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Doyle's Marionette Theatre

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Doyle's Marionette Theatre
Doyle's Marionette Theatre.jpg
Doyle's Marionette Theatre
Location: Costa Verde, CA
Purpose: Marionette theatre

Eric Doyle owns Doyle's Marionette Theatre.

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors


Angels and Monsters

Meredith comes to the theatre to find Claire, thinking that she may have gone after Eric Doyle. She is seen sitting at a table, eating spaghetti with Doyle, who is controlling her every motion. He forces her to eat, remain silent, and also kiss him.

Dying of the Light

Meredith and Doyle are still eating, and Doyle tells her that he will make her love him again. Using his ability, he forces her to break a wine glass and push it into her neck, drawing blood. Later, Sandra and Claire come to the theater in the hopes of saving Meredith. Claire goes into the back with her taser gun while Sandra tries to distract Doyle in the front, claiming she wants him for her son's birthday party. Doyle hears a noise in the back and stops Sandra as she tries to leave. Claire is unsuccessful in getting Meredith to come with her, and when Doyle comes upon them, he freezes her as well and forces her to shoot the taser's one shot at a puppet.

Doyle then has the three women play a game of Russian roulette. They sit around a table with a revolver with one bullet in it. He first has Claire spin the gun, and tries to force her to choose which of the other two she would shoot, since she refused to choose, he makes her pull the trigger with the gun pointed at Meredith. Next, Sandra spun the gun and it landed on Claire. Knowing that Claire would not die, she shot as many times until the bullet was fired, knocking Claire out of her chair and on to the ground. After Claire regenerated, she hit Doyle over the head and knocked him unconscious.

Noah comes to secure Doyle, and finds that Claire is still mad with him. He also asks Meredith to be his partner.

Shades of Gray

While trying to convince Claire and Sandra Bennet to help him, Eric Doyle mentions that he was hunted and left for dead inside of his theatre as it was burned down.

Graphic Novel:Puppet with No Strings

Eric Doyle is being held captive and tortured in the theatre by Rachel Mills, Emile Danko, and Jason Pierce. He is forced to tell them the story of how he survived the fire at Primatech. He also tells them how he started receiving mysterious messages from Rebel that led him back to his theatre, the only place where he was ever truly happy. Danko, satisfied, then sets the building on fire and his team leaves with Doyle still tied up inside.

Outside, Rachel gets a message from Rebel telling her the time is now. She teleports back inside and cuts Doyle's bondings. She hands a cell phone so that Rebel can contact him before she teleports away. Doyle escapes but the theatre burns down.

Heroes Evolutions

The Puppet Master

In chapter 2 of The Puppet Master, Eric Doyle recalls the "good old days" when people would come to see his shows at his marionette theatre.


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