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Edgar/Season Four

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This article archives the history of Edgar during Season Four.

For more about Edgar, see the main article.

Character History


Edgar attends Joseph Sullivan's funeral. Later, at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival, Samuel Sullivan tells him to retrieve the compass. Edgar is reluctant to do so, saying he's seeking redemption. However, Samuel threatens Edgar using his terrakinesis. Edgar yields and Samuel promises it'll be the last time he asks. Edgar goes to New York City and attacks Danko, cutting open his stomach to get at a safety deposit key. Tracy interrupts him before he can recover the key. His knives prove useless against her water form, and she freezes his arm, disarms him, and he flees.

Edgar fights with Peter.

Jump, Push, Fall

Edgar watches the New York Federal Bank where he knows Danko has hidden the compass in a safety deposit box. When Noah Bennet and Peter Petrelli go there to use the key and recover the compass, Edgar badly injures the bank manager and enters the security room. Peter manages to touch him and mimic his ability. Edgar attempts to kill Noah with a thrown knife but Peter grabs it and the two fight. Peter proves the superior fighter and Edgar is forced to flee. However, he attacks Noah later, badly wounding him, and takes the compass. He then returns to the carnival to report to Samuel Sullivan that he failed at first because of an empath, but didn't have time to talk to Peter. Edgar then asks about "the Chinese guy" who will be replacing Arnold.

Graphic Novel:Stolen Fate

Fourteen years ago, Edgar shares a drink with Lydia at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival. She thanks Edgar for making her smile again and this makes Edgar happpy. The two friends decide to play tricks on the mean fortune teller. They find her telling a young Hiro Nakamura of his destiny before Edgar steals the crystal ball. Lydia and Edgar go on the Ferris wheel and both look into the ball, seeing what they most desire. Later, Samuel is angry at Edgar and slaps him when he calls the fortune teller an old hag, worrying what Joseph would think if he could hear him. Edgar then leaves Lydia to ponder on what she saw.

Graphic Novel:Running in Circles

Edgar remembers attending a soccer game in Bradford as a child with his father where a tragic fire erupts. His father tells Edgar to run as fast as he could from the stadium, which he does, leaving his family behind to die.

Edgar also remembers practicing for his knife show with Lydia, and impressed that she trusts him so much.

In the present, Edgar watches Peter and Noah holding his sought-after compass in front of the hospital. He tracks down Noah, slashes him with his knife, and takes the compass. Edgar then goes to 183 Prospect, and retrieves a package with a Sprint phone for Lydia.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 1

Edgar arrives at Lydia's trailer and hands her a Sprint phone. He tells her of the dangers of possessing a phone while living in the carnival until Lydia reveals that she has a daughter. Edgar listens to Lydia's story and then assures her that everything is okay. Lydia shows Edgar a tattoo of her daughter surrounded by fire and tells him that she can feel something is wrong. Edgar leaves Lydia to call her daughter.


Edgar speaks with Lydia about his concerns over their new family members. Edgar tells Lydia that if Joseph were alive they wouldn't be introducing so many new people to the carnival. Samuel arrives and tells the two of them that it is time to add more members to their family, much to Edgar's disapproval.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 2

Edgar is attempting to practice his knife throwing skills when Samuel approaches him. Samuel asks Edgar if he has noticed anything wrong with Lydia. Edgar says he hasn't and then tells Samuel that she hasn't said a word to him. Samuel theorizes that Edgar isn't satisfying Lydia and then tells him that both Lydia and Edgar can make their own mistakes. As Samuel leaves, Edgar resumes throwing knives.

Hysterical Blindness

Edgar pushes a large blue container through the carnival. He then sits with the members of the carnival (Arnold, Lydia, Samuel, and others) for breakfast.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 3

Lydia tells Edgar that he needs to go get her daughter to a safe place, and gives him a package of money to do so. As he leaves her trailer, Samuel confronts him, and asks him what the money is for. Edgar tells him that he has been grifting on the side, prompting Samuel to ask if Lydia knows about the grifting. She comes out of her trailer, asking what is going on, and Samuel remarks that since Edgar has been hiding money from the family, he needs to be punished.

Edgar murders Captain Lubbock instead of Sylar.

Tabula Rasa

Samuel gives Edgar the task of giving some admission tickets to Captain Lubbock and his family. Edgar is troubled by this and is even more disturbed when he learns that Samuel wants to use the Lubbocks to provoke Sylar into using his powers. Edgar later finds Lydia helping Sylar with some chores. He approaches them and tells Sylar that even though he has some pretty nasty tricks, he also has some. He throws some knives at super speeds and Sylar then telekinetically hurls Edgar into a wheelbarrow.

Later, Edgar speeds into the hall of mirrors and murders Lubbock. Soon after, Sylar is initiated into the carnival and everyone is happy except Edgar. Samuel tells him not to be so sulky and Edgar wonders why Samuel wants Sylar at the carnival. He then watches angrily as Lydia takes Sylar into her trailer.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 6

Edgar puts a knife up to Caleb's throat, and tells Amanda to go back to her mother. He continues to threaten Caleb, telling him to stay away from Amanda, but Caleb says he was going to introduce her to Samuel, and guesses that she will have to do that by herself now. Edgar rushes off to find her, but is to late to prevent her from meeting Samuel.

Graphic Novel:Smoke & Mirrors

Edgar rushes up to Caleb, putting his knife up to his throat. He tells Amanda to go back to her mother. He later arrives to witness Amanda meet Samuel.


Noah mentions Edgar and his killing of Danko when asking Samuel about the compass.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 7

Edgar and Lydia resolve to take Amanda away from the carnival, by force if necessary. They arrive in time to see Samuel have Amanda demonstrate her ability for some of the other carnies.

Brother's Keeper

Joseph tells Samuel that he thought Samuel would build the fire for that night's dinner. Samuel says that he figured Edgar and Damian could handle it.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 8

Edgar and Lydia watch as Amanda is officially inducted into the carnival. Later, as Lydia tries to convince Samuel that the carnival is not safe for Amanda, Edgar supports her cause.

Hiro saves Edgar from being killed by Samuel.


Edgar sees Lydia speaking with Hiro and then wonders why Joseph is still dead even though Hiro fixed the past. Lydia agrees that it is a good question. Later, while at the table, Edgar lies to Samuel and says that he does not know where Lydia is.

When Lydia returns and informs him about the truth of Joseph's death, Edgar becomes angry and bursts out during Samuel's toast. Samuel quickly turns on him and lies to the family, saying that Edgar murdered Joseph. The family believes Samuel and Edgar reaches for his knives. Hiro freezes time and shows Edgar the rocks that Samuel was summoning to kill him. He tells Edgar that revenge will not work today and promises that they will defeat Samuel together. Edgar speeds away and Hiro informs Lydia that Edgar is safe.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 9

Lydia gets a text from Edgar, saying he is sorry he had to go, and to keep fighting. Amanda tells Lydia she is sorry about what happened with Edgar. Samuel arrives, and has Caleb take Amanda away, and he tells her that Samuel intends to punish Lydia for helping Edgar.

The Fifth Stage

Samuel asks Eli to take over from Edgar as his right hand man.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 10

Edgar sends Lydia a voicemail message, promising her that he will come back for her and Amanda, but he doesn't know when or how.

Graphic Novel:Bloodlines, Part 1

On Christmas of the previous year, Edgar eats a Christmas dinner along with other carnies. When Arnold does not return in time to cut the ham, Joseph asks Edgar to do it, which he happily does.

Edgar is tied up by Noah in the freezer.

Let It Bleed

Edgar follows Noah from the college campus and uses his speed to sneak in undetected. However, Noah knows that Edgar is following him and turns, tazering him to the ground. Noah then calls in Lauren Gilmore and asks if she remembers the speedster they could not catch. He then shows her Edgar and says that speedsters do not like the cold. Edgar looks at the two of them angrily. Noah then begins to "interrogate" him. He brutally beats Edgar, demanding to know everything about Samuel, the carnival and the compass. Just when Noah is about to cut Edgar's fingers off, Lauren stops him and the two notice that Edgar has no compass.

Noah asks Edgar why he has no compass and Edgar explains that he was exiled. He tells Noah that he wants to stop Samuel and Noah agrees to use his help. He asks how they can get into the carnival and Edgar says that his friend Lydia can help. The three of them go upstairs and Edgar shows them some plans of the carnival and a list of valuable and powerful workers. Noah and Lauren begin to devise a plan but Edgar sees that they are unwilling to let the rest of his family live in peace, so he steals the plans and runs.

Close to You

Samuel apologizes to Lydia about everything that has happened lately, including Edgar's departure.

The Art of Deception

Samuel closes Lydia's eyes as Edgar arrives at super speed to mourn her death. He explains that he went to Noah, and Samuel says that it was the normal people that killed Lydia. Edgar wonders how Samuel let it happen.

Noah and Edgar stand up to Samuel.

Brave New World

Edgar listens to Samuel's speech in Central Park. Samuel tells them that today is the day they will reveal themselves to the world. Everyone cheers and applauds, except Edgar. Later, Edgar listens to Emma when she's telling Samuel about Peter's dream.

As Emma is performing her solo, Samuel finds Edgar and tells him that the crowd is here to see them. Edgar asks him what the crowd is supposed to see. He notes that even reporters with cameras have gathered. Samuel claims tonight will change everything. After Noah calls Hiro and Ando, Edgar holds a knife to his throat and leads him away. Noah tells him that he never wanted to hurt his family and that he just wants to stop Samuel from murdering other people. Edgar says that he has the same goal, and asks him what his plan is.

As Claire tries to convince the other carnies, Samuel insists that nobody believes that he's capable of murdering his own brother. Edgar and Noah step forward, and Edgar says that Lydia told him the truth. Samuel points out that he can't prove that, because Noah killed her. Then Eli steps forward and confesses that Samuel made him kill Lydia. As Edgar and the other carnies leave, Samuel runs out onto the stage and creates an earthquake. Edgar and the other carnies follow Claire and Noah to Hiro and Ando. Noah asks them to hold hands. Ando supercharges Hiro and he teleports Edgar and the other carnies out of Central Park.

Heroes Evolutions

Slow Burn

In chapter 1 of Slow Burn, Edgar returns to the carnival and begins to look around to make sure no one sees what he has with him. Chris Bowman asks what he is hiding and Edgar dashes up to him and places a knife to his neck, telling him that he should mind his own business.

In chapter 3 of Slow Burn, Gail and Chris listen to a conversation between Edgar and Samuel. Samuel asks Edgar where "the money" is coming from and Edgar states that he has been grifting. Samuel asks if Lydia knows about it but Edgar insists that she is not involved.

In chapter 4 of Slow Burn, Edgar and Gail go to the Mojave Desert to recruit some new members to the carnival. Edgar allows Gail to take full command of the mission and sits back while she speaks with John, Glade and Shard. Edgar then speeds the two of them back to the carnival.

The Puppet Master

In chapter 3 of The Puppet Master, Eric Doyle is on a tour of the carnival and he sees Edgar throwing a knife faster than the eye can follow.


In chapter 5 of Purpose, John accidentally barges into a trailer and stumbles upon a weeping Edgar crying over Lydia's body. Instantly, John has several cuts sliced into him and he rewinds time in order to not go into the trailer.

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