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Mohinder's taxi

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Mohinder's taxi
Mohinder's cab.jpg
Mohinder drives his taxi.

First mentioned: Genesis
Owned by: Chelsea Cab Company
Current status: Destroyed

Mohinder is often seen driving taxi cabs in New York City.



In New York City, Mohinder has gotten a job as a taxi driver. He picks up Peter Petrelli, and they begin a discussion about evolution. Later, Mohinder picks up Mr. Bennet. When Mohinder realizes he's the same man who was in his father's apartment, Mohinder stops the car and runs away.

Graphic Novel:Monsters

After seeing his father's wrecked cab at the Chelsea Cab Company, Mohinder agrees to take a job there.


Noah Bennet watches as Peter Petrelli exits Mohinder's taxi. He enters it himself and tells Mohinder to take him to JFK.

A Clear and Present Danger

Peter hails a cab and discovers that Mohinder is the driver. They talk about evolved humans, with Peter asking the same question he did the last time the two of them were in a cab together. They share a laugh. When Peter gets to his destination, Mohinder says that he doesn't need to pay. His next customer, however, is Danko, who raises a gun to Mohinder and tells him to drive. Mohinder drives to a parking garage, where he rips off his taxi's door and whacks Danko with it. As Danko's men open fire, Mohinder turns and runs.

Cold Wars

Matt reads a memory of Noah Bennet's. Noah gets into Mohinder's taxi and discusses Nathan's plans to capture evolved humans.


  • The taxi that Mohinder drives has New York license plate YUT2375.
  • The sign on top of the taxi says TV30358.


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