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Episode:Game Over

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Game Over
Season: Reborn
Episode number: 506
First aired: October 22, 2015
Game Over.png
Written by: Nevin Densham
Directed by: Gideon Raff
Previous episode: The Lion's Den
Next episode: June 13th, Part One


Story Development

Kaiju Bandit · Paris, France


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Noah, Quentin, and Taylor make Harris reveal Erica's plans and the whereabouts of Phoebe (Quentin's sister) and Francis (Taylor's boyfriend). Miko and Ren encounter a new game level where Miko learns that she must save the the Master of Time and Space from the Eternal Fortress, and Erica and Richard try to prevent them from advancing further in the game. Ren deduces that the real-life location of the final level is at a Renautas Research Division in Midian. Noah, Quentin and a subdued Harris get inside the Renautas facility in Midian, where they later encounter Miko and Ren, and unfortunately they lose Harris when he escapes.

Taylor separates from Noah and Quentin to catch the others who are now delivering his boyfriend Francis and other evos to Sunstone Manor. She is too late to catch them, so she steals information from her mother's office, finding a copy of Mohinder Suresh's manuscript, Escalating Evolution. She then posts a video on the internet directed to Hero Truther revealing her mother's true nature. It is implied that she is pregnant.

Carlos brings Captain Dearing in the garage underground and beats him until he learns where they brought Jose and Father Mauricio. They drive to the woods outside Sunstone Manor, and Dearing tells Carlos he has to drink a vial of a certain liquid to give a false positive and be able to enter. Carlos feels extreme pain as a side effect.

Tommy teleports to Emily's room and asks her to go somewhere to clear his mind. They come to Paris, where an unpleasant encounter and an heart-to-heart talk with Emily makes Tommy realize he has to embrace his destiny. They goes back to Emily's room and kiss.

Luke and Malina chance upon each other near a dock. Luke then tries to kill himself but Malina saves him. Malina shows him a picture of a person saying that together they will help save the world. Luke recognizes Tommy in the picture and offers Malina a ride to find him.

Noah and the others face Richard in the time machine control room and learn that Renautas imprisoned the the Master of Time and Space in the Evernow game to be able to harness his power to send supplies and people to the future post-apocalypse. He says that Miko/Katana Girl is a game-created entity and has to sacrifice her life to be able to free Hiro with the sword. Harris and Phoebe then arrive to neutralize Miko's power. Quentin distracts his sister and dies for it. Ren says goodbye to Miko and admits he loves her before she fulfills her final mission. Noah asks Ren to escape, and he gets cornered by Harris and his clones. He is saved on time by Hiro Nakamura, and they travel back to June 13, 2014 at the Odessa Peace Summit at Noah's request.

Memorable Quotes

"What kind of lowlife sells out his own people for ten thousand dollars?"

"One who likes money. A lot."

- Carlos, Dearing

Character Appearances


  • The live showing of this episode of Heroes Reborn was viewed by 3.804 million people, which represents a 5.21% drop in viewership from the previous episode.
  • Ren states that the location of the Eternal Fortress is "88 Hill Valley Road, Midian," which is a reference to the movie Back to the Future. 88 mph is the speed at which Marty McFly and Doc Brown had to go in order to time travel, and Hill Valley is the fictional town in which the movies take place. By chance, this episode aired the day after "Back to the Future Day", the day Marty travels to in Back to the Future Part II.

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