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CME envelops Earth.jpg
A coronal mass ejection irradiates the Earth's surface

First mentioned: The Lion's Den
Date of event: Averted
Location: Worldwide

Mohinder Suresh's arctic research team has discovered a H.E.L.E., or human extinction level event. Richard Schwenkman predicts that soon the Earth's magnetic poles will reverse, during which time a coronal mass ejection from the sun will destroy 96% of all species on the planet. This future was averted by the efforts of Tommy Clark, Malina and Noah Bennet.


Brave New World

Before dying, Rene tells Noah Bennet that "its coming" while Malina tells Farah Nazan that something is occurring faster than they expected and she can't control it much longer.

The Needs of the Many

Molly Walker commits suicide saying that she doesn't want to help Erica Kravid kill seven billion people. She also tells Noah to "save the future" and to "forget the past."

The Lion's Den

Noah, Taylor and Quentin find a massive seed bank. Noah realizes from the size of it that this would be the amount of seeds you'd need after an extinction-level event, causing them to realize that Renautas is planning something to do with the end of the world.

Richard Schwenkman shows Erica Kravid a computer simulation of a coronal mass ejection from the Sun. He explains that this will occur when the magnetic poles of the Earth reverse. Because of the magnetic pole reversal, the Earth will be defenseless against the coronal mass ejection, which will ultimately destroy 96% of planet's species within days.

Game Over

Noah Bennet and Quentin Frady discover that Richard Schwenkman is harnessing the abilities of Hiro Nakamura to send items to the future, away from a catastrophic event.

June 13th, Part One

On June 13, 2014, Mohinder Suresh meets with Angela Petrelli who tells him that they made a terrible mistake by working with Erica Kravid and Renautas. Mohinder reminds Angela that Renautas has been funding his research unlike Primatech, but Angela tells him that Primatech and Renautas are one and the same as she sold Primatech to Erica as she had a visionary plan to save the world from "a catastrophic event." Mohinder is shocked to realizes Angela knows about the H.E.L.E., the Human Extinction Level Event. Angela confirms this, telling him she knows about the Earth's magnetic poles reversing and solar flares irradiating the Earth. Angela shows Mohinder she was a copy of his research in the Arctic showing this, shocking him as its classified. Angela tells Mohinder she has gone to great lengths to make Erica believe they are still partners but Erica's plan is to let the H.E.L.E. come. Mohinder refuses to believe Angela, telling her that Erica hired him to find a solution which he believes to be the evos without whom everyone on the planet will die. Angela tells Mohinder that not everyone will die in the H.E.L.E. and Erica will choose who survives, something she has been planning for years. Mohinder is skeptical that Erica knew of the H.E.L.E. before she hired him, but Angela explains that she told Erica, having had one of her visions. Angela explains her vision of the H.E.L.E. as "fire from the sky, boiling oceans, land incinerated, Earth destroyed, toxic, dead. Game over, for all of us." However, her vision also showed her the evos who could save them from the H.E.L.E. Mohinder realizes that Angela told Erica about that part of her vision too and Angela explains that she'd hoped that she could use it to convince Erica to revise the plan and save everyone from the H.E.L.E. but instead, Erica used her. Mohinder refuses to believe Angela about Erica and her plans for the H.E.L.E. given her past, but Angela tells him that his team in the Arctic has been murdered and all evidence of Mohinder's research into the H.E.L.E. erased. Angela begs Mohinder to come to the press with her and reveal the H.E.L.E. to the world, but Mohinder tells her that he's revealing the truth to the world at the Odessa Unity Summit as Erica's personal guest. Though Angela warns him that Erica will cancel his speech and murder him, he refuses to listen and leaves as Angela calls after him that if Erica gets to the evos who can stop the H.E.L.E. first, she will kill them and destroy their only chance of stopping it.

At the same time, Hachiro Otomo visits Hiro Nakamura in Yamagato Tower and tells him that Erica has a plan to save them all from destruction and only Hiro has the power to take them to a safer future. Hiro refuses to help, stating that he is Erica's partner, not her employee and he has not time traveled in a long time. When Hiro continues to refuse to help with Erica's plan regarding the H.E.L.E., Hachiro traps him in the Eternal Fortress of Evernow to force Hiro to help.

As he makes his way in the summit, Mohinder grows concerned when he can't reach his team in the Arctic and gives Molly Walker a copy of Escalating Evolution. Mohinder is led to a meeting with Erica by Harris and tells Erica that he is anxious to let the world know about the H.E.L.E. As Angela predicted, Erica cancels Mohinder's speech about the H.E.L.E., causing him to confront her about Angela's accusations about her plans to bury his research on the H.E.L.E. and the murder of his team. Erica's lack of response confirms Mohinder's suspicions and he tells her that if she allows the H.E.L.E. to happen, the only thing she'll be creating is man's extinction. Erica informs Mohinder that she has a plan and it doesn't include him before having Harris subdue Mohinder.

Angela later tells a future Noah Bennet and Hiro Nakamura that her vision shows that one or possible both of Claire's children can stop the H.E.L.E. Noah realizes that protecting Claire's children so that they can save the world is why he had his memory erased and that they need to protect the children so that they can fulfill their destinies. To this end, Noah has Hiro transport Angela and Claire's children Nathan and Malina back to 1999 so that they can mature in a place safe from Erica and be better prepared to stop the H.E.L.E. when it comes.

Awhile after the bombing, Anne Clark visits the now-fifteen year old Nathan and tells him that "its starting." Nathan expresses confidence in his ability to stop the H.E.L.E., telling Anne that his father taught him everything he knows.

June 13th, Part Two

Angela tells Noah about dreams that have been plaguing her lately about the H.E.L.E., describing them as "fire raining down, blood everywhere and the twins saving the world under a clock tower in Odessa, its hands stuck at 11:53." Noah asks Angela how long they have until the H.E.L.E. happens and Angela tells him that when the magnetic poles shift, animal migration patterns will be disrupted so he'll see birds and butterflies all flying in the wrong direction. She also tells Noah that eventually the Northern Lights will appear further south than ever before. Noah tells Angela that that's already begun in his time and Erica Kravid has given up on humanity and wants to let the world burn in the H.E.L.E. Angela tells Noah that Nathan and Malina have given them another way and Nathan tells him they are going to stop the H.E.L.E. and save everyone. Angela instructs Noah to remain in touch with Hiro and Nathan find them when the time is right while she will make sure Malina makes her way to her brother in time to stop the H.E.L.E.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Richard Schwenkman expresses concern that the H.E.L.E. is less than a week away and they are cut-off from the future with Hiro Nakamura rescued. Erica Kravid is unconcerned, stating that even if they recapture Hiro, its irrelevant as the boy is being brought right to them and he has Hiro's powers.

Tommy is finally told the truth about his heritage and powers by his mother and grandfather. Noah tells Tommy he needs to get him and his sister to Odessa so they can save the world, but Tommy is overwhelmed by the news and leaves for awhile.

After Quentin and Phoebe capture Tommy, he is taken to Erica who knows that Noah told him that he's going to save the world. Erica tells Tommy she will tell him how he's going to accomplish that.

In 9972, Miko Otomo appears near the city of Gateway in the H.E.L.E. future.

11:53 to Odessa

Tommy meets with Erica Kravid who tells him that she doesn't believe the H.E.L.E. can be stopped as its a celestial event. Erica explains that she was able to use Hiro Nakamura to build a space-time bridge from the present to the future where Renautas is building a colony for humanity to start over in. However, when Noah Bennet rescued Hiro, he severed the connection between the present and the future. Tommy demands that Erica take him to see the H.E.L.E. future so he can see for himself if she's lying or not.

Driving to Midian, Colorado to rescue Tommy, Malina asks Noah what Erica is planning. Noah explains that Erica plans to use Tommy's power to jump a limited number of people over the H.E.L.E. into the distant future to start over. Noah theorizes that Erica doesn't want to save everyone from the H.E.L.E. as she likes humanity more than human beings.

Tommy teleports himself, Erica, Quentin and Phoebe to the future to find it a desert wasteland. Erica tells Tommy that the existence of this future shows that Tommy and Malina will fail to save the world and shows him Gateway, the first new city of the future. Erica gives Tommy a tour of the city, claiming its the first of many that Tommy will be transporting people to. Erica shows Tommy around Gateway and after she tells him the truth about her attempt to steal his powers with a machine, Tommy agrees to help her in exchange for no more lies and his family and friends being sent to Gateway so that they will survive which Erica agrees to.

Arriving in the desert around Gateway, Miko makes her way inside where she finds a room full of evos, including the real her. There, she finally encounters her father who tells her that she must find the Master of Time and Space and rescue him as the Master of Time and Space will send her on her final mission. After witnessing Tommy send some people back to the present, Miko realizes that the Master of Time and Space is him and announces her intention to rescue Tommy, causing him to teleport away with her.

In the present, Ren Shimosawa encounters a construct of Hachiro Otomo who tells him that he has to get to the future to save Miko who is dying. Hachiro gives him a necklace he refers to as a key and tells Ren he needs to reach Gateway in Odessa where there is a bridge between the present and future he can use if he can make it so that he will "be sent with the others."

Send in the Clones

Malina tells Luke Collins that the flares will hit in two days.

Erica Kravid later reveals her plan to be to use a special chair to boost Tommy Clark's power so that he can send everyone in the world wearing a special watch through time to the future.

After being rescued, Micah Sanders explained the H.E.L.E. to Carlos Gutierrez, his nephew Jose and Farah Nazan, telling them that two massive solar flares would hit the next day at 11:18 am and 11:53 am. The first would destroy North America, the second the rest of humanity.

The first solar flare is later seen erupting from the sun and heading towards the Earth.

Project Reborn

As Malina reaches Gateway in Odessa, Texas, the first wave of the H.E.L.E. approaches the Earth. As Malina goes to stop it, Luke tells her that this part is not her destiny but his and has Quentin keep her inside. Luke then flies himself in the solar flare and detonates, harmlessly dissipating the first wave of the H.E.L.E. at the cost of his own life. Later, some satellites destroyed by the flare crash to the ground, forcing Quentin and Malina to take cover in the Odessa Clock Tower until the threat is over.

At 11:53 am, the second wave approaches as Malina attempts to stop it, but isn't strong enough. After splitting himself in two, Tommy travels back from the future, having frozen time in both eras. Tommy unfreezes time and connects with Malina, but they are unable to control their combined power. Tommy then travels back in time to when he was seven and Angela Petrelli had his and Malina's abilities tested. Tommy discovers that to stop the H.E.L.E. he and Malina need a conduit willing to sacrifice themselves to channel their power. Tommy transports himself two days back in time and saves Noah Bennet, showing him the test and Angela's conclusion. Tommy tells Noah that he tried "a thousand times" to stop the H.E.L.E. with Malina but failed each time. Using Hiro's advice about changing time, Tommy ultimately realized that Noah is the key to stopping the H.E.L.E., the one thing that can make their combined powers work. Noah agrees to be their conduit and Tommy transports them back to Odessa.

In the future, Tommy's other self teleports all the people in the Gateway control room away and cuts off Erica Kravid's watch with the Kensei sword. With a salute at Erica, Tommy sends all the people from the future back to the present Gateway with Erica's machine before merging himself with the other Tommy, leaving Erica trapped in the future.

In Odessa, Tommy appears with Noah who stands between Tommy and Malina as a conduit. With Noah as their conduit and Tommy boosting Malina's power, she is able to create a shield around the Earth that deflects the second solar flare, preventing the H.E.L.E. and causing that future to disappear along with Erica Kravid.


  • In reality, the magnetic poles of the Earth can reverse, as described by Richard Schwenkman. This geomagnetic reversal happens approximately every 450,000 years, with the last one happening about 780,000 years ago. When magnetic poles reverse, the strength of the magnetic poles does indeed drop, leaving the Earth vulnerable.
  • Coronal mass ejections in reality do occur quite often. These ejections can cause particularly strong aurorae around the Earth's magnetic poles.


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