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Pool cleaning van

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Pool cleaning van
The Agent ch4 pool van.jpg
Jason Pierce and Rachel sit in the van.

First mentioned: Exposed
Owned by: Danko's team

A pool cleaning van is used by Rachel Mills and Jason Pierce in Costa Verde, CA.



Rachel Mills and Jason Pierce sit outside the Bennets' house in the van disguised as a pool cleaning van for more than four hours. They leave the van twice, hoping that they will find that Claire Bennet was hiding Alex Woolsly.

Shades of Gray

Rachel Mills and Jason Pierce sit outside the Bennet house. They are seen talking and then later, they go after Eric Doyle in the van to bring him in.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 4 of the Agent, Rachel Mills and Jason Pierce approach the pool cleaning van on foot, and two other agents are sitting inside watching the Bennets' home. Rachel flashes her ID on a side window, and then gets the agents inside to leave so she and Jason can take their place. They watch the Bennets' home for a while from the van, then leave it to search the Bennets' home. After not finding Alex Woolsley or anything of his inside, Rachel and Jason return to the vehicle. They talk some and then Rachel sees a message from REBEL on the mission laptop, which is sitting between the seats and turned towards her. Jason grabs the laptop, but the message has changed and he doesn't understand it, so he point it back towards Rachel and follows her instruction to contact headquarters to get it resent. Meanwhile, Rachel gets another message from REBEL that helps her decipher encoded message. When Jason finishes calling their base, he tells Rachel they are resending the instructions and have orders to move out for a new assignment.


  • The phone number for the phony pool cleaning company is 555-0225.

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