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Miko Otomo

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Miko Otomo
Miko Otomo.jpg
Portrayed by Kiki Sukezane
First appearance Brave New World
In-story stats
Known ability Miko's ability
Alias Katana Girl
Home Tokyo, Japan
Residence Miko Otomo's apartment
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Miko Otomo (大友 巫女, Ōtomo Miko) is the construct of a young Japanese woman. Miko's main mission in life is trying to track down her missing father/creator and find her destiny.

Character History

Heroes Reborn

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Miko Otomo: Heroes Reborn History.

Originally the Evernow character Katana Girl, Miko was brought to life by Evernow creator Hachiro Otomo to act as a backdoor into the game to rescue Hiro Nakamura. Hachiro was kidnapped soon after by M. F. Harris, leaving Miko believing herself to be the real Miko Otomo and with no understanding of her true purpose or identity.

A year after she was brought to life, Miko met gamer Ren Shimosawa who insisted she was Katana Girl. After discovering the Kensei sword, Miko discovered her ability to teleport into Evernow and become Katana Girl. Accompanied by Ren, Miko undertook a quest to rescue her father. Miko would eventually learn of her true mission to rescue Hiro Nakamura and allied herself with Noah Bennet and Quentin Frady as well as Ren to accomplish this mission. After freeing Hiro from Evernow, Miko was believed to have been destroyed after having completed her mission as Richard Schwenkman stated would happen.

Instead of being destroyed, Miko is transported to the other side of the space-time bridge powered by Hiro, the Gateway of the 9972 of the H.E.L.E. future. Building herself a new weapon, Miko is finally reunited with her father and her real self and learns of her true nature and purpose. On Hachiro's orders, Miko enlists the help of Tommy Clark to complete her final mission: face Harris Prime and his army of clones at Sunstone Manor. Fading in and out of existence, Miko kills Harris Prime and destroys his clone army before apparently disappearing forever.

Rather than being destroyed, Miko returned to Evernow once more, but at this point, the game world was dying and so was she. Soon after her return to Evernow, Miko was reunited with Ren who had rescued her father and the real Miko with the help of Emily Duval. Miko and Ren worked together one last time to rescue Tommy Clark from the Eternal Fortress. Moments after Ren and Tommy returned to the real world, the world of Evernow died and Miko with it.

Evolved Human Abilities

Miko has the ability to transport herself into the video game Evernow and become the digital warrior "Katana Girl". Miko does so by taking the Kensei sword out of its sheath. Miko can also transport herself back to the real world by placing the sword back in its sheath. By traveling to the real world equivalent of a location in Evernow, Miko can teleport directly to that location in the game. Overtime, Miko appears to gain control of where she will emerge in the real world, teleporting at one point from the game version of Yamagato Tower to a Colorado café rather than the real Yamagato Tower.

When Miko opened the Eternal Fortress, she was transported far into the future to Gateway rather than being destroyed as she was told would happen. (Sundae, Bloody Sundae) She later returned to Evernow without the use of the Kensei sword after apparently fading from existence. (Send in the Clones, Project Reborn)


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