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Berlin van

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Berlin van
Berlin, Part 1.jpg

First mentioned: Berlin, Part 1
Owned by: The Company

Company agents use a van as a mean of transportation in Berlin, Germany.


Graphic Novel:Berlin, Part 1

At a Wannsee beach, Devin Patterson, Gael Cruz and Bianca Karina enter a mid-sized van and Devin drives it away.

Later, Devin is in the van preparing a stakeout of the location where he believes the German will make an appearance. He assembles a rifle with a telescopic sight, and looks to have gotten takeout food. On his lap is a photograph of the German.

Graphic Novel:Berlin, Part 2

Bianca and Devin use the van to stakeout the German's apartment until an hour after he was expected to show.

Later, Bianca and Devin use the van to rush to the hotel where Gael is staying. During the trip, Devin drives and Bianca tries to call Gael on his phone to warn him. Devin takes a shortcut through pedestrian walkways, and almost runs over several people and a cat a lady is walking. Upon arriving, they quickly exit the van and head inside.

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