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Nissan Rogue

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Nissan Rogue

First mentioned: Four Months Later...
Owned by: Claire Bennet
Current status: In New York City

Claire's father offers her a Nissan Rogue one month before her birthday.


Four Months Later...

Mr. Bennet gives Claire a Nissan Rogue as an early birthday present.


Claire drives her Rogue to school one morning. That afternoon when school lets out for the day, she finds it gone, stolen from the school parking lot. She goes to her father's workplace and nervously reports the news.


In Mexico, Maya, Alejandro, and Derek escape from a Mexican police station in Derek's car--a Nissan Rogue with a Conquistadors bumper sticker.

The Kindness of Strangers

Derek drives the Rogue through Mexico, carrying Maya and Alejandro as passengers. They find Sylar in the middle of the road and pick him up. Later, the group is pulled over, and Derek tells Sylar that he has driven the two siblings for two days prior to picking up Sylar. After Sylar kills Derek, he drives the twins off towards America.

Graphic Novel:The Rogue

In Costa Verde, CA, college students Derek and Rick, hoping to join a fraternity, are sent on a scavenger hunt. They stop by Costa Verde High School to obtain their first item. They are just in time to witness Claire having an altercation with Debbie, who is looking for a replacement cheerleader, and tries to match her up with another cheerleader by size.

In the confusion, Claire leaves the keys in her Nissan Rogue, and Rick and Derek steal the car. They use it to drive around town, collecting items for the scavenger hunt, before heading to the final rendezvous point with the pledgemaster—in Mexico.

The Line

Maya, Alejandro, and Sylar continue on their journey to the United States in the Rogue.

Graphic Novel:Normal Lives

Mr. Bennet drives his family to their new home in California in a Nissan Rogue. They make a pit stop at a motel in Arizona.

Graphic Novel:Red Eye, Part 2

At her new school, Anna passes by a silver Rogue on the road.

A Clear and Present Danger

Noah drives a Rogue and picks up Mohinder.


  • Ads for the Rogue are shown during commercial breaks--in fact, during the initial 53-minute airing of Four Months Later..., Rogue ads were the only ads aired during the shortened commercial breaks.
  • Nissan also sponsored the graphic novel The Rogue. Readers were only able to view this novel after they had signed up to Nissan's mailing list.
  • Ads for the Rogue replace those of the Nissan Versa at the beginning of graphic novels starting with The Crossroads.



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