circles)


  • According to the casting call, Edgar the "knife thrower" is in his 30s, dangerous, and "a true Carney".
  • Edgar's phone number, as revealed in Slow Burn, Part 10, is (202) 609-7547.


  • The weapons Edgar uses to attack his victims are small "kukri" swords, traditionally used by the Nepalese Gurkha.

See Also

Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Edgar for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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