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Episode:Under the Mask

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Under the Mask
Season: Reborn
Episode number: 503
First aired: October 1, 2015
Under the Mask.jpg
Written by: Seamus Kevin Fahey
Directed by: Greg Beeman
Previous episode: Odessa
Next episode: The Needs of the Many


Story Development

Farah Nazan · Erica Kravid · James Dearing · Luke's ability · E.P.I.C · Lido Motel



In the Arctic Circle, Malina and her guide Farah prepare for another wave. Malina uses her ability to dissipate the oncoming event. Malina doubts her abilities, however Farah tries to encourage her and tells her that the world will need her powers soon.

His car stolen, Noah breaks into a truck and he and Quentin take off for Midian. Quentin complains that he needs to go to a hospital for the gun shot in his arm.

In Noah's stolen car, Luke and Joanne continue driving. Joanne browses the evo profiles that were left in Noah's car as they look for their next targets. Joanne asks Luke whether their next target should be an evo in St. Louis or Los Angeles. Luke is starting to have his doubts, however Joanne feels that she needs to do this to avenge their dead son. When Luke goes to change the radio station a spark from his finger shorts out and disables the vehicle. They get out to continue on foot and Joanne reminds Luke that it's going to start getting hot, however Luke is already "burning up".

In the Yamagato Tower lobby, Miko suddenly appears. The guards tell her not to move and when one tries to take her sword she starts fighting them. Before long M.F. Harris arrives and quickly disables her. He takes the sword warning her that it does not belong to her.

Francis and Taylor arrive at an airfield with a restrained Molly Walker. As they attempt to board the plane, a Renautas representative informs Francis that he's not allowed to board. Taylor assures Francis that she will sort things out back at Renautas. Molly Walker is dragged onto the plane screaming. Taylor asks one of the representatives to shut Molly up. He shoots Molly with a tranquilizer dart and she goes to sleep.

At Yamagato, Erica is speaking to a number of company representatives. She tells them that governments are becoming more unable to deal with the changes brought about by the presence of evos, so Renautas must take things into their own hands to solve the crisis humanity now faces. She informs them that tomorrow Renautas will unveil E.P.I.C and that it will be revolutionary for the entire world. One of the other representatives reminds her that they still need the "processor" back online. Erica assures him that the processor has been retrieved and will be online in time. Harris enters and Erica concludes the meeting. Once alone, Harris informs her that a girl with a Samurai sword created a disturbance in the lobby. She gives the sword to Erica and states that it belongs to Hiro Nakamura. Harris tells her that the girl claims to be the daughter of Hachiro Otomo. Erica asks him how that's possible. When Harris informs her that Miko is being held by security Erica tells him to keep Miko in custody until they learn more and then to "take care of her."

In the hidden tunnel, Carlos reexamines Oscar's map on the wall. Identifying a particular police officer, he leaves and closes the shop. Jose asks why he's closing in the middle of the day on Tuesday and that he used to go over the books with his dad. Jose continues to protest noting all the cars that still need to be worked on; however, Carlos just tells him that things are complicated and closes up. Jose dejectedly states that they're not going to find who killed his father, but Carlos tells him not to be so sure.

Ren arrives at Yamagato and observes the similarity between the building and the tower in Evernow. He enters the lobby and notices a number of injured guards. When he sees Harris with Miko's sword accompanies by Erica he snaps a picture of them with his phone. He eavesdrops on them as they pass by learning that Miko is being held in the conference room and that she's in danger. Ren surreptitiously steals an employee badge by walking into a woman and uses that badge to continue further into the building.

Noah and Quentin arrive at St. Jude's Hospital. Noah reminds Quentin not to tell them he was shot with a gun, but instead to claim it was a nail gun accident. A doctor passing by recognizes Noah; however, Noah doesn't recognize the doctor. The doctor expresses surprise to see Noah back and Noah asks the doctor when was the last time he was here. The doctor informs him it was a year ago on June 13th and hard to forget. The doctor asks him to wait a moment and quietly places a call to security. When the doctor finishes, Noah is no longer there.

James Dearing, the officer Carlos identified, arrives at a warehouse with Carlos secretly following. Inside, Dearing, along with others, tortures and interrogates an evo, Fiona, for information. Carlos hides by the door listening. The officer wants to know details about the underground railroad and threatens to shoot Fiona if she does not tell him. She headbutts Dearing and reminds them that if this were an official interrogation, she would be in an interrogation room with a lawyer, not some abandoned warehouse. Dearing pulls Fiona of her chair and she pleads not to be shot; he throws her out of the window instead. Before hitting the ground, Fiona hovers briefly before flying away. When Dearing's partners complain about losing her, he tells them not to worry because he tagged her so they'll lead them to the other evos. Carlos then accidentally makes a noise and runs off as the officers give chase. Outside the warehouse he turns a corner and Father Mauricio grabs him and uses his ability to conceal them both momentarily. Once the officers are gone they reappear. The priest tells him this isn't the way to avenge his brother's death. Carlos tells him he doesn't need his help.

At Yamagato Miko waits in the conference room making origami figures. Harris enters and asks her where she got the sword. Miko replies that her father gave it to her. He shows her security camera images from the lobby showing her appear out of thin air and asks her how she did it. Meanwhile Ren makes his way through the building looking for Miko.

Quentin returns with his arm bandaged up but does not see Noah. He overhears an announcement on a guard's radio looking for a man that fits Noah's description. Meanwhile Noah sneaks up on a guard and holds a gun to him. He asks why they're looking for him and the guard tells him that he put one of their guards in the hospital last year. Noah tells him that he doesn't remember that and forces the guard to the security office to bring up the video footage from last year.

At Master Steaks, Luke and Joanne discuss their next plans, but Luke keeps expressing his doubts. Luke asks Joanne why they're still going after evos and suggest instead that they just go home. Their food arrives and Luke expresses his thought that they should just go west and see the ocean. Joanne reminisces that Luke and their son always did enjoy the water. Luke begins cutting into his steak and his knife suddenly becomes red hot, searing the steak in the process. He drops his silverware before Joanne notices and Joanne complains to the wait staff that they supposedly overcooked Luke's steak.

In the security office, the guard pulls up the footage from last year. They find Noah and follow him on camera until finding him in an empty operating room with an individual on the table under a blanket. The timestamps on the video start jumping around and Noah suspects Hiro may be involved. On video they observe Noah lifting up the blanket and revealing what appears to be Claire's corpse. Noah expresses disbelief stating that this isn't how he remembered it happening; his memory is not of her dying in the hospital. Also visible on one of the cameras is Noah leading Molly Walker down the hall. Quentin finds Noah and tells him that they need to get out.

Back in the trunk, Noah and Quentin drive off. Noah informs Quentin that he was present at the Odessa Summit during the disaster and that he just saw Claire's body on the hospital camera footage. Quentin wonders how that's possible since Claire is able to heal, but Noah is also confused having wondered the same for the past year. Noah again questions why he wouldn't have wanted to know how Claire died. Noah tells Quentin about seeing Molly on the video as well as the time skipping potentially caused by Hiro. Noah tells Quentin that Molly Walker may have answers and that they can't let Renautas take advantage of Molly's ability if they're also looking for the same answers.

Molly wakes up still on the private jet. She accuses Taylor of not knowing what's actually going on and asks Taylor if she really thinks that Renautas, a company scooping up people with abilities, really has good intentions when it comes to Taylor's boyfriend, Francis.

At Yamagato, Harris asks Miko if she has "father's" ability or if she is just a work of his. Miko expresses confusion. Harris asks her if she remembers the deadly accident, but Miko does not. Pulling out a cleaver he grabs Miko. Ren hears Miko yell and runs into the conference room distracting Harris momentarily. Miko disarms Harris and then chops his arm off with the cleaver. Miko and Ren run out of the conference room. Harris's missing arm grows back and the severed arm grows into a clone of Harris. Harris asks his clone for his watch back. Outside, Ren shows Miko the picture he took, showing that Erica now has her sword and is on her way to Midian. Miko says they must also go to Midian as well.

Luke and Joanne arrive at a motel, but Luke is still disconcerted about what happened at the restaurant. Joanne goes inside while Luke takes a breather. Soon after his hands then whole body start to radiate. He asks God why this is happening to him.

At Tommy's home, Tommy is preparing to go out when he's confronted by his mother. He tells his mom that he's just going to play video games with a friend, but his mom suspects him of lying and tells him he's not going out. Tommy gets annoyed that his mother is being too overprotective but is unable to change his mother's mind. He tells his mother that he'll be fine and that she's not the only one protecting him. He tells her that someone has been sending him texts to warn him before something goes wrong. His mother starts pressing Tommy for answers about who is texting him, but Tommy doesn't know and isn't worried. She tells him that he is not leaving the house tonight, but defiantly Tommy teleports himself past his mother and leaves anyway.

At Renautas Headquarters in Midian, Erica asks Harris if Molly has arrived yet. Harris informs her that Molly should be arriving now. In the garage, a vehicle pulls up and Molly Walker is taken into the building. Before the garage door can close, Quentin and Noah slide under. Quentin is worried about how they're going to get into the building when Noah has a plan. He apologizes and then punches Quentin in the arm, injuring it again. Inside the building, Molly is being escorted down the hall when Quentin steps out, crying that he needs help because he's been shot. Noah sneaks up behind the representatives escorting Molly and knocks them out. Noah tells Molly that they need to come with them, but Molly tells Noah she isn't going anywhere with him. Noah tells Molly that he doesn't remember what happened on June 13th and that she's the only one who can help. Molly tells him that there's too much at risk and that he shouldn't have come. Molly runs away briefly before running right into Harris.

Outside Brad's party, Tommy catches Emily about to head home and asks if he can walk her home. Caspar watches over Tommy from his car when Tommy's mother points a gun at Caspar asking him how long he's been following her son. Caspar reminds her that he's keeping a promise he made to keep an eye on Tommy. He states that the world is going to need Tommy soon and that Tommy and his mother are going to need his help. When Tommy discovers his mother standing there she warns Caspar to stay away from them and tells Tommy to get into her car.

In Los Angeles, Dearing has tracked Fiona to her hideout. Inside, she is meeting with other members of the underground railroad. El Vengador arrives and tells them they need to get out now and that they're being tracked. Dearing enters the building and finds it empty. El Vengador attacks the officer and a fight ensues. He tries to question Dearing, but Dearing blocks and returns with a punch that sends El Vengador through the door, revealing that Dearing himself possesses enhanced strength. El Vengador is beaten badly and barely manages to escape after jumping out a window.

At Renautas, Erica is glad Taylor has returned safely and expresses pride that her own daughter is becoming one of their best agents. Taylor praises Francis explaining that he played a major role in it as well. Erica deflects, but Taylor wants to know what happened to Francis after he was left behind. Erica tells Taylor that "one of us, one of them" does not apply to the bedroom. Erica assures Taylor that they will discuss it tomorrow, but she needs to go unveil E.P.I.C now.

Erica arrives in the auditorium and announces their new product, E.P.I.C. Meanwhile, a screaming Molly is being strapped into a chair with a plug inserted into her neck, thereby bringing E.P.I.C online. Erica demonstrates the abilities of the system showing both the number of evos in a particular area as well as information on specific evos around the world. She demonstrates eyewear tied into E.P.I.C that is able to scan people in realtime and show if they are an evo. Finding a single evo in the auditorium itself, she has security escort him out. Quentin and Noah watch the presentation in hiding and decide they have to free Molly and destroy E.P.I.C.

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  • The live showing of this episode of Heroes Reborn was viewed by just over 5 million people, which represents a 10.86% drop in viewership from the previous episode.

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