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Tracy's cars

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Tracy's cars
Tracy's Z-side.jpg
Tracy's Nissan 350Z

First mentioned: The Butterfly Effect
Owned by: Tracy Strauss
Current status: Owned by Tracy Strauss

Tracy drives two different silver sports cars: a Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06 coupe, and a Nissan 350Z convertible.


The Butterfly Effect

After Tracy's freezes reporter Jim McCann, she drives away in the 350Z.


Tracy picks Mohinder up in her 350Z, and they drive off together.

Graphic Novel:What We Have Wrought

Tracy is driving the Corvette with Mohinder as a passenger. They argue about the formula, and Mohinder jumps out.

Strange Attractors

Tracy drives her Nissan 350Z to Cainan, GA. Later, she gets in her car to leave, but stops to examine a compass first.


  • The C6 Corvette, introduced in 2005, is the sixth and current generation of Corvette models.
  • The Z06 is a higher performance version of the Corvette.
  • It is unknown whether Tracy traded the 350Z for the Corvette, or if she owns them both at the same time, or this is a production error in the graphic novel model. It would appear to be the latter, since the timeline of Tracy picking up Mohinder in Dual and in What We Have Wrought seem to be the same event.
  • The license plate on Tracy's 350Z is EJ90A1, from Washington, DC.


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