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Malina poster.jpg
Portrayed by Danika Yarosh,
Sarah Abbott (young Malina)
First appearance Brave New World
In-story stats
Known ability Elemental control
Age 16
Date of birth June 13, 2014
Home Arctic
Residence formerly a chateau in Geneva
Parents Claire Bennet (deceased),
Grandparents Maternal grandparents:
Nathan Petrelli (deceased),
Meredith Gordon (deceased)
Adoptive grandparents:
Noah Bennet,
Sandra Bennet
Great grandparents:
Angela Petrelli,
Arthur Petrelli (deceased),
Flint Gordon, Sr. (deceased)
Great great grandparents:
Mr. Shaw (deceased),
Mrs. Shaw (deceased)
Sibling Tommy Clark (twin brother)
Other relatives Alice Shaw (maternal great-great-aunt)
Lyle Bennet,
Simon Petrelli,
Monty Petrelli
Great uncles:
Peter Petrelli,
Flint Gordon, Jr. (deceased)

Malina is a teenager with the ability to control all of the elements and the time-displaced daughter of Claire Bennet as well as the twin sister of Tommy Clark.

Character History

Heroes Reborn

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Malina: Heroes Reborn History.

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Evolved Human Abilities

The limits and effects of this ability are currently unknown, but appear diverse. She has demonstrated some aspects of her ability, including manipulating the northern lights and causing them to appear as far south as Los Angeles, as well as neutralizing a storm before it hits her location (Brave New World, Odessa, Under the Mask). The ability has offensive capabilities, with Malina being capable of hurling two fully grown men across a span of at least six meters through the direction of what appears to be air currents. (The Lion's Den). She has also demonstrated the manipulation of water to save Luke from drowning.

Malina also has the ability to hasten biological processes, awakening a flock of hibernating butterflies and accelerating the growth of a tree (The Needs of the Many). It seems she can also manipulate insects, directing a swarm of bees from flower to flower in her great-grandmother's garden (June 13th, Part Two).


  • Writer Joey Falco said that Malina's name was chosen as an homage to Malina from Inuit mythology. Malina had a brother she grew up with, but they lived apart as they got older. Malina is a solar deity known for her passion, courage, and beauty.

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