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Luke's ability

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Luke's ability
Luke's ability.jpg
Luke Collins's hands glow uncontrollably.
Held by: Luke Collins (deceased)
Ability to: Radiate heat, light, electromagnetism, and flight

Luke's ability is the ability to radiate heat, light, electromagnetism, and flight.



Luke Collins

Luke is able to radiate heat, light, and small electromagnetic sparks. Luke doesn't have much control over his ability, and often manifests at inopportune times. When attempting to avoid using this ability, he wears layers of clothing to limit his exposure to the sun, and also shuts himself indoors with the curtains drawn, suggesting that Luke's ability may require the absorption of sunlight in order to be used, or may simply manifest more prominently when he is exposed to sunlight. The latter may be the case, as Joanne notes that his head "feels like the surface of the sun" even when he is shut in a darkened room. (The Needs of the Many) He later tells Malina his power doesn't work at night and he needs the sun to be out to use it. As a result, he chooses to carry a gun for times he can't use his powers. (Send in the Clones) He has seemingly gained control over his power, dropping his gun when the sun comes out and instead relying on his powers while confronting his wife to protect Malina. (Company Woman)

When powering himself by drawing upon energy from the first solar flare of the H.E.L.E., Luke demonstrated the ability to fly, though it caused him extreme pain from the amount of power he was channeling. Luke was then able to fly into the flare and detonate himself with the release of energy dissipating the flare before it could harm the Earth but killing him in the process. (Project Reborn)

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Luke's ability has some similarities to induced radioactivity and pyrokinesis.


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