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Mohinder's cocoons

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Mohinder's cocoons
Powers Mohinder Maya cocoon.jpg
Maya is encased in one of Mohinder's cocoons.

First mentioned: Angels and Monsters
Owned by: Created by Mohinder
Current status: Destroyed by the Company,
destroyed by Mohinder

Mohinder's cocoons are webby substances generated by Mohinder's ability that he uses to entrap people within. Among Mohinder's victims are Mark Spatney, Maya Herrera, and a drug dealer.


Angels and Monsters

Mohinder subdues his neighbor, Mark Spatney, and places him within his cocoon. Later Mohinder confronts a drug dealer in a park, wanting something to "take the edge off", and ends up subduing him, and returning him to his lab where he is also encased in the cocoon. Maya drops by afterward, showing Mohinder a flier of his missing neighbor, then notices the cocoon and people within it; and starts attempting to remove them. She and Mohinder fight, and Maya herself ends up encased within his cocoon.

Dying of the Light

Nathan and Tracy visit Mohinder, and are drugged. As the drugs take effect, Nathan notices the people encased in the cocoon, but he immediately passes out. Later Daphne visits Mohinder and she sees the drugged Nathan and Tracy, calls Mohinder a killer, but uses her super speed to escape before he can capture and encase her within his cocoon.

Eris Quod Sum

Tracy manages to partially freeze Mohinder and free herself; and when Mohinder's pleas for one more sample from her fail, he rips Maya out of the cocoon, and leaps away with her through the skylight.

Later, Noah and Meredith arrive at the lab. Tracy notices that Spatney is conscious, and attempts to remove him from the cocoon, but is thwarted when Noah tasers Spatney unconscious. Later company agents show up to remove all the victims from the cocoon.

Graphic Novel:Partners

Mark Spatney is briefly seen screaming in a company washdown room, being hosed clean of his cocoon webbing.(Partners)

The Eclipse, Part 1

Mohinder is briefly encased in one of his cocoons until the eclipse, when he rips himself free, and notices that all the symptoms of his ability are gone.


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